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CEO Rip Morgan

Profile: Rip Morgan

Rip MorganFirst pro wrestling match in 1981 as 'Rip Morgan' with then promoter Steve Rickard of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). At that time the NWA World champion was the great 'Harley Race'.

During 1981-84 Rip won the NZ Heavyweight Championship Title in a knock-out tournament beating Samoan Joe on the popular TV series On the Mat. 1985 based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and worked throughout the Caribbean for the famous wrestler and promoter 'Carlos Colon' of the World Wrestling Council (WWC). Worked in Tennessee, USA for Jerry Jarrett, promoter of Mid Southern Wrestling with the late Jonathan Boyd of 'The Famous Kangaroos'. Based in Nashville, USA and becoming Mid South Tag Team Champions, Rip and Jonathan teamed up as ‘The Sheep Herders’ against the rough and tough 'Fabulous Ones' Steve Keirn and Stan Lane. Stan Lane later became a member of 'The Midnight Express' with Bobby Eaton and manager Jim Cornett.

Returned to Puerto Rico in 1986 for WWC as 'The Crusher' and tagged up with Eric Embry of the original 'Hollywood Blondes' and his valet Sasha. As a beauty and the beast team, their opponents were 'The Rock n Roll RPM’s' - Mike Davis and Tommy Lane. Later, former WWF Woman World Champion Wendy Rickter appeared and they broke into a mixed six way Tag Team feud. During a match against Miguelito Perez jr in a venue in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Rip broke his leg and returned to New Zealand. Rip returned to Puerto Rico in 1987. Later that year, based in Dallas, Texas, Rip started work  for that famous wrestling family the Von Erichs at World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW).

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1988, Rip started work for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)and once again became the third member of 'The Sheep Herders' as flag bearer. n 1989, based in Atlanta Georgia, Rip started for Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with 'Jacko Victory' as 'The New Zealand Militia' and later 'The Royal Family' with manager Lord Littlebrook and toured the USA extensively.

Tours have included Canada, Japan, the Caribbean, Germany, France, South America, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 2001-2 based in Liverpool, England and wrestled throughout Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

Now CEO of Kiwi Pro Wrestling (KPW). 

Some of his toughest opponents:

  • Harley Race.
  • Mark Lewin.
  • Bruiser Brody.
  • Kerry and Kevin Von Erich.
  • Ricky (The Dragon) Steamboat.
  • Carlos Colon.
  • Wild Fire Tommy Rich.
  • Pedro Morales.
  • Mighty Igor.
  • Jimmy Valiant (The Boogie Woogie Man).
  • Giant Baba.
  • The Fabulous Ones.
  • Antonio Inoki.
  • Tatsumi-Fuji Nami.
  • Dr Death Steve Williams.
  • The Fantastics.
  • The Road Warriors.
  • The Steiner Brothers.
  • The Midnight Express.
  • Lex Luger & Sting.