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Episode 6

Last week

  • Kade Morgan "3G" pinned masked mystery man El Ninja
  • In a massive upset, Inferno (with manager Charlie Roberts) scored a controversial win over H-Flame to become the new KPW Champion!

This week:


Inferno amused himself by playing with matches. Max "the Axe" Damage stopped his dangerous game and - perhaps taking his lead from Mr Rumble - delivered his very own Fire Safety Message to the fiery veteran, warning Inferno it was dangerous to leave matches lying around; after all, what if The Brute got hold of them?!

Also backstage...

Intern Suki Gogo read Queen Hollie's mail to her - a disturbing little poem from an anonymous source that promised humiliation for Queen Hollie. Jonnie Juice was not impressed, and neither was Queen Hollie.

Singles match: Miles D'Rock versus "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox

Ref: Daniel Martins

This match was a classic example of "teacher versus student". Both these men used to be a tag team, but that ended when Jimmy Fox's ego got the better of him and he broke away. The so-called "old dog" D'Rock was willing to show he still knew enough tricks to put down the "young pup" Jimmy Fox. The Fixation was looking for a big win here to prove he was the better man and was especially motivated coming off a loss to Chris Delorean the previous week.

"The Fixation" showed his disrespect by refusing a handshake from his former mentor, instead openly slapping his mentor. That arrogance cost him, as he failed to move D'Rock with a trifecta of shoulder blocks and was dumped to the canvas when he attempted a flying cross body-block. D'Rock kept the younger Fox down with power moves, but the Fixation managed to retaliate, scoring a pair of near pinfalls. Rallying with the crowd on his side, D'Rock came back with a high angle back suplex, but again the younger Fixation responded with a flying clothesline and enzugiri. Fox then hit The Day The Music Died (leg-and-arm grapevine DDT) for the winning three count.

Winner: "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox with The Day The Music Died for the win by pinfall.

Singles match: Jonnie Juice (with Queen Hollie) versus Max "the Axe" Damage

Ref: Mark Freemantle

Team Pretty made no friends on the way to ringside and didn't care, so the capacity crowd was more than willing to welcome Max Damage, the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling! Juice began the match with a lot of sound and fury, but ran into the size and power advantage of Max Damage and chose to regroup outside the ring with Queen Hollie. She climbed onto the apron to have words with Max Damage, but the Motorua Monster wasn't fooled and dodged Jonnie Juice's sneak attack.

Juice managed to reverse a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a side Russian legsweep on the larger man to take control. But despite Jonnie Juice's efforts, Max Damage managed to absorb the assault and stay in the match. Juice tried using a headlock to wear down the bigger man, illegally using the ropes for leverage, but was caught in the act by Referee Mark Freemantle.

Damage managed to put on the brakes and took the fight to Juice with a Thunder In Taradise (running leaping legdrop), but Juice fought back with a his Starscream Superkick, but Damae had enough in the tank to roll out they way of a top rope elbow drop. Both men went toe-to-toe but Damage got the best of that exchange, hitting the Damage Gauge (jackhammer) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Max "the Axe" Damage with the Damage Gauge for the win by pinfall.

Coming up next week...

  • One half of The Renegades Kade Morgan "3G" faces Whetu the Maori Warrior
  • KPW Champion Inferno issues an open challenge for anyone to take him on!

For KPW's "Off The Ropes", this is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"