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Episode 8

Last week

  • Kade Morgan "3G" stole a victory from Whetu, the Maori Warrior
  • Inferno (with manager Charlie Roberts) retained the KPW Championship against challenger Chris Delorean.

This week


Max "the Axe" Damage heard the dulcet tones of a young female calling him a "lovely one"... or so he thought! Damage was disappointed to discover it was Nurse Payne calming The Brute with "Lovely One", his favourite little teddy bear.

Also backstage...

Terry the Golden Greek announced to his ally Irishman Mike Ryan that he was assembling a tag team, and wanted Ryan to be a part of it. The grump Irishman demanded that any tag team partner he'd have was to be nothing but the best: in Ryan's opinion, Inferno was "a girl" and the Brute was "mad"! Casting his eagle eye around, the Golden Greek saw "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox nearby, squeezing out some seated biceps curls between workouts. Terry approached Fox with an offer...

Singles match: The Technician versus Jonnie Juice (with Queen Hollie)

Ref: Daniel Martins

From interfering in his tag team partner's match, The Technician was all set to show his technical excellence against a KPW veteran. This match was a case of the amateur champion versus the pro wrestling veteran. With typical disdain, Juice began the match by outgunning the Technician with speed and disrespectfully shoving him away. The Technician refused to let Juice get into his head and drew on his amateur experience returned the favour with a technical display of his own, showing he was more than the equal of Juice. Unleashing his anger, The Technician beat down Juice, who lost his temper and responded with a beating of his own. A side Russian legsweep put down the Technician, but Juice was unable to capitalise. A high knee and backbreaker-release suplex combination from The Technician had Juice on the run, but Juice avoided a top rope moonsault to begin his counterattack. Juice hit the XTC (leapfrog rocker dropper) and followed up with a stunning leg lariat, but the Technician jammed a suplex attempt and responded with a delayed vertical suplex of his own. The two battled for advantage in the corner, Queen Hollie distracting the Technician which allowed Juice to hit the Rejuicer (top rope leaping wraparound DDT) and follow with a top rope elbow drop square to the sternum for the winning pinfall.

Winner: Jonnie Juice with a top rope elbow drop for the win by pinfall.

Singles match: The Brute (with Nurse Payne) versus Max "the Axe" Damage

Ref: Daniel Martins

There was a marked difference in the fans' reaction to these two competitors, the Brute trying to take a bite out of anything or anyone close enough and Max Damage showing why the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling is one of the most beloved. Wilba Force predicated the match between two such powerful wrestlers would be like "two trains colliding"! Right before the bell, the Brute attacked Damage from behind, but the big man dodged and went straight to work taking the fight to the Brute! A big boot had the Brute reeling to the outside, much to the delight of the fans!

The Brute showed his cunning by using the ring ropes to his advantage. Damage shifted his weight on a bodyslam, turning it into a cross body for a near fall. The Brute retaliated with a suplex into a chinlock, pressing the attack with a backbreaker. With the fans on his side, Damage fought out of a sleeper hold and leveled the Brute with clotheslines and Burying the Hatchet (running elbow strike), but the Brute managed to kick out and bodyslam the Motorua Monster! A miscalculation by the Brute was all the opening the veteran Damage needed to hit the Damage Gauge (jackhammer) for the winning three-count.

Winner: Max Damage with the Damage Gauge for the win by pinfall.

"Backstage Pass" with Ilex Bell

Ms Bell attempted to interview The Brute, but was unable to get much out of the straitjacketed man other than the name of his favourite toy. Trying a different tack, she asked the second generation wrestler for his opinion of her, and was pleased at being called a "lovely one"!

Coming up next week...

  • In tag team action, Whetu the Maori Warrior and "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond take on Irishman Mike Ryan and "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox.

For KPW's "Off The Ropes", this is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"