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H-Flame Becomes First KPW Heavyweight Champion at Eruption

It was déjà vu all over again for H-Flame at Eruption last night at the Taita Community Hall. After winning the No. 1 contenders spot 6 weeks ago H-Flame put his past demons firmly behind him as he pinned Jonnie Juice in the middle of the ring to win the Heavyweight Title in front of a rabid, packed house.

As the 2 long time rivals came face to face the fans began a thunderous chant in favor of H-Flame. Both men showed their technical skill early with a series of quick take downs and reversals which lead to another stale mate mid ring.

As both men locked up again H-Flame managed to get an apparent advantage until Jonnie was able to reverse an attempted full nelson into a pinning attempt but could only get 2. With neither man able to gain a clear advantage H-Flame turned it up a notch with a series of arm bars and a thunderous clothesline.

Jonnie found himself quickly on the back foot with H-Flame channeling the former New Zealand Champion and nailing a scoop slam and a leg drop across the back of the head. Jonnie proved he was a former champion for a reason as he nailed a drop toe hold and took the advantage. Jonnie was then quick to utilize Team Pretty and made sure to distract the referee while both Jessie and Hollie choked H-Flame over the second rope.

With the international superstar down Jonnie added a slam to his misery and headed up to the top rope. After taking the time to insult the fans Juice’s frog splash ate nothing but mat. With both men under the referee’s ten count the crowd rallied behind H-Flame, trying to will him on. It obviously worked as H-Flame found his feet and began firing away on Jonnie with right hands before looking to hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker but Jonnie was able to reverse it into a flying head scissors that sent Flame flying across the ring.

Jonnie then decided to go up top again and nailed a huge sailing elbow across the ring but could only get a 2 count. A frustrated Juice headed up top again but H-Flame cut him off and climbed up top as well before delivering a superplex that shook the ring to its foundations and left both men on the mat breathless.

As the referee reached 8 both men found a vertical bas and began exchanging brutal chops in the corner. H-Flame then sent Jonnie in to the ropes and looked for a clothesline but Juice ducked and jumped onto the shoulders of H-Flame only to be taken down in a brutal power bomb.

Sensing trouble Jessie jumped onto the apron to help her man and distracted referee Charlie Roberts as Hollie jumped on the apron on the other side and went to hit H-Flame with her shoe only to find herself in a lip lock with the international superstar. A furious Juice looked to capitalize but H-Flame ducked under and hooked Jonnie up for his patented H-Bomb (Pump handle Slam) and nailed a thunderous one for the 3 count and the Kiwi Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Also on an emotional show Bushwhacker Butch Miller was formally inducted into the New Zealand Wrestling Hall of Fame. On his own segment, the Bushwhacker Shack an emotional Butch had the capacity crowd on their feet as soon as he stepped through the curtain. After making a tour of the ring Butch accepted his induction with a rousing speech, pointing out that many within KPW are in the position he was so many years ago and that the sky is the limit for the performers and the company itself. 

At that point the locker room emptied and the stars of KPW joined the audience in giving a true New Zealand legend a standing ovation for his years of dedication to the business and for putting New Zealand wrestlers in the big time.

As well as these 2 huge events, KPW Eruption also saw the return to the ring of the Rogue Trooper. The imposing veteran held nothing back against Inferno and looked to not miss a beat in a back and forth contest that was eventually thrown out by the referee as the time expired. Despite that however both men agreed this rivalry was only just getting started.

Blair Rhodes also attempted to find out why referee Charlie Roberts disqualified Creed for a 3rd week in a row when Creed was the innocent party. All Rhodes could get out of Roberts was a torrent of abuse about how he is apparently sick of being questioned by everyone about his officiating and that if Blair Rhodes can do a better job then by all means he is welcome too before storming off.

Full KPW Eruption Results

Jeremiah def. Team Diablo

Not satisfied with beating opponents one man at a time the imposing Jeremiah agreed to a match that saw him take on 2 of the 3 members of Team Diablo. With Dr Diablo watching on, El Condor and his mystery partner tried everything they could to move the behemoth at the very least. Nothing would work however and Jeremiah eventually choke slammed both men before nailing each one with his patented Graveyard Shift (spinout gut buster) to put an end to Team Diablo’s night.

Rogue Trooper vs. Inferno – Time Limit Draw

In his return to New Zealand soil, Rogue Trooper proved his old rule breaking ways hadn’t changed as he took advantage of the honest Inferno and apparently blind Charlie Roberts as he choked Inferno with his dog tags numerous times. Frustrated, Inferno returned the favor but got caught red handed by referee Roberts. Roberts allowed the match to continue however and both men brawled with each other as the time expired and had to be separated.

Dr Diablo def. The Ram

In what had to be the upset of the night the cunning Dr Diablo was able to roll up a groggy Ram after being on the receiving end of a brutal beating. After Ram had nailed his patented Ramification (Face first suplex) he pulled the Dr up for more punishment and headed to the top rope. As he was discussing strategy with Jeremiah, the mystery man of Team Diablo made his way out and kicked Jeremiah into the ring post which sent Rams head bouncing off the steel and making him easy prey for a surprise roll up.

D Money def. Creed

In a battle of former training partners the 2 black belts went back and forth, both inside and outside the ring for several minutes. The Ram made his way out towards the end of the match and threw a steel pipe to D Money to use but Money tried to show off and wound up hitting himself in the testicles while the referee was ejecting Ram from ringside. Creed capitalized with a huge diving head butt but as Roberts went to count the pin fall he saw the steel pipe and disqualified Creed yet again. A frustrated Creed argued with Roberts before leaving in a very bad mood.

Max Damage vs. Buck – No Contest

The battle of the KPW giants ended brutally as both men were counted out fighting on the outside and had to be separated by 6 men. The match was a back and forth affair with neither man gaining a notable advantage until Buck sent both men flying out over the top rope with a clothesline where they found themselves oblivious to the countout.

KPW Heavyweight Title Match: H-Flame def. Jonnie Juice

H-Flame put his past demons to rest along with Team Pretty with an earth shattering H-Bomb (pump handle slam) to capture the KPW Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t easy however and Jonnie Juice fought tooth and nail to win the belt. With both men being stretched to their limit it was Team Pretty who ultimately turned the tide in H-Flames favor as Hollie found herself on the receiving end of a lip lock from the international superstar after trying to hit him with her shoe as Jessie distracted the referee. Jonnie saw red at this and tried to fight on emotion but was caught and lifted high above the ring with a powerful H-Bomb.

Courtesy of NZPWI