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03.08.09 20:09 Age: 9 yrs

Ring a ding ding!

Night of the belts was spectacular!

I would like to thank all the fans who packed the War Memorial Hall on that night it was great to see you all, Trinket has not stopped talking about how she enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces on the children who attended.

Now to business.... I kept my word and my winning streak intact by gaining the clean pin-fall victory over the dubious "Dr" (see the wonderful picture in the gallery of myself gaining said pin-fall) and I did it in style hitting non other than my patent High Voltage drop kick!

The bumps and bruises have all now faded and disappeared and the memories burn bright in my mind of that wonderful night in Wanganui in front of the fiercely supportive crowd and this leads me to pondering upon who may next challenge me in the squared circle? I cannot dwell on such trivialities at this time as always the anticipation grows and leads to distraction and that is the enemy of this man.

So I shall bid you a brief farewell and thank you again for the support that you give to both Trinket and myself.
Until next time...

Send in the clowns

Lazarus Volt
-fresh from the 1890's-