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02.06.10 11:25 Age: 8 yrs

Lazarus Volt

Reflects on Rivercity...

Ring a ding ding Lazarites!

Now... I'm not going to moan and groan about how we were cheated out of Championship Gold at Hometown Challenge!  I would like to thank the beautiful and raucous crowd for getting behind the Wanganui Wildmen and pushing us to the limit!  We put our bodies on the line to make it known that Chris Delorean and Lazarus Volt are proud to be Born and Raised in the Rivercity!

I would also like to thank the people for cheering us on and letting the Renegades know that they were in enemy territory, Wanganui put fear into their hearts... so much so that they stooped lower than a worms belly to retain their titles!

We may not have left the War Memorial Hall wearing the Tag Team Titles around our waists but the moral victory was ours!

We look forward to seeing you in the squared circle some time in the near future...

Lazarus Volt