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31.08.10 10:42 Age: 8 yrs

Lazarus Volt

Ring a Ding Ding!

Ring a Ding Ding Lazarites!

A lot changed at 'Make or Break', The Brute defeated me, Jonnie Juice was retired by Inferno and Max Damage was dethroned and Shane Whitehead became the KPW Champion!  What a night it was!

I went into my match over confident and under prepared, I have battled the Brute all over these beautiful islands and never had he beaten me until that night, so bravo Brutey you earned that victory.  Well played sir! (it won't happen again, I assure you).

Jonnie Juice was the man who challenged me to step into the ring, I did so with no wrestling experience and he gave me a sound beating.  It was this individual whose put downs and mockery drove me to work hard and forge my place in this profession and now that I am who I am...... he has gone.  I shall never get the satisfaction of soundly beating him and gaining glorious, sweet retribution on Jonnie Juice.  Farewell you won't be missed.

And to our new KPW NZ Champion Shane Whitehead I have seen how you gained you victories in both the Battle Royal and Championship matches and wonder how one man can burn so many bridges in one night and still feel confident in retaining gold.

Already challenges are being laid down by friend and foe in KPW.  I'm sure you've begun to spout your magnificence to all and sundry, but I have one request before you put pen to paper and commit to your first defence against those who have already faced you...... FIGHT ME!  We have never met one on one in the squared circle and look at it this way.... if you beat me you retain your dignity and your Championship, you add more glory to your wrestling career with a title defense and I'm coming off a loss. 
Lets face it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain Shane Whitehead, nothing to lose but 10 pounds of gold.

Step up to the greatest show on earth!

Lazarus Volt.