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Ilex Bell




  • Asking the tough questions

Trademark moves:

  • Hosting Backstage Pass
  • Putting KPW stars on the spot


It takes a special talent to take wrestling fans backstage and get the truth from the KPW wrestlers, and Ms Ilex Bell (first name pronounced "eye-licks") is just such a talent!  As the host of the Backstage Pass segment on KPW's Off The Ropes, Ms Bell takes viewers behind the curtain to talk directly to the KPW wrestlers about the action in the ring.

Ms Bell is KPW's dedicated backstage interviewer, ready to pin down wrestlers with searching questions and uncover their true motivations and personalities.   Whether they love her or hate to see her backstage, the KPW wrestlers all know that an interview with Ms Belle is their direct link to the viewing public.

There is one thing, though: not all the wrestlers in KPW get along, but they all agree on one thing - there's something familiar about Ms Belle, but they're not sure what...