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14.03.10 08:09 Age: 8 yrs

Damage Gauge 2

RAW approaches

Hey there KPW fans!

Well it's been a couple actioned packed days - there's only a couple days to go now until Raw in San Diego and Smackdown in Los Angeles. The nerves are definitely starting to kick in - at this point I'd just like to thank everyone who has sent their well wishes, congratulations, and all their good luck my way. I think that as I prepare myself for it, I will count up all the comments across all the sites to motivate me some more!

Have been training every night, and hitting the gym every day. Feels like I can't get enough training in! Aside from the tryouts, I've still got a show before hand to worry about - a match versus one half of EWF's A-List, "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger. If last weeks match is anything to go by, I should be able to mop the floor up with him!

Don't have time to write more - there's training to do!

Max Damage