News Item

11.01.12 20:30 Age: 6 yrs

T-Rex is going to get you

T-RexYou are right Kool, January 20 does mark the start of something new. But it is the domination of the NZ pro wrestling scene by none other than T-Rex.

I'm glad that you are impressed with how far I've come, but listen here sunshine, if you think you will be simply just "moving onto the next night" then you are sadly mistaken. You will be lucky if you can limp to the ring after I am through with you.

I have been called many things in my life, and "A Nice Guy" is not one of them. I would sooner rip your head off with a devastating clothesline than shake your hand.

There will be a lesson on offer on January 20 in Tauranga and the topic is this; Never underestimate T-Rex, because if you do, you wont be so Kool anymore, you can rename yourself The Fool!

T-Rex out!