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Ref Daniel Martins

Referee Daniel MartinsFrom:

The Office in Wellington, New Zealand


5' 11" / 182cm


187 lbs / 85 kg


- "The Three Count"

Trademark Moves:

- "The Three Count"
- Keeping order in the KPW ring
- Calling it "right down the middle"


KPW Management

Notable feuds:

- Any number of rule-breaking wrestlers on the KPW roster


Trained by then-Acting Senior Referee Blair "the Flair" at the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" training school, Daniel Martins graduated and made his professional wrestling referee debut at KPW’s “Slamtime City” in April 2007.

Since then, Martins has honed his refereeing skills. His big break was when Charlie Roberts eschewed refereeing pro wrestlers for managing them instead, leaving a vacancy in the Senior Referee position. Daniel Martins moved on up and started drawing the big matches and the big pay.

Despite the obvious physical danger in doing so, Martins is not afraid to stand up to the KPW wrestlers. He has been outright attacked (such as by Queen Hollie at KPW’s “February’s Feud” in February 2010) and knocked senseless on numerous occasions as a result on in-ring collisions, yet his keen knowledge of professional wrestling, professional bearing and hard head have always allowed him to come back for more and call the match to its conclusion.

From the opening bout to the mid-card to the main event, Senior Referee Daniel Martins was a mainstay of season one of KPW’s “Off The Ropes”, often struggling to contain the wild action within the confines of the ring!

As KPW’s reigning Senior Referee, Daniel Martins always attempts to call a match "right down the middle" so that both the competitors and fans always get a fair fight. That said there are some wrestlers on the KPW roster who have to work very hard to slip or trick or two past his keen refereeing eye!