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The Reckoning

Ram overcomes Juice at KPW Reckoning

The king of bling himself, The Ram was able to overcome a determined Juice and Team Pretty to gain an important win over his former friend.

Jonnie showed his height advantage early on by making Ram jump to enable a test of strength which led to some breathtaking near falls from both men. With neither man able to get an advantage they found themselves in a stand off yet again. After another lock up Juice was able to catch Ram in a modified straitjacket sleeper hold, before he could fade however Ram was able to reverse into one of his own.

Juice was able to fight out and send Ram into the ropes before clotheslining him up and over the top rope. As Ram tried to gain his bearings Juice headed up to the top rope and flew down onto Ram with an impressive plancha. 

With referee Rhodesís count getting closer and closer to the 10 both men struggled back into the ring. After a quick 2 count Jonnie picked his foe up laid him out with an implant DDT before heading up to the top rope once again and crushed the Punjabi pain mongererís chest cavity with a huge elbow drop. This wasnít enough to keep Ram down and he barely snuck a shoulder off the canvas to keep the match alive.

Jonnie started to get frustrated and in his frustration let The Ram nail him with a clothesline. With Juice finally down Ram went to work on the pretty ones legs, slamming his knee into the mat repeatedly before locking in a brutal ankle lock. With Jonnie screaming in agony Ram continued the punishment by pulling him back to the centre of the ring and cinching the hold in even harder.

Realizing Jonnie wasnít about to give up in a hurry Ram broke the hold and allowed Juice to get up to his feet, after ducking a clothesline Ram locked his hands round Jonnieís waist and sent him flying over his head with a thunderous German suplex which sent both men down to the canvas, 

Fighting through exhaustion both men struggled to their feet and hit the ropes with the same idea in mind and clotheslined each other at the same time sending each other right back down to the mat. Juice was the first to his feet and looked to head up to the top rope again but Ram sprang up and met him up there briefly before throwing him over his head back down to the mat.

Sensing trouble Jonnie called for Jessie to get up on the apron, with Rhodes distracted Hollie slid into the ring and looked ready to slap the taste out of Ramís mouth but Ram ducked the shot and Jonnie took the full force. A shocked Hollie could only watch on in horror as Ram slid round and rolled Juice up to steal a win. After the match Jonnie berated Hollie for her ways costing him another match.

The Reckoning also saw longtime fan favorite Creed finally get to voice his opinions on KPW in the Bushwhacker Shack, Before that however Commissioner Butch Miller announced that as of that very moment The Inquisitions contracts with KPW are null and void due to the trio failing to answer their own challenge. 

As both Creed and Butch talked, senior official Charlie Roberts made his way down to the ring and proceeded to run down Butchís career. Creed could no longer stand it and attempted to shut Robertsís mouth but not before a match was made between the 2 for the next KPW show on the 8th of December. As things got heated Roberts slapped the taste out of the karate championís mouth before running out of the ring and leading Creed into the path of the new number 1 contender D Money.

As the 2 men brawled Butch made a tag team match right then and there which saw D Money team with Irishman Mike Ryan to take on Max the Axe and Creed. The match was a brutal affair with Ryan and Money working well together to cut the ring in half and prevent any tags in their opponentís corner. Finally an exhausted Creed was able to make his way over and tag in the powerhouse Max Damage. With his team in trouble Mike Ryan utilized the painful Greco roman brass knuckles to gift Damage and Creed the win.

After the match however Damage cleaned house with a series of brutal steel chair shots. Also on the show D Money was able to overcome the return of Creed to win a number 1 contenders gauntlet match to claim the coveted spot and gain himself a title shot on December 8th at KPWís next outing.

Full KPW Reckoning Results;

Gold def. El Condor

In the battle of the high flyers El Condor threw everything he had at Gold but it just wasnít to be his night. Gold showed his superiority with a series of leg drops and slams before heading up to the high rent district and coming off with a breathtaking 450 splash for the win, 

Tank def. El Mucho Drunko

In his debut the former NAW world champion Tank looked exactly like his namesake as he steamrolled the valiant luchador. Utilizing a series of brutal suplexes and head butts to wear him down he finally ended the punishment with a modified form of a fujiwara armbar to take the win in his debut. 

Rogue Trooper def. Irishman Mike Ryan

The 2 rivals from the old school locked horns in a brutal back and forth match which saw Ryan utilize the skills that made him a New Zealand representative in shoot wrestling to wear down the Trooper. Trooper attempted a comeback but with his legs weakened from the brutal submissions he couldnít get much damage done before being taken down again. Ryan then began to simply choke Trooper until referee Rhodes had no choice but to disqualify the fiery Irishman and give the win to Rogue Trooper. 

Over The Top Rope Number 1 Contender ship Gauntlet

D Money def. Creed, Tank, Gold, Rogue Trooper, Mike Ryan & Inferno

The cocky reflection of perfection D Money was able to take the win in this unique match to gain himself a title shot with H Flame at a later date. The match began with Inferno and Mike Ryan. With Ryan reeling Inferno went for his Level 3 Extinguisher (Dudley Dog) only to be thrown out of the match.

The next entrant turned out to be none other than Rogue Trooper who wasted no time in going straight for Ryan looking for retribution. The 2 men had a wild brawl that saw Ryan toss Rogue Trooper over the rope using his own momentum. While his feet didnít hit the floor the Irishman chose to remove himself from the match saying he didnít care now that Trooper was eliminated. That decision saw Gold make his way out to an empty ring.

Gold then saw who the next entrant was in Tank and began looking for the fastest way out of the ring; Fortunately Tank was able to assist him and threw him out and over the top rope in short order. D Money then made his way out and taunted Tank into chasing him around the ring before sliding in and pulling the top rope down and sending Tank over.

Thinking he had the match one D Money began strutting until Creed made his return to KPW and hit the ring to beat down his longtime rival. As Creed took control, Charlie Roberts made his way down to ringside and pulled the referees aside as D Money went out over the top rope, a frustrated Creed kept trying to get the referees to see but when they turned round D Money was back in the ring and tossing Creed out over the top rope for the win. 

Max Damage & Creed def. Irishman Mike Ryan & D Money

In an impromptu tag team match Mike Ryan and D Money did everything they could to isolate Creed and keep a frustrated Damage on the apron. When Creed was finally able to get across the ring to tag in the young powerhouse but as he nailed D Money with an impressive sidewalk slam Mike Ryan slid into the ring with a pair of brass knuckles and laid both men out for the disqualification. 

Ram def. Jonnie Juice with Team Pretty

In the battle of former friends both men held nothing back as they tore into each other with relentless fury. After a long and grueling match it was again the numbers game that played the pivotal role. In this case though it was to help Ram as Hollie mistimed a vicious slap and took the taste out of Jonnies mouth, as Jonnie looked on in shock Ram capitilised and rolled the pretty one up to take the win.