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2007 in Review

by Blair"the Flair" Rhodes and "The Hype" Bobby Cool.

Bobby and Blair2007 has been a year for mysteries and revelations.  The biggest question of 2006 - "Who stole the belt?" - was answered at  "KPW: Slam Time City" in April (as advertised on KPW's TV programme on Triangle TV) and the answer indeed came as if a bolt  from the blue.  Acting under the orders of Inferno, the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts  who stole the KPW  Championship belt - Charlie Roberts, acting under Inferno's orders.  Four years of perceived neglect and disrespect caused  the fiery one's festering rage to boil over.  With one shocking underhanded act, the fiery one turned his back on the fans  and embraced the dark side, perhaps dazzled by promise of revenge and just rewards from the "King of Bling" Charlie Roberts.   An impromptu challenge versus KPW Champion H-Flame at "KPW: Slam Time City" saw the challenger come off second best, and the  champ was the target of Inferno's frustration once more after another unsuccessful challenge in the Triple Threat main event  of "KPW: Kaos Theory" in July, with H-Flame left stunned after the fiery veteran split a metal case over the champ's head!   The fire in Inferno's veins enabled him to roll over El Condor, angrily dismiss hot young newcomer "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond  and showed he's a force to be reckoned with by beating the promising rookie at "KPW: Halloween Havoc II" in October.

As the year began with a revelation, so it ended with a double revelation!  The war of nerves between Commissioner Butch and  GM Terry the Golden Greek escalated to the point where each forwarded a mystery partner for their tag team for the main event  at "KPW: Halloween Howl II".  Commissioner Butch chose to bring out the big guns in his war with the Golden Greek, announcing  that Max "the Axe" Damage would be at the side of H-Flame versus the Ram and the Golden Greek's chosen mystery partner.  Not  to be outdone, the Mediterranean Macchiavello pulled a minor coup by engaging a ex-New Zealand heavyweight champion, none  other than X-Rated himself!  The dastardly duo of the Ram and X-Rated took the fight to the best that KPW had to offer, but  the champ had the goods to come though in the end.

If there was anyone who could relate to the champ's hard road, it was Max "the Axe" Damage. The big man of KPW had to contend  with being denied revenge on Irishman Mike Ryan, he had to contend with being the first victim of the new alliance of the Ram  and Ryan, he wrestled the original wildcard Purple Haze in his debut, faced (literally) his biggest challenge at "KPW:  Australasian Invasion" against the 6'8" Iron Horse, and stood with the champ against Terry the Golden Greek's dream team at  "Halloween Howl II".  But as Damage said it himself at "KPW: Kaos Theory", through it all, he's still standing!

Bobby and BlairSpeaking of resilience, 2007 was the year that the international superstar came to appreciate the sage words of statesman  Winston Churchill: "if you're going through hell... then keep going!"  Though the KPW Champion started the year on the back foot. Right from the beginning of the year - he was a champion without a belt! - H-Flame did not once back down from a  challenge.  He earned hard-fought victories over long-time foe Jonnie Juice of Team Pretty and new foe Inferno.  The champ  even managed to survive another Triple Threat championship match "KPW: Halloween Howl II" to cement his position as the  fightingest champion in KPW history!  H-Flame also fought back from injury to win the first NZPWI Invitational Eliminator  match (as televised on Sky One on Dec 09 2007).  The champ also carried the flag for New Zealand at "KPW: Australasian  Invasion" in August where he went to the extraordinary lengths of tagging with nemesis Jonnie Juice, knowing that his  frequent opponent was the best man for the job against the Golden Greek's "Thunder from Down Under" invasion crew.

Speaking of alliances, 2007 saw the formation of the unlikeliest team in KPW history.  If great minds think alike, then great  wrestlers beat alike.  At "KPW: Slam Time City", Max "the Axe" Damage tried to gain a measure of revenge on the villainous  Irish Mike Ryan.  The hard-hitting sun of Erie had interrupted Damage's title match versus H-Flame at "KPW: Kristmas Kracker"  in December 2006 by rushing the ring and laying everyone out with the title belt.  However, Damage was denied satisfaction  when the Fijian Freedom Fighter invaded the ring and joined Ryan in a beatdown on Damage.  The Ram then announced the  formation of the Overstayers!  For the remainder of the year, this unholy alliance would stamp its mark on KPW, starting  later in the night when Ryan ran over Ram's Triple Threat opponents Gold and Doctor Diablo like a bulldozer.  Knowing a good  thing when he saw it, Terry the Golden Greek later extended his aegis to encompass the Overstayers, cementing their place as  a destructive, disruptive force to be reckoned with.

Though KPW has an established roster of familiar faces, 2007 was the year of the new arrivals, and what an impression they  made!  "KPW: Slam Time City" saw the debut of second-generation wrestler J.E. O'Rourke.  This young wrestler's unbridled  anger quickly earned him the nickname "the Brute" and he spent the remainder of the year more than living up to it.  Narrowly  coming away with a loss to veteran Rogue Trooper in his debut, O'Rourke then marked his spot with a victory over KPW mainstay  Doctor Diablo at "KPW: Kaos Theory".  It was only Diablo's cunning that allowed him to win the rematch against the fearsome  second generation superstar.

By the middle of the year, we'd been introduced to some distinctive new wrestlers.  "KPW: Kaos Theory" saw the debut of the  "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond.  This rookie made an immediate impression on the ladies, followed by a powerfully painful  impression on fellow debuting wrestler "Icewolf" Christopher Simons with a torture rack!  Diamond showed great potential in  his rookie year, going so far as to challenge the fiery veteran Inferno!  Though Diamond came off second best at "KPW:  Halloween Howl II", there's no way you can count this young man out.  Just how far will the Powerhouse's potential take him  in 2008?

The strangest new (masked) face of 2007 had to be "Icewolf" Christopher Simons.  Being raised by wolves didn't stop him from  becoming a fine wrestler, as he debuted against Jade Diamond and also wrestled Chris DeLorean in the latter's debut.   Inscrutable, often unpredictable, the Icewolf is definitely one to watch in future (from a safe distance)!

2007 also witnessed the debut of the ultimate wildcard, Purple Haze.  Though subbing for Irishman Mike Ryan as the  Overstayers' "hired gun", Haze definitely came off second best versus Max "the Axe" Damage.  Though giving his all in a tag  match with Jade Diamond versus the Overstayers, Haze again came away the worse for wear.  However, the purple man from parts  unknown finished the year on a high note when he won KPW's first High Flyer's match with his "Kiss The Sky" top rope splash.

Speaking of arriving in a burst of colour, the latter part of the year saw the arrival of a man who'd swapped the circus ring  for the wrestling ring, namely one Lazarus Volt.  Showing a tremendous amount of tactical acumen for a new wrestler, Volt  managed to survive the onslaught of veteran Rogue Trooper before managing to secure a win in his debut.  With a chequered  past behind him and the future looking as bright as his purple suit, KPW's resident moustache-twirler is all set to prove  he's cock of the walk in the coming year!

Speaking of arriving in a burst of electricity, 2007 was also the year that KPW not so much went back to the future as  forward to the past with the signing of Chris DeLorean.  quickly becoming a fan favourite,  the mulleted one revved the crowd  up to 88.8 miles per hour in his encounters with the Icewolf and the Brute.  Cocky and charming with infectious enthusiasm,  2007 saw DeLorean's introduction and 2008 might see his ascension!

In the last year, we've also seen a familiar face change.  Kade Morgan not only swapped his referee garb for wrestling boots,  he threw down his referee shirt to show his rage.  Going from displaying bias against Dr Diablo in a match versus J.E.  O'Rourke to being in cahoots with O'Rourke wrestling Diablo in his debut, Kade "the Rage" Morgan is set to show the world why  he's called "3G" - living up to his pedigree as New Zealand's only third generation wrestler.  Morgan took Dr Diablo to the  limit before a small error enabled the doctor to seize a win.  Unfazed by the loss, expect "3G" back with a vengeance in  2008!

Surely the biggest introduction of the year happened at "KPW: Kaos Theory" when KPW Commissioner Butch introduced KPW's new  GM - Terry the Golden Greek.  Right from the get-go, KPW CEO Rip Morgan voiced his disapproval of this appointment, as he  didn't trust the Greek.  Morgan's misgivings soon proved to be well-founded.  Terry displayed definite bias towards those KPW  wrestlers who habitually chose to flaunt the rules for their own gain.  Terry made no bones about his intention to run the  show.  He drew the Overstayers into the fold and provided counsel to the now-villainous Inferno and Charlie Roberts.  The  Golden Greek's masterplan was revealed at "KPW: Australasian Invasion": an Australian task force, set to beat KPW's best into  submission!  The force comprising the massive ex-pat Tank, the giant Iron Horse, the scheming Grudge and the villainous Sheik  Mohammad El-Zaqawi clashed head one with the best KPW had to offer.  Though the KPW roster won against the Australians with a  score of two to one to put paid to the "Thunder from Down Under" force, Terry still had another card up his tailored silk  sleeve.  Fighting fire with Greek fire, Terry advanced his own mystery partner for the Ram at "KPW: Halloween Howl II" in  response to Commissioner Butch's secret tag partner for H-Flame.
The result wasn't exactly what Terry wanted and he and  Rip Morgan came to vicious blows!  Workplace politics was never quite  like this!  Never at a loss for words, never without a plan, 2007 was the year when Terry the Golden Greek stamped his mark  on KPW.  Does tomorrow belong to the man from the Mediterranean?

In 2007, we've seen Referees Jim Corona and Daniel Martens step up to the plate and attempt to contain the rage in the KPW  ring.  We've seen terrible alliances formed (the Overstayers) and unlikely alliances triumph (H-Flame and Jonnie Juice at  "KPW: Australasian Invasion").  We've seen mysteries solved (who took the KPW belt?) and mystery tag team partners revealed  (Max Damage and X-Rated).  We've revelations, many new faces and a story of survival (for both H-Flame and Max Damage).  2008  promises to be even bigger and better.  In fact, the future's so bright, you might have to borrow Chris DeLorean's shades!   This is Blair "the Flair" and "the Hype" Bobby Cool saying, we'll see you at ringside!