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Afterblaster match review

AfterBlasterDespite the storm of the previous few days, a raucous near capacity crowd was on hand at Wellington High School on Friday 25th July for Kiwi Pro Wrestling's 'AfterBlaster'. It was a big night for the KPW champion, as he teamed with Max "the Axe" Damage to once again form the team known as the "Men In Black".  Their opponents were Terry the Golden Greek's "golden boys" the Overstayers, namely Irishman Mike Ryan and the Ram. 'Afterblaster' also proved to be a big night for the fiery veteran Inferno as his feud with 'Powehouse' Jade Diamond reached boiling point in the no disqualification, falls count anywhere, Miramar Bunkhouse match.

The show began with Kiwi Pro Wrestling General Manager Terry the Golden Greek coming out with what appeared to be his pick of the KPW talent that participated in the WWE tryouts in June - namely himself, the Ram and Hollie from Team Pretty. Terry's interview of his chosen ones was interrupted by Jade Diamond. The angry Powerhouse told the furious GM to shut up and reminded both Terry and the fans that he himself was also a WWE trialist. Tensions ran high and the Ram blindsided Diamond with a chair! The others wasted no time in joining in on the fallen Diamond. The Men In Black came out to make the save, but the damage had been done to the back of Jade Diamond. Damage and H-Flame helped Diamond to the back, but it looked as if the Powerhouse was going into has Miramar Bunkhouse match at a major disadvantage!

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The first match of the night saw a ringmaster versus a ring warrior: Crowd favourite Lazarus Volt locked up with second-generation wrestler J.E. O'Rourke. At first, Volt was able to use his speed to take the advantage. "The Brute" quickly rallied, nearly bisecting Volt with shoulder charges and whips to the turnbuckle. The combatants brawled to the outside and things took a turn for the worse for the man from the big top when O'Rourke picked Volt up and rammed him back-first into the steel ring post! Back in the ring, O'Rourke pressed the advantage and kept Volt grounded by using his power and aggression. Obviously harbouring evil intentions, the Brute tore a corner ringpad completely clear of its fastenings, exposing a merciless trifecta of steel turnbuckle bolts! Volt looked all set up to be the filling in a turnbuckle sandwich, but Volt ducked out of the way and O'Rourke went crashing into the steel! Volt quickly capitalised and went up top to hit the High Voltage (top rope dropkick) for the hard-fought win!

Next, the man from the 80's Chris DeLorean squared off against New Zealand's only third-generation wrestler, Kade Morgan "3G". Morgan began the match by muscling the brightly-garbed one into the corner and grounding him with headlock takedowns and armdrags. DeLorean mounted a comeback, but lost control when he charged straight into a boot in the corner. Morgan hit a seated dropkick and followed up with a big legdrop for a close two count.

DeLorean tried to block a vertical suplex but Morgan managed to muscle his opponent over and got another near fall. Morgan pressed the attack with a big scoop slam and a butterfly suplex for yet another near fall. DeLorean managed to duck a vicious clothesline and connected with a flying forearm to turn the tide. Morgan swiftly rallied and clamped DeLorean to the canvas with a chinlock. With the capacity crowd firmly behind him, DeLorean powered back to his feet and attacked. However, Morgan showed his power by powering out of a bulldog attempt by flinging DeLorean clear across the ring to crotch the hapless "Shining Star" across the bottom rope!

Morgan set up DeLorean with a scoop slam and went to the top rope, but a high-risk "Whisper in the Wind" missed the mark! DeLorean revved up and hit the "88.8 MPH" (swinging clothesline) for a near fall of his own. A bodyslam kept the advantage with DeLorean and the man from the Eighties went up to the top rope for the Flux Incapacitator (top rope leg drop), but 3G had the move well-scouted and cut off his opponent. Morgan went for a superplex, but Delorean managed to block it and sent 3G crashing to the canvas! Morgan dragged himself to his feet in time to be caught with a top rope cross body block from DeLorean. "Mr Love Potion 69" scored with a trio of big clotheslines and then sealed the deal with the DeLorean Device (modified rocker-dropper) for the pinfall victory!

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Next was the Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership to the Kiwi Pro Wrestling title belt. This match saw 10 men enter the ring with nothing to lose and everything to gain: a shot at the richest prize in New Zealand professional wrestling - the KPW championship!

The participants were a mixture of familiar and new faces: amongst the combatants were three wrestlers making their first appearance in a KPW ring. Whetu the Maori Warrior was all set to carve through the competition with the aggression and strength that had so impressed "The Hype" Bobby Cool. 'Handsome' Johnny Falcon was also determined to show the fans his moves and impress in his first outing. 'The Standard Hero' Graham Hughes from Portsmouth, England was raring to return to the ring following a two year absence and show his international pedigree and experience. Surely the most surprising entrant was the leader of Team Pretty Jonnie Juice, returning from his knee injury! The remaining wrestlers involved in the all -out battle for glory were Kade Morgan and his partner in crime J.E. O'Rourke, Inferno, Lazarus Volt, El Condor and Chris DeLorean.

With all the wrestlers in the ring togther, the fierce battle began the second the opening bell rang. Showing that he had lost none of his edge, Jonnie Juice battled with Jonny Falcon on the apron and eliminated the Handsome One with a Starsream superkick. Chasing his dreams of glory, Inferno wasn't in the mood to show anyone any favors and quickly managed to eliminate Whetu. Showing his heritage, Whetu then performed a fierce haka on the floor to let all of Kiwi Pro Wrestling know that he had truly arrived! El Condor battled Graham Hughes, gaining the advantage. The high-flying luchador headed up to the top rope, but Hughes showed his experience by shoving El Condor from his perch to the outside, eliminating him!

Fired up from his loss earlier in the evening and bent on revenge, Morgan targeted Chris DeLorean, the two brawling to the ropes. Ever the experienced opportunist, Inferno took advantage of the chaos to eliminate both combatants! Barely noticing they'd been eliminated from the match, the two wrestlers continued fighting all the way to the back and out the side doors! Back in the ring, O'Rouke was unleashing "Brute force" on Hughes, beating the Englishman down and whipping him into the corner. But when he followed up with a charging clothesline, Hughes used his experience and leverage to catapult O'Rourke over the top rope and out of the match!  Inferno softened up Volt with the Afterburner chokeslam before eliminating him.  

There now remained the final three:  Hughes, Inferno and Jonnie Juice.

Knowing that the number one contendership was on the line, an unholy alliance of sorts was formed between the former Youngbloods as they took the fight to Hughes.  The FWA alumnus rallied and looked to have Jonnie Juice down and out, but a high-risk moonsault missed and Inferno and Juice eliminated Hughes.  And so it all came down to the former friends battling over who would take the coveted spot.  All alliances forgotten, the two combatants laid into each other.  After a vicious exchange, Inferno launched Juice over the top rope to claim the victory and  become the new number one contender to the KPW championship.

Next it was the Divas match to decide for once and for all who was the real Queen of the Divas.       Self-appointed 'Queen' Hollie of Team Pretty came to ringside with fellow team member Jonnie Juice.  She faced off against Suzie Q (formerly known to KPW fans as Ms Black, a former business associate of Charlie Roberts and Inferno), accompanied to the ring by fellow Rock 'n' Roll Connection member Miles D'Rock (formerly known to KPW fans as Rogue Trooper).  The match started and it wasn't long before Hollie was complaining to Referee Daniel Martins of hair-pulling and other such shenanigans where blatantly none existed.  The two Divas traded holds and the advantage,  Susie Q having the slight edge in strength and leverage.  Showing total disrespect for her opponents, Hollie mocked D'Rock's musical heritage.  This allowed Juice to blindside Susie Q, wrapping her leg around the steel ringpost before Miles D'Rock could chase him away.

Hollie pressed the attack on the injured leg, but Suzie Q refused to quit.  The self-proclaimed "Queen of the Divas" stopped to again taunt D'Rock, allowing Suzie Q to score a rollup for a very near fall.  The pink and black rock 'n' roll maiden went on the attack with a big bodyslam that looked to have the match won, but Juice interfered, drawing a disqualification.  After the match, Juice and Miles D'Rock came to blows.  Jonnie Juice voiced Team Pretty's disdain for the Rock 'n' Roll Connection and challenged Miles D'Rock and Suzie Q to a mixed tag team match, and the challenge was accepted!

It was a case of third time's the charm in the Miramar Bunkhouse match, as the young superstar Jade Diamond headed for a showdown with Inferno and Charlie Roberts.  Given the bad blood and rivalry between these two, the only way their differences could be settled was in a match with no disqualifications and no limits, one fall to a final finish.  Inferno signaled his intentions right from the get-go by bringing a chair to the ring, which is all legal in a bunkhouse match.  It was clear that Diamond was carrying an injury sustained from his earlier beating, but it was equally clear he had no intention of backing down from the fight.

The opening bell was like a match to a powder charge as the Powerhouse immediately charged Inferno and brought him down with an explosive spear tackle, hammering away with his fists and delivering a blistering spinebuster.  The action spilled to the outside early, with Inferno choking Diamond with his own shirt!  With no disqualification, Referee Daniel Martins was only present to register a pinfall or submission victory and had a hard time keeping up with the action.  The two fighters battled into the audience, with Charlie Roberts frenziedly egging on Inferno.  Diamond briefly gained the advantage before Inferno's striking skills began to take their toll.  Taking advantage of the bunkhouse rules, Inferno removed his belt and mercilessly whipped Diamond with it!  Beating down the Powerhouse, Inferno managed to score a near fall on the floor.

Throwing Diamond back into the ring, the fiery veteran targeted his opponent's injured back with punishing elbow drops. Taking a page out of his old school playbook, Inferno then clamped the Powerhouse in a surfboard, further punishing the already-injured back.  Reaching deep down to fight back, Diamond went on the attack with chops and managed to beat down Inferno.  But the fiery one retaliated, battering Diamond in the corner and dumping him outside the ring.  Continuing to use the environment to his advantage, Inferno unseated Blair 'the Flair' and stole his chair to use on the Powerhouse.  However, Diamond reversed an Irish whip, sent Inferno into the chair and then toppled him with a charging shoulderblock!

Back in the ring, Diamond hit a Michinoku Driver II for a near fall.  Sensing the match slipping away from his charge, Charlie Roberts attempted to intervene.  But just like before, Diamond was ready for him and it was the King of Bling who tasted the torture rack, before being dropped like the proverbial bad habit!  However, Robert's sacrifice enabled Inferno to blindside Diamond and regain the advantage.     The fiery one attempted to lock in the Cinderlock, but Diamond managed to power out.  Setting up his opponent with a bodyslam, Inferno repositioned Diamond in the corner and applied the Cinderlock, a submission move that targets the back.  By placing himself close to the corner, Inferno was able to brace himself so that the Powerhouse couldn't use his strength to push him away.  Despite the injury and punishment to his back sustained throughout the match, Diamond refused to quit and continued to fight.  Finally, Diamond passed out from the pain.

Referee Daniel Martins stopped the match and declared Inferno the winner.  A triumphant Inferno and Charlie Roberts celebrated not only the win in the Bunkhouse match, but also Inferno's ascension to the number one contender's spot.  As he was helped away from the ring, the fans let the Powerhouse know they appreciated his fighting spirit with their cheers! 

In the main event, the formidable team of the "Men In Black" (Max "the Axe" Damage and KPW Champion H-Flame) took on the Overstayers (Irishman Mike Ryan and The Ram), with Terry the Golden Greek in their corner.  There was certainly no love lost between these two teams, and all participants proved it by setting out to tattoo their distaste all over each others' faces!  Max Damage started out with Irishman Mike Ryan.  The "On The Mat" veteran showed his cunning by going for his opponent's hair and hammering on Damage in the corner.  He then proceeded to choke the Axe on the ropes and stagger the big man with a concussion off a vicious clothesline!  Damage rallied with a cross corner whip of his own and also rocked the Irishman with a big seated drop kick.  

The Overstayers drew H-Flame into the ring and switched off without a tag, enabling the Ram to unleash his black belt kicks on Damage's back.  Terry's golden boys cut the ring in half, using quick tags to isolate their opponent and keep the larger Damage grounded.  Ram toyed with Damage, cutting off a tag attempt with a vicious enzuigiri.  Damage rallied with a big clothesline on the Ram and went to tag in a fired-up H-Flame, but Ryan cut him off. 

The big man was not to be denied and fought back, tagging in the Kiwi Pro Wrestling champion who laid waste to the Overstayers with a flying back elbow to Ryan.  The Irishman attempted to escape but was brought back into the ring the hard way.  H-Flame brought the Overstayers into a "meeting of the minds", knocking their hard heads together!  H-Flame hit a seated dropkick of his own on Ryan but fell victim to a DDT from the Ram, who then hit a suicide dive onto Max Damage!  The Overstayers beat down on Damage on the outside, but they'd taken their eyes off his team member; H-Flame scaled the top rope and hit a cross body to the Overstayers on the floor!  H-Flame brawled with the big Irishman and came off second best in that exchange, getting downed with a vicious clothesline.  But the champ came back with an Irish whip reversal, stunning the Irishman.  

The momentum swung back to the Overstayers when Ryan shifted his weight on a bodyslam and fell atop H-Flame, allowing the Ram to intercede.  A Fijian sunset (Rude Awakening) on H-Flame kept the Ram in the driving seat, but his pinning predicament was reversed by the champ for a near fall.  Both men then tried to beat each other to the clothesline but only succeeded in knocking each other senseless!

With the match hanging in the balance, H-Flame just succeeded in tagging in Damage, who unleashed his power on the Overstayers with elbows ad a massive sideslam on the Ram.  The Men In Back looked to have it won when Damage hit the Collateral Damage on the Ram, but Terry intervened to break up the pin, drawing the disqualification for his team.  Even through the match had ended, a fierce brawl broke out, with Damage squaring off against Terry and H-Flame hitting an H-Bomb on the Ram!   There was a tense standoff between the Men In Black and the Overstayers before Terry the Golden Greek and his charges withdrew, leaving Max Damage and H-Flame to celebrate their victory with the multitude of ecstatic fans!

See you ringside!

Blair 'the Flair'

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