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Bays Wrestlefest 2

Bays Wrestlefest 225th and 26th January 2013

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The TECHNICIAN versus "The English Sensation" MARCUS KOOL
The Technician: wrestler par excellence. Extensive, medal-winning amateur wrestling background. Devastatingly quick and strong. Innovative, cunning, conceited, ruthless, disdainful... and the man who was recently unseated from his precious perch as KPW Champion. Now, the Technician is a man with nothing left to lose and the most precious thing to regain - the fear of his peers. Fear his abilities and rage and pity his opponents.
Marcus Kool: fighting out of England. Trained by "World of Sport" great Steve Logan. Mixes athleticism, crowd work, technical and highflying moves into a blend that's toxic to his opponents. Loves the daredevil lifestyle, and loves to entertain the fans. Unafraid to take on opponents many times his size. Recently lost a GWE championship match against the defending champ, KPW alumni Jade Diamond.
A wrestler who recently lost his title versus an opponent who recently lost a chance at a title - expect wrestling excellence when these two collide in the ring!

KPW Tag Team Championship match: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT (champs) versus "The Ayatollah of High Rollas" CHARLIE ROBERTS and A MYSTERY PARTNER
H-Flame and Lazarus Volt: the unlikely dynamic duo of the "international superstar" and the "little man from the big top" have walked it Gangnam style over all challengers to their championship thus far. It seems that opponents have a hard time dealing with a team this dynamic. There's power, speed, technical excellence, high-flying, direct attack and evasion all in one colourful team. H-Flame's mat wrestling prowess, European training and power mesh seamlessly with Volt's mind-games, flamboyance and resilience.
Charlie Roberts: a man so rich he can afford large blocks of cheese, and only recently did he take his first bus ride (describing the experience as something he'd rather not ever repeat). The only time of the day when this card-carrying member of the Rodeo Drive stable is not ballin' is when he is single-handedly taking ballin' to the next level. Tearing himself away from his high-rent inner-city Wellington apartment will be painful, but the opportunity to grab some KPW gold will be worth it. Roberts has the best trainers, best facilities, best supplements ... and the worst attitude, both towards the fans and his opponents. With this match, Roberts is apparently unleashing his master plan and cashing in his win in last year's Bays Wrestlefest battle royal to challenge for the tag team gold, Will Roberts' mystery partner be his ace-in-the-hole, or will the champions continue their winning ways?

INFERNO versus "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES (Portsmouth's finest)
Inferno: a veteran of the New Zealand wrestling scene, Devastating in both singles and tag team competitions. A fearsome arsenal of power moves coupled with extensive in-ring experience makes him a formidable opponent, and his fiery temper makes him outright dangerous. The "fiery one" seems to be moving back towards favouring the fans whilst having lost none of his anger and determination, but it's anybody's guess what will happen when these two veterans collide!
Graham Hughes: straight out of Portsmouth, a mainstay of the British wrestling scene despite his relatively young age. Trained extensively and wrestled in Europe, making him a well-rounded competitor adept in many wrestling styles. Eager to travel the world to lock up with the best opponents. Can be either dismissive or distant, depending on his capricious nature. Whether he's eager to impress the fans or more interested in wrestling circles around his opponent, the "Standard Hero" is one to watch!

Scarlett: beautiful, talented, rule-bender and heart-breaker. Cares more about her own appearance than the response of the fans. Never met another wrestling diva that she didn't like to beat down in the ring. Trains tirelessly to put in the hard yards but always prefers to take any advantage for a shortcut to an all-important win.
Suzi Q: danced her way into the hearts of KPW fans as part of the Rock'n'Roll Connection, tutored in the ways of the squared circle by veteran Miles D'Rock. She's battled the villainous "Queen" of KPW to a standstill. Suzi Q recently made her return following an absence from the ring that has left her determined to impress the fans with her wrestling prowess. Suzi Q's taken on the best that KPW can offer and now she's taking on the best that NZWPW can throw at her!

Kade Morgan: New Zealand's only third-generation pro wrestler. Equally at home in singles or tag team competition. Devastating combination of technique and power. Recently came out from under former his tag team partner the Technician's shadow to rediscover his wrestling pedigree. Benefitted from the recent one-on-one tutelage of his uncle, Bushwhacker Luke. Kade Morgan is fully prepared to take the fight to his opponents and amaze the fans with his strength and resilience!
Bull Addams: a native of Tauranga. Possibly the equal of Kade Morgan's strength, though is giving away an amount of experience to "3G". Addams' temper gets the best of him at the best of times, but that normally works out worse for his opponents! Addams has only benefited from his association with manager ATH and team-mate Steve Jordan, and has only realised a small part of his true potential. Having lost his most recent match, the Big Bull will be more determined than ever to get back into his winning ways; can he roll over Kade Morgan, or will "3G" successfully take the Bull by the horns?

"The Demolition Man" SHANE CARVER versus PURPLE HAZE
Shane Carver: a hot young prospect from the Bay seen as a prospect for The Elite, the stable lead by dastardly ATH. Raw power and savagery, a beast unleashed in the ring. Fearsome and fearless, his power overcomes his inexperience to overwhelm his unlucky opponents. Having lost in his KPW debut but still impressed with his physical prowess, Carver is hungry for a win.
Purple Haze: masked, silent, wiry, quick, crowd-pleasing and tougher than he looks. Many wrestlers have come unstuck underestimating Purple Haze. No one accused Carver of being the sharpest tool in the toolshed - can Haze use that to his advantage? Can the "Purple One" haze his opponent, or will the masked man end his career as a lavender toothpick for the Demolition Man?

T-REX versus "Marvelous" MARK FREEMANTLE
T-Rex: pain, fury, youth, determination, brutality, no remorse or sense of humour. This is the man who took on Team Diablo simultaneously and left both luchadors laying. Once a student of Marcus Kool, the circle is near complete and the never-smiling "Grumpasorous" is on a rampage in KPW.
Mark Freemantle: born in Canada (where the best wrestlers come from), naturally cocky, naturally gifted, and will naturally have to use his speed and accuracy against the bigger man to have a hope of coming away with the win from this encounter.
Whatever the course, this match will be over quickly, with either Freemantle hitting the flurry of lightening- quick moves he needs to overcome the big man, or T-Rex unleashing his power in one lethal burst.
Carnival exhibition matches on Friday 25th January, 12 noon and 2:00PM