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Chris Delorean

Chris DeloreanHeight

5' 10 in / 178 cm


177 pounds / 80 kgs

Trademark Moves:

  • Flux Incapacitator (Leg drop off the top rope)
  • Double underhook DDT 
  • 88 mph (swinging clothesline)
  • Delorean Device (modified rocker-dropper)


Delorean trained by watching hours of Midnight Rockers tapes and perfected his in-ring skills under the expert guidance of Rip Morgan and Max "The Axe" Damage.

Now with the Eighties behind him and after an impressibe debut at KPW's Australian Invasion in 2007, Delorean is fired up to inject massive amounts of style and wonder straight into the heart of Kiwi Pro Wrestling.

Delorean thrives on the bright neon lights and the roar of his fans and he's ready to hit 88 mph and blow the roof off any arena he steps into.  Just be ready!