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Cossie Carnage


KPW Cossie CarnageKiwi Pro Wrestling is excited to be bringing the best in family-friendly New Zealand professional wrestling action to the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club on Sunday the 23rd of September! The event will be a showcase of KPW talent both experienced and new, sure to be a thrilling extravaganza for KPW fans both old and new!

Tickets can be brought from the Cossie Club Reception or Telephone The Cossie Club on 045290009 to book by credit card and internet banking


Charlie Roberts has recently had his vindictive sights set on "the English sensation" Marcus Kool following Kool sidelining Roberts for the better part of three months courtesy of a Kool Runnings superkick. (A lesser man would say it couldn't happen to a nicer plutocrat). With this match, Roberts is surely be seeking to ease his ride of revenge into high gear with a win over the Maori Warrior. But a wrestler who's fought the current KPW champion to a standstill, put his own career on the line and even taken the KPW Champion's hair will hardly be a pushover. High flying manoeuvres and rapid devastating attacks are a speciality - can Roberts' grappling prowess cancel out Whetu's aerial advantage, especially when Roberts has to get hold of the blindingly fast Maori Warrior first?

The "King of Bling" isn't prepared to put him body on the line like Whetu, who'll gladly risk it all in the ring to entertain the fans. By contrast, the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" couldn't care less about the fans. All that matters to him is victory and bling, and he'll do anything to achieve the former and take every opportunity to flash the latter. But give the devil his due - he may often lie and certainly cheat, but he doesn't need to steal; all that money's gone into the best trainers, facilities and supplements to produce a formidable wrestler. Will Charlie Roberts move from steady stackin' paper to steady stackin' victories, or will Whetu fly high to a big win?

STIX versus "The Natural" STEVE JORDAN (with the ATH)

Both staunch Tauranga natives, these two young competitors have their whole careers ahead of them. That said, the only thing between these two wrestlers right now is air and opportunity! Rock 'n' roll drummer Stix is a born performer, never more at home than performing for the fans. Whether it's on the drums or on the canvas, Stix always goes all out. His grappling and chain wrestling skills are improving with every match, and his dogged determination makes him a formidable foe.

On the other side of the ring is rising star Steve Jordan, a young man with all the potential and ego in the world. Jordan only cares about winning and looking good while doing it, so he appears to have adopted Alexander the Great's maxim of only fighting battles he knows he can win: look out for highly suspect manager the ATH, as he interprets his task of safeguarding the interest of his client to mean that he can get physically involved! That such an athletic specimen with so much talent as "the Natural" feels he needs to resort to blatant underhanded tactics to gain the advantage speaks volumes about his amorality, but you can bet that if Stix can cut through all the shenanigans, Jordan will be grinning out the other side of his face!

HANDICAP match (1 versus 2): T-REX versus TEAM DIABLO

Exactly whom Team Diablo is to field in this unique match-up has yet to be determined. Surely, their only advantage right now is that they remain an unknown quality, an "X Factor" for which their solitary opponent cannot prepare. However, I suspect that T-Rex doesn't care. The giant rookie is all about eating raw meat and unleashing raw power. The fans know that T-Rex is all sullen aggression with the constitution of a tank and easy-going temperament of a pit-bull. He'll be training hard, counting the days until he's unleashed like a "dog of war" on his two opponents. For their part, the no-doubt colourful members of 'luchadors extraordinaire' will have to use their team-work, speed and aerial ability to blitz T-Rex before the "Grumpasaurus" gains any semblance of momentum. If Team Diablo don't, they'll be dinner - the fact of the matter is that T-Rex isn't in the ring with Team Diablo... Team Diablo is in the ring with the mighty T Rex!


These two have tangled on more than one occasion, and the cunning Canadian-born Freemantle managed to trick the luchador into over-reaching himself and getting caught in Freemantle's superior submission holds. Of course, all that cheating didn't hurt Freemantle's chances of victory. For this match, it might be a case of "once beaten, twice shy" as the masked marvel will have learned from his loss and come back more determined than before.

These two are matched evenly in terms of athleticism and aerial ability, but where they differed is their standing with the fans. Freemantle believes his maple leaf pedigree makes him a better wrestler than anybody else and so he doesn't need the fans... and he's not shy about letting them know it! El Condor positively feeds off the enthusiasm of the fans - the louder they cheer, the more risks he takes to win. With their support on his side, there's no way of telling how high El Condor will fly; with the crowd behind him, the sky's the limit for the masked man!

KPW Tag Team Championship match: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT (champions) versus INFERNO and JONNIE JUICE

Grudge match: KPW Champion THE TECHNICIAN versus KADE MORGAN "3G"

Tag team match: THE SAMOANS (Wild Willz and Mister Samoa) versus "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX and KING WILBA

KPW Women's Championship match: NURSE PAYNE (champ) versus QUEEN HOLLIE