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H-Flame Becomes First KPW Heavyweight Champion at Eruption

Full KPW Eruption Results

Jeremiah def. Team Diablo

Dr Diablo def. The Ram

In what had to be the upset of the night the cunning Dr Diablo was able to roll up a groggy Ram after being on the receiving end of a brutal beating. After Ram had nailed his patented Ramification (Face first suplex) he pulled the Dr up for more punishment and headed to the top rope. As he was discussing strategy with Jeremiah, the mystery man of Team Diablo made his way out and kicked Jeremiah into the ring post which sent Rams head bouncing off the steel and making him easy prey for a surprise roll up.

D Money def. Creed

In a battle of former training partners the 2 black belts went back and forth, both inside and outside the ring for several minutes. The Ram made his way out towards the end of the match and threw a steel pipe to D Money to use but Money tried to show off and wound up hitting himself in the testicles while the referee was ejecting Ram from ringside. Creed capitalized with a huge diving head butt but as Roberts went to count the pin fall he saw the steel pipe and disqualified Creed yet again. A frustrated Creed argued with Roberts before leaving in a very bad mood.


The battle of the KPW giants ended brutally as both men were counted out fighting on the outside and had to be separated by 6 men. The match was a back and forth affair with neither man gaining a notable advantage until Buck sent both men flying out over the top rope with a clothesline where they found themselves oblivious to the countout.

KPW Heavyweight Title Match: H-Flame def. Jonnie Juice