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Eve of Destruction

Kiwi Pro Wrestling: 'Eve of Destruction'Blair The Flair RhodesA near sell-out crowd packed Wellington High School on Friday 18th of April for Kiwi Pro Wrestling's first show  of the year! The show began with KPW General Manager Terry the Golden Greek introducing his hand-picked Australian hit-squad of New Australian Wrestling's (NAW) finest, the ex-pat Tank and the 6'8' monster Iron Horse. Kiwi Pro Wrestling fans had already seen these two at 'Australian Invasion' last August and knew what tough opponents they'd be. The Golden Oracle himself swore that after that night, the Aussies would ensure that the initials 'KPW' stood for "Kangaroos Punish Wellington"! Not to be outdone, KPW rolled out the welcome mat in the form of a local kapa haka group, who welcomed the Australians with a stirring haka, reminding them they were now on kiwi territory!

The first match of the show pitted the Howling One, 'IceWolf' Christopher Simons against the multi-coloured man from the Eighties himself, Chris DeLorean. Icewolf took the fight right to DeLorean with an uranage backbreaker, but DeLorean managed to rally to stay in the match. Icewolf climbed to the top rope but took a little too much time and missed with a top rope headbutt. This miscalculation put DeLorean back in the running. Both wrestlers fought over a complex set of counters and reversals dead centre of the ring, almost as if each could read the other's mind. DeLorean would prove to win that exchange and put Simons away with a devastating rocker-dropper - I guess you could call it "the flux incapacitator"! After the match, a bloodied but jubilant DeLorean promised the fans that 2008 was going to be the year he blows the roof off the joint!

Eve of Destruction posterNext, the crowd welcomed back the purple man from the big top, Lazarus Volt. Having impressed the fans in his KPW debut with a narrow victory over the veteran Rogue Trooper, tonight he was set to take on the high-flying El Condor (substituting for J.E. O'Rourke). Right from the get-go, the two wrestlers appeared evenly matched, trading headlocks, hammerlocks and the advantage. Climactically, the 'Ringmaster' showed he was just that, scaling the heights to nail a top rope drop kick for the pinfall victory. In the interview immediately following his second straight win in KPW, Volt promised that 2008 would hold some "shocking" revelations from him, and the KPW roster had best watch out!

For the third contest of the night, two men entered the ring with nothing to lose and everything to prove. Both coming off recent narrow losses, Kade Morgan '3G' (New Zealand's only third generation wrestler) took on the veteran Rogue Trooper. This was a textbook battle of youthful power versus experience. Morgan showed his pedigree and weathered Trooper's assault, concentrating his counter attacks on the veteran's shoulder. Rogue Trooper still managed to deliver a big vertical suplex and bodyslam, though he looked to have sustained an arm injury from Morgan's attacks. Morgan showed his agility by hitting a springboard corkscrew legdrop, but a second vertical turnbuckle splash was dodged allowing Trooper to fight back. In the end, a massive spinebuster from Kade Morgan allowed him to clamp a cross-armbreaker (wakagatame) on Trooper's battered shoulder for the submission victory.

In the first tag team action of the night, the Overstayers (the Ram and X-Rated) faced the odd masked duo of Doctor Diablo and Purple Haze. Things began with a staredown in the middle of the ring before the Overstayers started things off by laying in the beats to the masked men. A quick reversal sent the Overstayers to the outside and allowed the Doctor and Purple Haze to begin the match on their own terms. However, the Overstayers soon showed the teamwork and near-telepathy developed by training together since the beginning of their careers. They used quick tags to cut the ring in half and isolate Dr Diablo for a patented beatdown, keeping the helpless Doctor on their operating table. The Ram battered Diablo with a trio of stiff kicks to the spine, and rocked the Doctor's world with a killer shin kick to the back of the masked man's head. Not to be outdone, X-Rated added an eye rake into a snap DDT to keep Diablo down and almost out. Fortunately for the discombobulated Doctor, an Overstayers double-team went awry and allowed Diablo to make the desperation tag to Purple Haze. He mounted an assault but Ram distracted referee Jim Corona long enough for X-Rated to go low to double up the Purple One.  That put Haze in perfect position for X-Rated's XTC (Leapfrog Rocker-Dropper). The Ram then grabbed his trusty Fijian flag and appeared to be trying a flanking attack on the helpless Haze. Dr Diablo headed the Ram off at the pass, but suffered a vicious beatdown at the hands of the Overstayer and his flagpole! The Overstayers then hit a powerful double-team on Purple Haze (a type  of double-team tiger driver) for the pinfall win.

Terry in the ringThe next match was a triple first for Kiwi Pro Wrestling: its first diva match, first strap match and first "Loser  Leaves Town" match.  What might well have been the last hurrah for Team Pretty saw Jessie take on Hollie. In a departure from the 'normal' strap match the fans might have been used to, the strap was not attached to either combatant but rather was "in play" right from the opening bell of this no  disqualification match. Both divas went at it with a vengeance, trading the advantage like they traded possession of the strap, both laying into one other with vicious shots. Jonnie Juice leapt onto the ring apron, maybe to offer advice, but was quickly sent flying when Hollie pushed Jessie into him!  Unaware that Hollie had been behind the attack, the KPW rock star bided his time. Finally, both  beauties charged at one another in a final all-out assault, going for the same knockout blow, but simultaneously knocking each other senseless!  It was then that Juice proved to be the difference-maker. He scaled the top turnbuckle and surveyed the strewn bodies below, seemingly  deciding his course of action.  However, it wasn't long before he left the turnbuckle, hitting a  picture perfect Butterfly Effect (frog splash) on Jessie!  Juice then rolled Hollie on top for the winning pin, sending Jessie from town and KPW!  There were both cheers and jeers for the defeated diva as Jessie left the KPW ring for the last time, but she'd given it her all and never backed down. Though there was no doubt pain in her heart (and maybe even a tear in her eye), she nevertheless left with her head held high.

In a rematch from KPW: 'Halloween Howl II', young sensation 'Powerhouse' Jade Diamond again faced Inferno (with Charlie Roberts and Ms Rebecca Black).  When last they met, the 'Powerhouse' suffered a narrow defeat and a vicious beatdown and was now looking for some payback. The fiery veteran, Inferno. showed why the vicious streak his manager brought out has stood him in such good stead by successfully taking the  fight to the 'Powerhouse' in the early going.  With the crowd firmly behind him, Diamond mounted a  powerful assault that saw Inferno fighting out of a crucifix powerbomb. The veteran threw the youngster to the outside and argued with the referee, allowing Charlie Roberts and Ms Black to put the  boots into Diamond. Back in the ring, Diamond took control with a massive tiger bomb.  'The Ayatollah  of High Rollas' then earned his percentage by goading Diamond from the ring; Diamond gave chase in a 'Memphis footrace', but as they rounded a corner post, Roberts ducked out of the way and a waiting  Inferno ambushed Diamond with a lariat!  Back inside the ring, Diamond fought back with backbreakers and looked to have the match won when he hauled Inferno aloft for his patented and crowd pleasing torture rack.  However, Roberts had obviously seen enough and leapt into the ring, pulling his man to safety, much to  the chagrin of Diamond and the fans. The referee was left with no choice but to disqualify Inferno and award the match to 'Powerhouse' Jade Diamond. With Inferno holding Diamond ready, Ms Black then went to brain  the' Powerhouse' with her clipboard, but missed and broke it over Inferno's head instead!  A battered and furious Inferno prepared Ms Black for an Afterburner Chokeslam, but Rogue Trooper came out to  make the save, leaving with Ms Black draped over his shoulder!  What Trooper's motivation was is  anyone's guess at this stage - check for updates on as they come to hand.  

'Powerhouse' Jade Diamond was able to gain a modicum of revenge when Roberts unwittingly found himself alone in the ring with the 'Powerhouse'; it must have been a bitter pill for the "Sultan of Bling" to swallow as he himself was hauled high and nearly bent in half by the' Powerhouse's' torture rack before being rudely dropped to the canvas like a bad habit!

The tag team Main Event of the evening saw the best of Australia pitted against the best of New  Zealand: with Terry the Golden Greek in their corner, Iron Horse and Tank took on the self-styled  "Men In Black", Max "the Axe" Damage and the undefeated Kiwi Pro Wrestling champion H-Flame. These two teams met in Hobart at the beginning of the year, and the match didn't go the way the kiwi boys wanted, so you can bet they were looking to utilise the homefield advantage to even the score!

The "Men in Black" started strong, managing to cut the ring in half and preventing the massive Iron  Horse from being tagged in and thereby giving the Australians the advantage. However, Iron Horse soon used his massive reach, booting Damage in the head off an Irish whip from Tank, which left "the  Axe" open for a spear tackle from Tank. This allowed Iron Horse to be tagged in, giving the advantage to the Australians. As big as Damage is, he found out first hand at KPW: 'Australian  Invasion' that Iron Horse is even bigger. The giant wore Damage down, then Tank tagged in and displayed his wrestling prowess with a standing moonsault on Damage, followed by utilising he same manoeuvre to deliver a double bicycle kick to the back of Damage's head!

The Australians continued the punishment; Iron Horse clamping on a massive full nelson. Calling on all his reserves of strength, Max 'the Axe' fought his way to his feet and levelled the giant Australian with a lariat! Both men were desperate to make the tag. With his reach advantage, Iron  Horse made it to his corner first. He went for the tag...  and Tank simply stepped off the apron,  "short-arming" his tag team partner. Terry the Golden Greek raged, but Tank calmly maintained his distance. Iron Horse's disbelief at this apparent betrayal was writ large on his features as the  "Men In Black" sensed an opening and went for broke -  H-Flame flying in with a cross body press on the big man. The giant Bandito stood his ground but was worn down by H-Flame and Damage. Finally, the "Men In Black" hit a double-team flapjack on Iron Horse, allowing H-Flame to secure the win via  pinfall! 

Needless to say, Terry and Iron Horse were irate at Tank's seeming betrayal.  Someone had to pay.   Unfortunately for him, referee Daniel Martins was the closest and he was knocked senseless by a huge  chokeslam from Iron Horse!  This left him open to a double clothesline from Max Damage and H-Flame that sent him out over the top rope. Having isolated Terry the Golden Greek, the "Men In Black" sealed their victory with a double-team DDT on the devious KPW General Manager. Tank then joined Flame and Damage in the ring to hold the New Zealand flag high and celebrate their victory. The Kapa Haka group saluted their victory and saw them off with a rousing spontaneous haka. It appears that Tank had rediscovered his kiwi roots and worked out this masterplan ahead of time with Damage and H-Flame back in February in Hobart when they toured there and they'd pulled it off to perfection!  One thing is for certain: Terry the Golden Greek will be planning his revenge. Remember to check out for details.

This is Blair 'the Flair' saying, "I'll see you at ringside!"