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Fan Appreciation Night 2011

11/03/2011 - Wellington High School

fan appreciation nightKPW wanted to give back the the fans at "Fan Appreciation Night" and the fans wanted to be there at Wellington High School on Friday 11 March 2011 to be a part of it! With the proceeds from the show going to the Red Cross to aid in much-needed disaster relief in Christchurch, a capacity crowd of fans were on hand to show their support! Generous donations were made, and KPW would like to extend its thanks to everyone who kindly contributed!

"The Young Lion" DANE KING versus "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX

KPW started off the show with a roar - specifically, the roar of the "Young Lion" from the "urban Serengeti" as he prepared to take on one of the largest egos in KPW, Jimmy Fox. Both men were eager for a win to establish themselves on the KPW totem and impress the many fans right out of the gate. To this end, Jimmy blitzed his opponent with speed, riding his opponent in a most undignified manner! Being taken down in front of the fans seemed to light a fire under Dane King. He took advantage on Fox's arrogance on a criss-cross exchange, reversing a hip toss into one of his own. Stunned for a moment (his ego being more injured than his behind), Fox was wide open to a stalling vertical suplex that had all the blood rushing to Fox's head before the "Young Lion" brought his opponent crashing down to the canvas! Showing his ring acumen (but not any sportsmanship), Jimmy Fox hid in the ropes, meaning that King wasn't able to press his advantage.
Suckering King into the corner, King went to work targeting the back of the less-experinced KPW star with a dropkick followed up with a backbreaker. Hauling King aloft, Fox brought him down hard once more with a high angle back drop and which left the "Young Lion" helpless to resist Fox's "Stuttin' and Cuttin' " elbow drop square to King's unprotected back. King dug down deep and managed to reverse a side slam from Fox into one of his own to show he was still in the fight!

Rallying, the "Young Lion" sent "the Fixation" up to the lights and down again with a big back body drop, to the delight of the fans. Fox managed to sneak in a drop kick that had King staggering back into what would have been another high angle backdrop suplex from Fox, had not the wily King used his speed to land on his feet and take the fight to Fox, before being cut off with an Olympic Slam by Fox for a staggeringly close near fall. Scoring big with a flying back elbow and confident of victory (as always), Jimmy Fox lined up Dane King for another picture perfect elbow drop, but came unstuck when King showed he'd learnt from earlier in the match and rolled aside, wrecking the Fixation's game-plan. Both men struggled to gain the advantage, reversing each other's Irish whips before King looked ready to score with another back body drop. Showing he'd also learnt from earlier in the match, Jimmy Fox hung on and tried to reverse the move into a sunset
flip. Using his cunning and a strong vertical base, King dropped down with all his weight on Fox's chest, pinning him to the canvas. Fox desperately tried to reverse by bringing his legs up and attempting to hook them over King's shoulders to pull him down to he mat in turn, but the Young Lion looped his arms around Fox's flailing legs and folded up the Fixation to pick up a hard-fought pinfall victory!
WINNER: DANE KING with a reversal of a sunset flip attempt into a pinning predicament for the win by pinfall.


The second match of the night saw the first of the KPW debuts, that of the massive Bull Addams. If tales of his prodigious strength were to be believed, this young man could well be a force to be reckoned with in KPW before very long. In a strange case of irony, the wrestler he was facing was none other than his teacher, the ex-ringmaster turned master of the squared circle, Lazarus Volt! Obviously, Bull Addams felt that the circle would soon be complete and that the student would become the master. The massive man from the Kingdom of Tonga had been trained well and showed that he was able to go hold-for-fold with his teacher as the two exchanged holds. Hoping that speed plus technique would equal victory, Volt ran the ropes and delivered a pair of clotheslines that completely failed to bowl the bigger man. Instead, Volt's attacks seemed to make Bull Addams mad and he proceeded to unleash the pain, using his strength and size advantage to keep his
opponent grounded and on the defensive. Bull Addams' overwhelming attack looked to have the match won, but Addams had underestimated the amazing resilience of the "little man from the big top." Attempting a high risk top rope splash, Bull Addams found out the hard way that his overconfidence had lead him to over-extend himself when Volt managed to avoid the crushing attack, making Bull Addams crash and burn. Rallying the capacity crowd behind him, Lazarus Volt ascended to the top rope and hit a high risk manoeuvre of his own to show why he's the master!
WINNER: LAZARUS VOLT with the High Voltage (top rope dropkick) for the win by pinfall.

After the match, Bull Addams vented his frustration on the referee. Volt intervened, but found himself on the wrong side of his student as Addams showed his disdain for his opponent and the KPW fans.


The third match of "Fan Appreciation Night" showcased the second debut of the night and the appearance of a graduate of the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" training school, namely Mako. Straight from Cannon's Creek, the young Mako was keen to make an impression in his debut. What better way to do so than by besting KPW's own low-flying luchador, Dr Diablo? Certainly, Mako's seriousness contrasted sharply with the Doctor's more buoyant nature. Mako showed his technical skills at the beginning of the match as the two traded the advantage over an armbar. Mako's cunning showed through on a criss-cross exchange as he jumped over a Diablo drop-down and simply booted the masked man in the head! Perhaps a little groggy, Dr Diablo allowed himself to be suckered into a test of strength that Mako cut short with a boot to the gut, allowing the young man to unleash his savagery on Dr Diablo's skull. Mako sent his opponent off the ropes, Dr Diablo looking for an
opening to regain the advantage, but only finding a dropkick instead. Frustrated at Diablo easily kicking out of the subsequent cocky pin attempt, Mako viciously battered the hapless Diablo in the corner. Mako whipped Diablo to the opposite corner and the masked man managed to get his boot up and hit a desperation clothesline, creating the opening he needed to stay in the match. A hiptoss, bodyslam and back body drop looked to have turned the tide, but Mako was strong enough to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Hungry for victory, Mako showed his ruthlessness and went straight to the eyes, blinding the Doctor long enough to rock Dr Diablo with a vertical suplex and vicious gutbuster that almost broke his opponent in two. Frustrated at Diablo kicking out of the subsequent pinning predicament, Mako used a neckbreaker to set up Diablo near the corner. However, the young wrestler had trouble scaling the heights of the top rope, allowing Dr Diablo enough time to get clear of Mako's moonsault. Staggering to his feet, the KPW new-comer was hit by a flying clothesline that had both men down. Referee Andre Hone began the 10-count. Both men struggled to their feet, exchanging telling blows in a desperate attempt to knock down their opponent. Mako looked to be gaining the advantage when Dr Diablo swing for the fences, but Mako ducked and caught Dr Diablo with a huge spinebuster that flattened KPW's own low-flying luchador. It looked to be all over, but then Diablo stirred, much to the chagrin of Mako. Smelling blood in the water, Mako stalked his opponent and as Dr Diablo struggled to his feet, Mako met him with a kick that all but knocked the Dr Diablo unconscious for the pinfall victory.
WINNER: MAKO with the Great White Bite (jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick) for the win by pinfall.

The BRUTE (with Doctor Rob) versus EL CONDOR

Lead to the ring on a chain by his new physician, Doctor Rob (Nurse Payne being absent at a conference in Estonia), the Brute looked to have lost none of his savagery. Without his beloved soft toy "Lovely One" (beheaded at the hands of Queen Hollie), the Brute seemed markedly harder to control. The masked high-flyer El Condor would certainly need all his skill to have a hope of winning or even surviving this match. The high-flying masked man attempted to use his speed and cunning against the rope-chewing second generation wrestler, but was caught by the Brute and mercilessly slammed to the canvas for the victory.
WINNER: The BRUTE with the Brute Force (double-handed sitout chokebomb) for the win by pinfall.


Straight from the "high rent district", KPW's original rich bad boy Charlie Roberts was all set to take on the next wrestler to make his KPW debut, namely the barely-tamed wildman Wild Willz. Though Charlie Roberts had the advantage going into the match from being able to afford the best personal trainers and the best wrestling trainers, Wild Willz quickly displayed the ability to learn quickly that distinguished him at the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling Training School" as he was able to give as good as he got as the two competitors exchanged technical holds. The "wild one" then showed his raw power by besting Roberts in a test of strength and beating the "Ayotollah of High Rollas" down with a big slam. Wild Willz then kept up the pressure with a flying crossbody on his opponent as the KPW newcomer continued to get the capacity crowd on his side. Showing his cunning, Charlie Roberts avoided a cross-corner charge by nimbly leaping from inside the ring to the
apron, but found that to be no sanctuary as Wild Willz dropkicked him from his perch almost into the crowd! Senior Referee Daniel Martins stopped the "wild one" from diving from the ring onto the hapless Charlie Roberts (in the interests of audience health and safety), unfortunately leaving Willz wide open to being stungunned by Roberts as the latter attempted to re-enter the ring.

At his most dangerous when his opponent is grounded, Roberts wasted no time in asserting his dominance over the downed Wild Willz, disrespectfully "riding" Wild Willz, battering him with vicious crossface punches and locking him in a seated vertical armbar. Willz rallied the fans behind him and made it to his feet. Charlie Roberts muscled Wild Willz into the corner and arrogantly delivered a pair of knife edge chops. However, this only made the "wild one" mad and he fought back with a wild vengeance, chopping the very flesh from Robert's chest, much to the delight of the fans! The KPW newcomer then followed up with a 10-punch in the corner on the helpless Roberts. A criss cross sequence gave the "King of Bling" the opportunity to show the benefits of his expensive training as he dropped the less-experienced Wild Willz with a big spinebuster. Roberts ensured his dominance with a flying back elbow that set up Wild Willz for the subsequent
devastating flying neckbreaker. Wild Willz showed his resilience and determination by fighting back, but Charlie Roberts quickly regained control with a snap suplex that left Wild Willz wide open for a stunning move that Roberts likes to call "South Auckland Justice" (T-bone uranage). Supremely confident of his superiority and imminent victory, Charlie Roberts went up to the top rope, but missed a huge leg drop that must have broken his coccyx, if it didn't break the ring! Getting his second wind from the jubilant fans, Wild Willz stalked his helpless opponent and nearly bisected the poor little rich boy with a crushing spear tackle. Wild Willz then leapt ably to the top rope for a high risk manoeuvre of his own that sealed the win in his KPW debut!
WINNER: WILD WILLZ with the Wild Man Splash (top rope splash) for the pin

Irishman MIKE RYAN and "King" Wilbur FORCE (with KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek) versus "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND and WHETU the Maori Warrior (with Mr Juno Huia)

The second half of the show saw the debut of guest KPW ring announcer Scotty Smooth, who was almost immediately out of a job when KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek took over announcing duties for his team of "golden boys"! Either of the teams in this match could take on the KPW tag team champions in sheer terms of devastating power. Diamond and Whetu had the experience when it came to working as a tag team, but the experience of Irishman Mike Ryan alone and the ruthless Machiavellian cunning of Terry the Golden Greek meant their opponents could never be taken lightly. True to their vicious form, Ryan and Force attacked their opponents from behind before the opening bell had even sounded, to the disgust of the KPW fans. However, the "mighty team" of Whetu and Diamond were quick to recover and quickly sent their opponents packing to the outside to confer with their manager, the Golden Greek. Whetu fearlessly followed them with a tope con hilo to the outside onto Wilbur Force! Back in the ring, the mighty team of Whetu and Diamond showed their skill as a tag team by double teaming the so-called "King" with a double leapfrog into a drop-down dropkick combination that took the big man off his feet!

Force retreated and tagged in the vicious veteran Mike Ryan. The veteran of "On The Mat" proceeded to take control of the match in his own inimitable, vicious style by using a big handful of Whetu's long hair to initiate a beatdown, assist him in turning a flying mare into a "hair mare", before planting the Maori Warrior with a twisting belly to belly suplex. A rib-cracking driving elbow kept Whetu down as Force and Ryan "cut the ring in half", essentially mugging Whetu in their corner and preventing him from tagging in the Powerhouse. Wilbur Force took over the attack with a massive cross corner avalanche on Whetu. Sadly for the man claiming royal blood, a second attempt went awry when Whetu managed to dodge, allowing a quick tag and the fresh wrestler Jade Diamond to capitalise with a second-rope flying clothesline on Force. Diamond chopped Wilbur Force down with a dropkick to the bigger man's knee continued to keep his opponent grounded, negating
his weight advantage. Force managed to tag in his partner and Diamond did likewise, leading to Mike Ryan versus Whetu. Again the Irishman's merciless savagery overcame the battered Whetu as Ryan punished the young Maori Warrior with a bodyslam into a kneedrop. A flying flying mare from Ryan left Whetu vulnerable to a debilitating neck-vice, weakening the Maori Warrior long enough for Wilbur Force to score big with a king-sized splash.

The "kingly one" then clamped on a headlock to continue working on Whetu's neck, but the Maori Warrior valiantly battled back. Wilbur Force swiftly ended the rally by going to the eyes and following up with a clothesline on the temporarily blinded Whetu. Force then tagged in his partner back in, allowing the Irishman to continue the punishment on Whetu with a crushing second rope kneedrop and a sternum-breaking elbow drop. Following another tag, the Maori Warrior managed to hit a spinning heel kick on Wilbur Force followed by a dropkick to buy himself some much-needed leverage. The race was on to make the tag and Whetu just made it, unleashing the Powerhouse! Jade Diamond went to work with a dropkick on Wilbur Force, but then the "King" was accidentally whipped into Senior Referee Daniel Martins, flattening KPW's head official! Diamond took Force down with a DDT and made the cover for what would surely have been the winning pinfall, but there was no conscious official to make the count! Seeing an opening, KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek single-handedly stormed the ring to bring the advantage back to his team by braining Jade Diamond from behind with the Greek's ever-present steel briefcase. Having had enough of all this interference, Diamond and Whetu's advisor, the original Maori Warrior, Mister Juno Huia leapt into the ring to take the fight to the Golden Greek by grabbing the briefcase, battering the KPW GM and anyone else who got in his way! The stunned Wilbur Force was kept in check with clotheslines from the Powerhouse, enabling Whetu to fly from the top rope with his flying headbutt for the very hard-fought victory to the delight of the KPW fans!
WINNERS: WHETU and JADE DIAMOND (with Mr Juno Huia), Whetu hitting "King" Wilbur Force with a top rope flying headbutt for the win by pinfall.


Queen Hollie was due to face long-time foe Jessie. However, Queen Hollie's one-time Team Pretty cohort made good on her promise to deliver a surprise for the Queen - none other than long time foe, Suzie Q of the Rock 'n' Roll Connection! Accompanied to the ring by Miles D'Rock (and his dance partner), also of the Rock 'n' Roll Connection, Suzie Q was ready to face the Queen even as the "Queen of Divas" loudly proclaimed that she had been prepared for an entirely different opponent. Queen Hollie wasted no time in taking a royal powder to the outside, perhaps rightly claiming there was a conspiracy against her. Jessie "helped" her ex-friend back into the ring so the match could continue. Queen Hollie was trapped in a wristlock by Suzie Q and desperately sought the ropes in order to force the break, but Suzie Q was having none of that. The dancing star then kept the Queen off her game by transitioning into a headlock which flowed into a takedown into
a double-leg grapevine, which then expertly transitioned into a pinning predicament for a near fall. Struggling to her feet, the indignant Queen was caught in a back waistlock then taken off her feet by a Japanese armbar takedown. Managing to find her royal prerogative, Queen Hollie desperately fought with very un-royal boots to Suzie Q's midsection. Seizing a handful of her opponent's hair by eminent domain, Queen Hollie drove poor Suzie Q's head repeatedly into the canvas! The Queen stopped her attack to voice show her complete disregard for the fans, not noticing that Suzie Q was collecting herself and was lying on wait. Confident of victory, Queen Hollie was instead completely dethroned when she charged headfirst into a powerslam that sealed her fate.
WINNER: (surprise opponent) SUZIE Q with a powerslam on Queen Hollie for the win by pinfall.


Drummed to the ring by the Tamarua Cook Island Drummers, the massive Mr Samoa was all ready to show his appreciation for the fans by taking the fight to his opponent right from the early going. For his part, Kade Morgan "3G" looked to be slightly out of his depth without his normal tag team partner the Technician to back him up - he may be one half of the KPW Tag Team champions, but Mr Samoa is large enough to be a tag team in his own right! This was certainly the case in the early going when the big islander scored with a massive shoulderblock that had the third generation wrestler flying through the air, proof positive that in the arsenal of Mr Samoa, even a relatively simple move like a shoulderblock becomes amplified into something devastating. Mr Samoa announced his disdain for his opponent by shredding Kade Morgan's T-shirt to the delight of the KPW fans. To his credit, "3G" didn't back down an inch from the bigger man, though slapping the
massive islander was certainly not a smart move - Mr Samoa returned the favour and had Morgan reeling. Mr Samoa then followed up with massive clubbing forearms, planted Morgan with a big bodyslam and then flattened him with a massive legdrop for a two-count. Finding his feet, Kade Morgan whipped Mr Samoa into the corner, but the power of the islander was not to be denied and he took control of the match once more with a sideslam and a big back bodydrop. Seeking the shortcut that belied his third generation pedigree, "3G" went straight to the eyes. Bad sportsmanship aside, Kade Morgan then showed good tactical acumen by working on destroying the bigger man's vertical base with a dropkick square to Mr Samoa's massive quadriceps.

The pair exchanged chops, but Morgan managed to regain control with a drop toehold. New Zealand's only third generation wrestling star kept the bigger man down with kicks to the leg, then "3G" shocked the KPW fans by hauling the 120-odd kilogram Mr Samoa up and over in a stunningly powerful vertical suplex. Feeling that victory was his for sure, Morgan chanced a high risk manoeuvre, but there was nobody home when he attempted a twisting somersault legdrop. Fired up with the support of the KPW fans, Mr Samoa fought back with massive clotheslines. However, Morgan again regained control with a dropkick to his opponent's midsection but easily powered out of the subsequent lateral press. Riding high on a wave of support, Mr Samoa crushed Kade Morgan with a big corner avalanche then followed up with yet another. The fans called for one more and Mr Samoa obliged. Thinking he had his less-experienced opponent scouted, Morgan reversed the third cross
corner Irish whip into a twisting cross body block, but the bigger man caught "3G" in midair and hit a massive swing-out uranage for the winning pinfall!
WINNER: MISTER SAMOA with a swing-out uranage for the win by pinfall.

Triple threat KPW championship match: H-FLAME versus THE TECHNICIAN (champion) versus A MYSTERY OPPONENT

Keeping up the mystery for until the last possible moment, three hooded figures entered the arena in the place of the "Mystery Opponent" who had caused so much consternation to champ and Number One Contender of the weeks leading up to this prestigious match. One by one the men revealed themselves, leaving no-one any the wiser... until "The Standard Hero" Graham Hughes suddenly appeared! This Portsmouth, England native had wrestled both men before, which explained why he was so sure he knew all about them in his "mystery" promos. Certainly, keeping his identity a secret until the last moment robbed both champ and number one contender for the chance to properly prepare for their opponent. The match proper began with a triple lock-up in the middle of the ring as each competitor jockeyed for the advantage. H-Flame showed his dangerous strength by powering out. Taking the hint, the Technician decided to wait outside the ring until an opportunity
presented itself. Back in the ring, the two challengers Graham Hughes and H-Flame went hold for hold. Each having trained in England and wrestled internationally, they were evenly matched but still both men fought for the advantage. H-Flame tried to muscle out of a headlock, but Hughes' leverage and experience shone through. H-Flame finally found the opening he was looking for, but the Standard Hero fired back with a flying cross body block, but was caught by H-Flame and dumped in a massive fallaway slam!

H-Flame celebrated with the KPW fans, but the wily defending champion snuck back into the ring and blindsided the Number One Contender. The Technician then isolated the international superstar's leg with a chop block into a vicious leg grapevine. The Technician kept up the assault with a dragon screw leg whip on H-Flame and then set his opponent up in the "hot seat" atop the top rope, managing to up the stakes even further by hitting a dragon screw leg whip from the top rope! H-Flame desperately rallied and captured the Technician in a dragon sleeper when suddenly Hughes charged the ring, seeing the international seemingly superstar wide open. Showing the speed and technical thinking for which he's feared and famed, H-Flame dropped the Technician to the mat in an inverted DDT - thereby avoiding Hughes' clothesline - then met the Standard Hero as Hughes came off the far ropes with a lariat of his own that flattened the Englishman! With the Technician having retreated to the outside, H-Flame attempted a rope-assisted swinging headscissors, but the Technician blocked the move and tied the challenger up on the ropes. The pair battled on the outside, but had lost sight o the third man in the match... until Hughes moonsaulted from the top turnbuckle onto both men!

All three wrestlers managed to beat the count to re-enter the ring. Hughes and the Technician formed an alliance to beat down H-Flame, rocking the Whanganui native with a double-team hiptoss and a devastating double-team high angle backdrop suplex - neckbreaker combination. Unsurprisingly, the alliance failed to last: Hughes blindsided the Technician, formally breaking the treaty with a brainbuster into a standing moonsault for a near fall of his own. Pressing the advantage, Hughes set up the Technician for a superplex, but H-Flame snuck in to interrupt the high risk move. H-Flame's involvement turned the move into a combination Hughes superplex on the Technician and an electric chair drop on Hughes, to the amazement of the KPW fans! With all three men down, H-Flame tried for a pin on first the champion and then the fellow challenger, but lacking the strength to make a proper pinfall attempt allowed both the Technician and Graham Hughes to kick
out. The three men struggled to their feet and exchanged wild punches in the middle of the ring. H-Flame even managed to fake out his opponents, leading them to knock each other down!

Getting his second wind, H-Flame hit a Gory bomb on the Standard Hero and his picture perfect dropkick on the Technician. With the KPW fans behind him, H-Flame hauled the Standard Hero aloft in a massive press-slam for a two count. With one opponent down, H-Flame looked to extend his dominance over both competitors by hitting the H-Bomb (running powerslam) on the Technician. Graham Hughes broke up the ensuing cover, knowing he himself didn't have to be pinned to lose the match and the championship. The unlikely duo of H-Flame and Hughes both Irish whipped the champ into the far corner, but before they could follow up with any attack, the Technician retaliated with a moonsault off the second rope that caught them both unawares and also wiped out Senior Referee Daniel Martins! Taking advantage of the chaos, H-Flame hit the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) on the Technician for what would surely have been the win, had there been an official... and had not Hughes retrieved a metal plate from underneath the ring to break up the pin by stunning H-Flame with it! Seeking to waylay the champ and win the match by any means, Hughes "swung for the fences" again, but the Technician's reflexes enabled him to grab the plate and stun the Standard Hero with it. The only man left standing, the Technician was able to plant the metal plate in the middle of the ring and execute the Techniplex (sitout exploder suplex) on Hughes squarely on to the metal plate. Senior Referee Daniel Martins recovered and was able to register the winning pinfall.
WINNER: the TECHNICIAN with the Techniplex on mystery opponent Graham Hughes for the win by pinfall to retain the KPW Championship.

Angry having been robbed once more, H-Flame grabbed the house microphone and demanded that the match be restarted, but Senior Referee Daniel Martins insisted that his decision stand. Things went from bad to worse for H-Flame as Kade Morgan came to ringside to help his fellow Renegade. The locker room then seemed to empty as the like of Charlie Roberts, Jimmy Fox and Terry the Golden Greek also hastened to ringside to get a piece of H-Flame. Things were looking very bad until the trio of "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond, Mr Samoa and Whetu the Maori Warrior arrived. A brief intense stare-down was broken as the three men changed the ring and sent the others scuttling to the back in the ensuing melee. The show came to an end as H-Flame, "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond, Mr Samoa and Whetu the Maori Warrior celebrated in the ring and thanked the fans for their continued support!

BLAIR "the Flair".