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February's Feud

February's FeudFriday 19th February 2010

Wellington High School was packed out on Friday night as wrestling fans turned out to see their favourite wrestling stars live from Kiwi Pro Wrestling's "Off The Ropes" television programme!  KPW's first live show of the year opened with KPW CEO Rip Morgan in the ring thanking the fans for their viewing support, ensuring that KPW's "Off The Ropes" on Prime TV was a welcome return to national free-to-air television for New Zealand professional wrestling.  The boss then introduced new KPW Champion Max "the Axe" Damage, who came out with his championship belt and thanked the fans for their continued support of KPW live shows.  The touching moment was interrupted by the bitter Inferno, still seeking vengeance on the man who beat him for the KPW Championship on KPW's "Off The Ropes" and seemingly unable to wait for their title bout scheduled for later in the evening!  Inferno laid down a stinging challenge, but Max Damage was unfazed by Inferno's threatening words and left the ring area to prepare for his first title defence.

THE BRUTE (with Nurse Payne) versus EL NINJA

Near chewing the ring ropes in his savagery once released from his straight-jacket, the Brute took the fight to his smaller opponent right from the outset, battering El Ninja slams and forearms, even making use of the ring corners to knock his  opponent senseless. Not even debuting referee Alex "Danger" Donahue was safe from the Brute's savage nature.

The Brute then changed tactics and showed his second generation wrestling pedigree with a side headlock into a takedown.  The masked man from the Orient bravely fought his way out from the hold, but was clubbed to the canvas once more.  Continuing his use of the ring environment to his advantage, the Brute swung El Ninja from pillar to post.  Fighting back, El Ninja unleashed his educated feet in a flurry of action, leaving a tattoo of impact spots on the bigger man's torso, finally taking the Brute down with a precision drop kick.  Feeling that the advantage was his, El Ninja went for the crowd-pleasing and high risk running shooting star press, but the canny Brute managed to roll aside and El Ninja crashed and burned.  The Brute rubbed salt into the wound with a vicious lariat and then eschewed wrestling technique for some blatant choking instead.  El Ninja valiantly fought back and took the fight right to the Brute, but a tragic miscalculation off the second rope allowed the canny impatient patient to catch his opponent on the way down with the Brute Force for the pinfall victory.
WINNER:  The Brute with the Brute Force (double-handed choke bomb) for the win by pinfall.

LAZARUS VOLT (with Trinket the Clown) versus "The Young Lion" DANE KING

KPW newcomer Dane King was eager to impress in his KPW debut.  "The Young Lion" obviously wasn't about to hide his light under a bushel, if his T-shirt modestly proclaiming "I'm the best" was any indication.  From the opening bell, the more experienced Lazarus Volt used his speed to run rings around his more eager opponent, seeking to draw his opponent into over-reaching himself.  King missed a cheap shot in the corner and subsequently complained to referee Alex "Danger" Donahue of hair-pulling where none had been in evidence.

Frustrated, the "young Lion" baled from the ring, allowing the ringmaster free reign in the "centre ring".  Reluctantly back in the ring , King found himself trapped in a side headlock by Volt, the ringmaster turned lion-tamer proceeding to work on the newcomer's arm.  King's viciousness came through as he fought back with a
kneebar, using the ropes for leverage until referee Alex "Danger" Donahue caught the overconfident King in the act and forced him to break the hold.  But the damage had been done and Volt was wide open to begin openly dragged about the ring by his beard(!), King choking him on the ropes, much to the chagrin of the capacity crowd.

Dane King continued his attack on Volt's knee with a step-over toe hold, a two-fold assault that threatened Volt with either a pinfall or submission.  With the fans on his side, lead by Trinket the clown, Volt fought back shakily to his feet.  King stalked his prey, seeking to upset the ringmaster by taking away his vertical base, but Volt was one step ahead and was ready for King's sneak attacks at every turn.  The "little man from the Big Top" then rode the adrenaline wave with a flying forearm that caught the Young Lion square between the eyes for a near pinfall.  King shook off the worst of the impact and sought to tear his opponent's knee with a series of legdrops to the incapacitated joint.

His overconfidence becoming his downfall, Dane Kings big fist drop went awry and Volt sought to tame the Young Lion with a "nibble" on his opponent's bruised knuckles, no doubt meant in retaliation for King's disrespectful and cheating ways.  A powerful clothesline knocked King down and dazed him long enough for Volt to limp to the top rope and catch his foe unawares with the High Voltage for the pinfall victory.  
WINNER:  Lazarus Volt with the High Voltage (top rope drop kick) for the win by pinfall.

Special challenge match: BIG BRIAN BORU versus TERRY the GOLDEN GREEK

Again seeking to extend his dominance from the KPW boardroom to the wrestling ring, KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek was set to lock up with the masked veteran.
Richer than Croesus and more cunning than Odysseus, Terry came to the ring with a smile on his face, the Greek flag in his hands and wearing a large chain that looked more functional than ornamental.   However, the Golden Greek was up against the man bearing the name of the 11th century Irish emperor and would have to be on top of his game.  There was something about this match that suggested there was more than bragging rights on the line - there was a real feeling that both combatants had something to prove.

The KPW GM wasted no time in asserting his authority, attacking Boru before the opening bell of the contest.  However, any advantage was soon lost and Terry got "paintbrushed" by the masked Irish one in emphatic response.  Backing the Golden Greek into the corner, Boru unleashed a barrage of short devastating strikes to the torso that had the Greek reeling.  Terry responded in kind with colossal chops of his own, beating down his masked opponent until he was vulnerable to a punishing neck vice.  Boru went to the ropes to force the break then wisely rolled to the outside to regroup.  Terry's bloodlust compelled him to follow and unfortunately allowed Boru to ambush the Golden Greek on his way back into the ring.  Terry recovered and used his technical acumen and momentum to his advantage on a criss-cross exchange by flooring Boru with a big shoulderblock.

Seeking to send a message to the KPW roster with an emphatic win over his veteran opponent, Terry perched on the second rope and delivered a legdrop, but Boru managed to avoid the high risk move to regain control.  Big Brian pounded away in the corner before Terry could reverse, the Golden Greek headbutting poor referee Daniel Martins senseless in an effort to create some much-needed space for himself.  Seemingly seeking to send a message of his own, Boru grabbed the Golden Greek's sturdy chain from the ringpost and battered the KPW GM to the ground with it!   A big Boru knee-drop flush to the throat was largely academic at that point, and the Golden Greek was vulnerable to the ensuing pinning predicament.
WINNER:  Big Brian Boru with the chain for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Big Brian Boru unmasked to reveal himself as none other than Irishman Mike Ryan!   Ryan had obviously been seeking payback for when Terry the Golden Greek's interference during Ryan's KPW Championship match against H-Flame on "Off The Ropes" went awry and an errant metal briefcase shot cost Ryan the championship.  Battered and bloody from the beating, Terry nevertheless offered to let bygones be bygones if Ryan would join forces with him once more, but Mike Ryan emphatically refused and left victorious.

TEAM PRETTY - JONNIE JUICE (with Queen Hollie) versus H-FLAME

Given that these two had faced each other up and down the country countless times before, any "feeling-out" process between the two had became the original "game of human chess" as each quested for a gap in the other's armour.  Though the KPW Championship was not on the line in this match, both combatants nevertheless approached it with the utmost seriousness.    After all, what better way for H-Flame to climb to the top of the mountain again and silence his critics (primarily "Wonderful" Wilba Force) by using the beaten body of his long-time mortal foe as a stepping stone?  What better way for Jonnie Juice to elevate Team Pretty's status than by a conclusive victory here?

In the beginning, Juice grabbed a side headlock.  H-Flame used his skill to reverse and the pair traded armdrags before the "international superstar" took control with a pair of quick shoulderblocks on the lighter man.  Juice used his speed to come back at the ex-KPW champ with a flying headscissors.  H-Flame unleashed his superior strength by hauling Juice aloft for a Steve Williams-style press-slam, but Juice raked the eyes to escape.  He nevertheless recovered and delivered a dropkick for a near fall.  H-Flame tied up his opponent's arm with a la majistral pinning predicament but Juice made it to the ropes to break the pinfall attempt.

Jonnie Juice whipped his opponent to the ropes and buried a fist in H-Flame's solar plexus, following up with a Russian legsweep and snap legdrop for a near fall.  Ascending to the top rope, Juice was caught by H-Flame and took the fall hard.  The "international superstar" indulged in a little schadenfreude by dumping his opponent astride the ropes and having him "ride" them in a most painful fashion, resulting in a near fall.  Juice managed to recover his composure and control of the match with a top rope dropkick, but was slow to make a cover.

The KPW "rock star" dropped out of H-Flame's vertical suplex attempt into a back waistlock, H-Flame blocked an O'Conner roll attempt and Juice flipped the charging H-Flame over the top rope and clear out of the ring.  The foes brawled outside the ring heedless of the referee, Juice unsuccessfully attempting to piledrive H-Flame on the floor.  Going aerial again, Juice launched himself from the apron at his hated foe, but the ex-champ's experience showed through and he caught the hapless would-be rock star in mid-move, powerslamming Jonnie Juice on the unforgiving floor!  Battling back into the ring, another of Juice's high risk manoeuvres came unstuck when he attempted a top rope cross body block and H-Flame again caught him in mid-manoeuvre, dumping Jonnie Juice like a bad habit with a fallaway slam.  The stunned Juice was then relatively easy prey for a Nuke from H-Flame for the pinfall victory.   
WINNER:  H-Flame with the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) for the win by pinfall.

"The Fixation" JIMMY FOX versus MARCUS COOL

Making his first KPW appearance, seven year veteran Marcus Cool from Queenstown (by way of Birmingham, England) praised the ability of New Zealand wrestlers... apart from one Jimmy Fox.  Not put off at all, the Fixation strutted to the ring.  He singled out one young (un)lucky lass in the audience for an impromptu lap dance, complete with liberal application of baby oil(!)  Thankfully, his ego was the only thing being stroked, and the match began.

Trained by ITV "World of Sport" mainstay Steve Logan, Marcus Cool promised to be the greatest challenge that Jimmy Fox had faced to date.  To that end,  Cool sportingly gave a clean break in the corner, whereas Fox responded with a perfectly legal yet perfectly reprehensible open-handed slap.  The Englishman "kept his cool" and attempted to also keep his footing in the ever-growing puddle of the Fixation's baby oil.  Fox worked a side headlock like he was channeling Ed "the Strangler" Lewis, supremely (and erroneously) confident that Cool would submit.  A shoulderblock failed to seal the deal and Cool took control with a lightening dropkick. 

Fox bailed to the outside to compose himself, jawing at Rookie Referee Robin and the audience all the while.  Back in the ring, "the Fixation" was so fixated on regaining his dignity he failed to notice Cool waiting just behind him to deliver a receipt for the "Rick James handshake" he'd suffered earlier.  Cool followed up with a picture perfect dropkick on the shocked Jimmy Fox that left him draped on the ropes in prime position for a "619" (Tiger feint kick); Cool obviously had the same idea, but Fox bailed out before the Englishman could act.  Staying on the outside, Fox attempted to "work the count" so he could dictate the match pace, but Cool escalated the stakes by going aerial with a plancha outside onto Fox!

Managing to make it back into the ring, Cool trapped Fox in the corner and battered him with punches before Fox stooped to using an eye poke on his opponent.  He then made sure he was in perfect position for the ringside photographer to capture his version of Steve Williams' Oklahoma Stampede (corner turnbuckle-assisted running powerslam) on Cool for a very near two count.  The fighting Englishman battled back but Fox's filthy temper had been unleashed and he kept his opponent down by adapting a play from "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin, legdropping all of Cool's joints in succession in a type of "surgical strike".   When that failed to defeat the Englishman, Fox tried chopping away in the corner.

Marcus Cool fought back with a rana and again Fox found himself draped on the ropes, but again managing to dodge a second 619 attempt.  The Fixation seemed fixated on victory with a high angle back suplex and a delayed vertical suplex that made all the blood rush to his opponent's head.  Keeping the Englishman grounded, Fox tied up Cool in a surfboard submission hold.  Rallying the crowd,
Cool managed to escape and hit a pair of clotheslines followed with a spinning leg lariat. 

A brief rally by Jimmy Fox with an impressive top rope cross bodyblock was nevertheless countered by Marcus Cool with a sit-out uranage.  This enabled the fighting Englishman to hit a massive aerial manoeuvre on the fallen Fox for a heart-stoppingly close two count.  Pulling out all the stops, Cool found third time to be the charm and finally hit the 619 on Fox for another equally close two count.  Feeling the time was right, Cool set to stalking Fox with a superkick, but the canny Fox ducked beneath the blow and gleefully rolled up his opponent with a large handful of tights for the tainted pinfall win.
WINNER: Jimmy Fox with a rollup and a handful of tights for the win by pinfall.

Divas match: JESSIE versus QUEEN HOLLIE

This match came as the culmination of a series of events the nation saw played out on "Off The Ropes" on Prime TV.  Queen Hollie's past came back to haunt her in the form of her ex-Team Pretty team-mate Jessie.  Right from the offset, there seemed to be something amiss with the Queen, her regal bearing having apparently been rattled by Jessie's campaign of psychological warfare.  Jessie continued to play mind games, refusing to lock up with Queen Hollie even after the latter demanded it.  It was quite clear that the woman who'd formerly assumed the guise of Intern Suki Gogo was not going to be ordered around any more!

The Queen's demeanour snapped and she tussled on the canvas with Jessie, the two trading punches and the advantage.  Queen Hollie was sent unceremoniously into the turnbuckle, suffering further indignity at the hands of Jessie before her vicious nature came to the fore and she fought back.  Referee Daniel Martins interposed himself to force a break and received a royal slap from the Queen for his troubles!  A stickler for the rules and unwilling to let that one slide, referee Daniel Martins was left with no choice but to disqualify Queen Hollie.
WINNER:  Jessie by disqualification when Queen Hollie struck referee Daniel Martins.

Following the match, Queen Hollie continued her assault on Jessie by beating the former intern with her clipboard, obviously not caring her out-of-control actions
had just cost her the match.  A call for assistance was answered by none other than Nurse Payne, who also suffered a beating at the hands of Queen Hollie before the royal bloodlust was assuaged! 

KPW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH:  INFERNO (w/Charlie Roberts) versus MAX "the Axe" DAMAGE (champ)

Our American cousins would term this the "rubber match" as it was Inferno's chance to regain the coveted championship from the man who beat him on "Off The Ropes".  For Max Damage, it was the opportunity to cement his position at the top of the New Zealand professional wrestling scene and begin a dynasty as KPW Champion.  Crazed with the opportunity for vengeance, Inferno attacked the champion before the bell.  The fiery veteran went for the flaming 10-punch in the corner, but Damage quickly rallied and hit a big boot and lariat combination that floored the challenger.

Inferno battled back and was caught in a massive spinebuster, forcing him to roll to the outside to regroup.  Showing his animal cunning, the champion hotshot Damage on the top rope to take control.  Back in the ring, Inferno tenaciously hung on to a side headlock.  Damage hit a back suplex in an attempt to break the hold, but still Inferno hung on.  The champion managed to fight his way free, unleashing a massive corner avalanche on Inferno, followed up with a cross corner charge.

Inferno managed to grab an armbar on Damage and held on, even though the Motorua Monster bodyslammed him in an attempt to break the hold.  Showing superhuman determination, Inferno maintained the hold, managing to pull the bigger man down to the canvas and into a juji-gatame, thereby negating Damage's height and reach advantage while seeking a submission victory.  Locking his grip and holding on, Damage fought back to his feet and hit a big side slam on the fiery veteran, setting Inferno up for a seated dropkick that almost knocked him cold!

Damage sought to end the match right there with the Damage Gauge (jackhammer), but the veteran Inferno shifted his weight to drop down behind the champion.  The challenger then again attacked the bigger man's vertical base with precision shin kicks to the massive quadricep of Damage, following up with a kneebar.  Inferno clamped on a chinlock, driving all the oxygen from Damage's massive frame.  Never to be outdone, the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling came back with a big boot, but Inferno managed to clamp on the Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf), the culmination of the attack on his hated foe's leg.  With the capacity crowd on his side, Damage fought all the way to the ropes, to the absolute chagrin of Charlie Roberts on the outside.

Digging down deep to get back to his feet, Damage showed that bygones were bygones by Burying The Hatchet (axe bomber) between Inferno's hate-filled eyes.  Seeking to decisively end the match, Damage risked all by going up to the top rope, surely a true high risk manoeuvre for the bigger man.  Sure enough, the fiery veteran attacked Max Damage from behind and dropped the champion head-first to the canvas with an Extinguisher variation (inverted DDT) as Damage was tied up in the turnbuckles!  Damage managed to free himself with great difficulty and Charlie Roberts obviously saw an opening for his client.  Grabbing the KPW Championship belt from the commentator's table, Inferno's manager smuggled it into the ring as referee Mark Freemantle was occupied checking on the fallen champion.

From nowhere, H-Flame suddenly joined the fans at ringside, perhaps seeking a little payback of his own on the devious Roberts and Inferno, given that interference from the "Ayotollah of High Rollas" cost him his coveted KPW Championship.  As Inferno grabbed the championship belt and tried to use it as a weapon, H-Flame was right there to stop the challenger from doing so.  Disarmed, Inferno was then defeated in short order by the Damage Gauge to secure Max Damage's first successful title defence!
WINNER:  Max "the Axe" Damage with the Damage Gauge for the win by pinfall to retain the KPW Championship.

KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:  "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND and WHETU the Maori Warrior versus The Renegades, THE TECHNICIAN and KADE MORGAN "3G" (champions). 

The challengers came to the ring more than ready to claim the KPW Tag Team Championship, as The Renegades had managed to duck the challengers on at least two previous occasions (including once where I made a regrettable refereeing decision in Wanganui).  The Technician and Jade Diamond started out for their respective teams and immediately began a technical exchange.  Though any wrestling fan's instinct would have been to give the double Oceania wrestling championship winner The Technician the edge when it comes to having the most solid mat game, Jade Diamond showed how far he's come in a relatively short time since his debut in July 2007 by matching The Technician hold for hold.  Diamond tagged in Whetu and the young Maori Warrior continued the attack on The Technician's arm begin by "the Powerhouse", taking the amateur champion to the canvas.

Quick tags on the part of the challengers "cut the ring in half" and literally kept the pressure on The Technician's arm, threatening to negate the young man's grappling skills.  He managed to scuttle free and tag in Kade Morgan, but "3G" walked into an armdrag by Whetu and Morgan found himself being ridden into the canvas much like his team-mate.  New Zealand's only third generation pro wrestler managed to throw off Whetu, but the Maori Warrior showed his dexterity by landing on his feet to continue the attack on Morgan with a crucifix for a close two count, followed up with a wheelbarrow-bodyscissors roll-through for another close near-fall.

Morgan sought refuge on the outside with the Technician, but Whetu tagged in his partner and the challengers took the fight to the champions on the floor with a pair of planchas, much to the delight of the capacity crowd!  Diamond and the Technician locked horns back in the ring, the Technician feeling the fury of the Powerhouse with a pair of Irish whips to the corner and a pair of crushing knee drops followed up with a sky-high back suplex for a near fall.  Tagging in Whetu, the challengers went to work as a well-oiled unit, a double leapfrog setting up the hapless Technician for a Diamond dropkick for another near fall.

Whetu continued to bring the mana right to his opponent with a Maori drop, setting up the Technician for a picture perfect standing moonsault.  To his credit, Morgan was right there to break up the ensuing count on his team-mate.  Finding his feet (literally), the Technician backwards-somersaulted out of an Irish whip to the corner, but ran straight into Whetu's back elbow and was caught in the follow-up moonsault press for another near fall.  The Technician managed to make it back to his neck of the woods and tagged in Kade Morgan.  It looked like the tide was about to turn for the champions with Morgan leading the attack on Whetu with an inverted atomic drop into a standing powerslam. 

Wisely seeking to ground the high-flyer, Morgan clamped on a chinlock and tried to wear down his opponent.  With Jade Diamond egging on the crowd, the Maori Warrior found his mana and battled back to his feet.  Unfortunately, he telegraphed a back body drop attempt and Morgan took full advantage to regain control.  The Technician gladly tagged in, no doubt seeking some payback for his earlier beating, but his eagerness got the better of him as he ran right into Whetu's foot.  Whetu made the tag to the fresh man and The Technician elected to tag in his partner.  Luring Diamond to the floor, the Technician ambushed the challenger as he chased Kade Morgan.  The Renegades then beat on the downed Powerhouse with impunity as referee Daniel Martins was occupied returning the irate Whetu to his corner.

Managing to find his reserves of strength, Jade Diamond beat the referee's count back to the ring, only to find himself being stretched out in a longbow backbreaker by The Technician.  Morgan was tagged in to extract his pound of flesh.  He hung the Powerhouse out to dry in the "tree of woe" before hitting a dropkick on the helpless challenger.  Working cohesively as a team while showing their true colours, the Renegades switched off without making a tag and continued to wear down Diamond.  The Technician continued to fatigue Diamond with a chinlock, but the Powerhouse showed he was still in the match by catching his opponent unawares with a small package for a near fall and then a backslide for another close two count.

Having had enough of Jade Diamond's resilience, the Renegades unleashed their "problem solver", a double-team side slam/top rope legdrop combination.  However, The Technician was slow to make the cover, allowing Diamond the time he needed to reach down and find the remaining strength to kick out.  Morgan was tagged in and The Technican managed to distract the referee even as the beleaguered Diamond made the tag to a fired-up Whetu.  But disastrously for the challengers, despite flooring the Renegades, Whetu was forced from the ring by referee Daniel Martins as he had not seen the all-important tag!

The match continued with the challenger's fresh man relegated to the ring apron and the dazed Diamond left at the very relative mercy of the champion Renegades.  The Powerhouse did his best to fight back, but by this stage The Technician was just picking and choosing his shots, bending Diamond inside out with an uranage backbreaker into an inverted Tiger suplex.  So confident of victory that he had time to crow to the crowd about it, the Technician took a little too much time going up to the top rope, allowing Diamond to desperately knock the Renegade from his perch into a painful "hot seat" position.  Diamond and the Technician then battled for dominance in the corner, Diamond showing his power by suplexing The Technician while both men were on the top rope!

Both men were almost knocked out by the huge move and struggled to regain their senses, as the crowd willed on Jade Diamond to make the tag to Whetu.  The Technician managed to make the tag to Morgan a split second before Whetu got the tag he had been aching for; a second rope rana sent Kade Morgan spinning to the canvas.  Seemingly unstoppable, the Maori Warrior hit Utu (swinging bulldog) on Morgan to lay out "3G" in the middle of the ring.  Sensing the championship was in their grasp, Whetu leapt to the top rope to set up the flying head-butt, but The Technician had recovered and pushed Whetu from his lofty perch all the way to the canvas.

Closing the noose, the Renegades set up Whetu for their double-team finisher, only to be interrupted mid-move as Jade Diamond came flying in from the apron to catch The Technician in mid-air even as Whetu blocked Morgan's flapjack with an elbow!  Their warrior passions getting the better of them with the coveted championship on the line, both champions and challengers brawled viciously in the ring, heedless of the referee's calls to restore order.   With neither team responding to the referee's calls, Daniel Martins had no choice but to throw out the match, much to the bitter disappointment of the capacity crowd.
RESULT:  both teams brawled to a double disqualification; the Renegades retain the KPW Tag Team Championship.

Following the referee's decision, the KPW locker room was forced to empty to separate champions from challengers!  The Renegades proudly displayed the Tag Team Championship belts from the safety of the floor, obviously pleased with themselves.  All fired up, Whetu and Jade Diamond demanded that the so-called champs get back in the ring right now to settle the score once and for all!  The Renegades looked like they might comply for a moment... before grinning and walking back to the locker room, much to the disgust of the assembled KPW fans. 

Check this website regularly for updates on live KPW shows and developments on a second season of "Off The Ropes".  This is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"