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Grudge Night

Grudge Night - 4 November 2011

KPW Grudge NightKiwi Pro Wrestling's final show of 2011 delivered thrills, excitement and the finest in New Zealand professional wrestling action to a capacity collection of KPW fans at Wellington High School on Friday night! Both KPW championships were on the line. There was no love lost between the KPW Champion the Technician and challenger Kade Morgan "3G". Their once-professional relationship had soured following the loss of the KPW Tag Team Championship into a sour and violent grudge, and things were set to explode in the main event! Also, long-time foes (and one-time Team Pretty mainstays) Queen Hollie and Jessie were all set to collide in the ring, their years-long grudge promising an electrifying encounter. In addition, the fans were looking forward to KPW fan-favourite Nurse Payne defending the honour of New Zealand against Trans-Tasman import Miss Sara Jay in an international divas match!

CHARLIE ROBERTS (with Alex "Danger" Donahue) versus STIX

'Rodeo Drive' (Roberts and Danger) were all set to roll over another opponent, but rock 'n' roll drummer Stix wasn't about to be anyone's stepping stone! Charlie Roberts controlled from the match outset with a handful of his opponent's long hair. For his part, Stix managed to take Roberts down with a big shoulderblock. Roberts slapped on a wristlock, but it was reversed, allowing Stix to pumphandle the entrapped arm. Roberts managed to slap on a headlock and hit a shoulderblock of his own, but Stix sent the Rodeo Drive founder spinning with a flying headscissors! Stix chopped Roberts in the corner as if he were a bass drum, much to the delight of the fans and the chagrin of "Danger" Donahue. Seeking to escape, Roberts instead ran straight into a big clothesline from Stix. Picking himself up, Roberts got back in the driving seat with a second turnbuckle double-axe handle that parted the drummer's hair. Stix attempted to rally on a criss-cross, but
"Danger" Donahue interjected, tripping Stix.

Swooping to the attack, Roberts didn't allow Stix to get back to his feet and laid in some vicious chops to Stix on his knees. Keeping up the pressure, Roberts rocked Stix with a release snap suplex that was all impact and no bridge for a near two-count. Showing how Rodeo Drive "doos" it, "Danger" distracted Referee Zac Corona to give Roberts the advantage, but the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" charged into a boot then had his night ruined by an atomic drop-clotheline combination from Stix for a near pinfall. Showing typical desperation and ruthlessness, Roberts went to his opponent's eyes. He took Stix down with a snapmare, following through with a seated dropkick and wisely clamped on a chinlock. Using the fans' support, Stix battled back to his feet, but fell prey to a Charlie Roberts rolling fireman's carry slam for another near fall. Keeping the match at his pace, Roberts slowed down Stix by latching on a sleeper hold. The drummer battled back
and took the fight to Roberts with a pair of stunning clotheslines and an excellent dropkick that found the mark.

Going for the win, Stix scored big with the Faceplant (wheelbarrow slam). Rallying the fans, the drummer clamped on the Crowd-surf Crossface to the helpless Roberts. However, "Danger" Donahue once again aided his Rodeo Drive comrade by distracting Referee Zac Corona once again so that he didn't see Roberts submitting to the agonising hold. Stix released the hold and celebrated with the KPW fans, thinking he'd won the match. Confusion between he and referee Zac Corona allowed Rodeo Drive some invaluable breathing space, which Donahue used to slide a chain to Roberts. Zac Corona went to clear "Danger" Donahue from ringside, allowing Roberts to blindside Stix and knock him senseless with the chain. In no condition to continue, Stix was sadly easy prey for Robert's patented 24K Destiny (Modest Driver) and the Rodeo Drive member picked up the tainted pinfall victory.
WINNER: CHARLIE ROBERTS pinned Stix with the 24K Destiny (Modest Driver) (with assistance from Alex "Danger" Donahue).

BULL ADDAMZ versus "The Young Lion" DANE KING

From the opening lock-up, fan favourite Dane King's determination was found wanting against the animalistic Bull Addamz's raw power as the bigger man from the Bay of Plenty simply threw his opponent around the ring. Bull Addamz trapped King in a headlock, a seemingly simple hold that was quite deadly given Addamz's prodigious strength. A criss-cross exchange allowed Dane King to go high and then low, catching Addamz off-guard with a lightening-fast dropkick. Seeking to capitalise on his speed, the "Young Lion" followed up with a side Russian legsweep on Addamz for a near fall. Unleashing the "mongrel" in him, Addamz viciously raked his opponent's eyes, following up by mercilessly choking King in the corner. King wisely regrouped and sought refuge outside the ring. Addamz followed him, but King was able to outpace the bigger man in a foot race around the ring. King sought to re-enter the ring and press the attack, but Bull Addamz would not be
denied and knocked his opponent flat with a solid shoulderblock.

A powerslam kept the Young Lion grounded long enough for Addamz to wear Dane King down with a chinlock. Rallying the fans to his cause, King bravely battled back to his feet. Fired up, King went to bodyslam the massive Addamz, but though the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak and the Young Lion collapsed under the massive islander's weight. Bull Addamz kept the Young Lion from roaring with a big leg drop off the ropes. Dane King fought back, finding his hidden reserves to bodyslam his opponent and part Addamz's shaven hair with a fist drop. Addamz in turn "unleashed the beast", flattening his brave opponent with his fearsome "Death of a Matador" (F5). Firmly in control of the match and confident of victory, Addamz sought to send a message to Dane King and the KPW roster as a whole by injuring his opponent. The big Bull hauled King aloft to deliver one more devastating "Death of a Matador". Suddenly, King managed to wriggle free, slip down
Addamz's back and roll up the big Bull for a cunning pinfall!
WINNER: "The Young Lion" DANE KING pinned Bull ADDAMZ with a sunset flip after rolling through a second "Death of a Matador" (F5) attempt.

Special Divas Grudge match: QUEEN HOLLIE versus JESSIE

These two had once been BFFs in Team Pretty, but their egos had caused the clique to implode over who was the "alpha female". Enjoying outside assistance in a "Loser Leaves KPW" strap match, Queen Hollie had set Jessie packing from the company. However, Jessie had returned much later to stalk the Queen undercover as KPW Suki Gogo on season 1 of "Off The Ropes", culminating in a conclusive victory over a shocked Queen Hollie. Jessie had managed to avoid the Queen's fury ever since, and had shown her "puppet master" tendencies by subsequently substituted Nurse Payne in her place in a match against Queen Hollie. Desperate for some payback, Queen Hollie was more than eager to realise her grudge against her former team-mate with a win.

In the early going of the match, Jessie was able to use her strength advantage to easily overpower her former Team Pretty team-mate. Queen Hollie complained bitterly to Head Referee Daniel Martins about supposed chicanery, but it was all for naught as Jessie overpowered her hated opponent and laid in to the royal posterior with some un-royal boots. The Queen attempted a reversal of fortune with an Irish whip, but Jessie kept her footing and bent her opponent in half with a backbreaker. Desperate for breathing space, Queen Hollie begged for mercy on bended knee. This failed to fool the KPW fans yet nevertheless allowed her to catch Jessie by surprise, yanking her into the top turnbuckle. Stunned and caught unawares, Queen Hollie then rolled up Jessie and grabbed a handful of tights for the tainted victory.

WINNER: QUEEN HOLLIE pinned Jessie with a rollup and handful of tights.

TANK (with KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek) versus "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND (with Mr Juno Huia)

On equal footing from the opening lockup, Jade Diamond sportingly offered a clean break in the corner. When the situation was reversed, Tank tried to sucker-punch Diamond, but the KPW alumni drew on his experience gained wrestling in Australia and ducked aside. Cutting to the chase, Tank went to his opponent's eyes to negate Diamond's height and reach advantage, taking down the taller man with a snapmare and adjusting his outlook with a vicious "spinal tap" kick to the back. Seeking to target Diamond's back, the Australian ex-pat whipped the Powerhouse into the turnbuckle, but Diamond exploded out with a clothesline that knocked Tank to the canvas! Diamond quickly followed up with a picture-perfect dropkick that showed the muscle man could also fly, but Terry the Golden Greek showed his cunning by tripping up Diamond as the Powerhouse ran the ropes. Determined to take any opportunity, especially when Referee Zac Corona was remonstrating with the Golden Greek, Tank delivered a low headbutt that looked to have ruined Diamond's weekend. As Referee Zac Corona turned his attention to Tank, the Golden Greek took the opportunity to choke Diamond in the corner, much to the chagrin of Mr Juno Huia.

Both men came unstuck on a criss-cross, clashing heads. Tank was up first and struck with - appropriately enough - a Diamond Cutter for a pair of close pinfalls. Tank battered Diamond with kicks in the corner. The Powerhouse fought back with a running elbow smash that looked to have set up a pinfall of his own, but Tank saved his energy and grabbed the ropes to break the referee's count. Diamond kept on top of Tank with a bodyslam and a big kneedrop for a two-count. Tank retaliated with a seated dropkick for a two-count of his own, then exhibited his wrestling prowess by catching Jade Diamond in a bridging vertical suplex for another near fall. Switching gears, Tank clamped on a sleeper hold. With the fans on his side, Jade Diamond struggled back to his feet and dislodged the hold with a jawjacker that left the pocket battleship vulnerable to a near fall. Making his presence known Terry held the referee's attention, allowing Tank to go low once
more and press the attack with a bodyslam and falling headbutt. Working in tandem yet again to confuse and misdirect Referee Zac Corona, Terry was able to help his charge by using a chain to choke Jade Diamond, much to the fury of Jade Diamond's mentor. However, every time Mr Huia attempted to intervene, Tank and the Golden Greek capitalised on the distracted referee to lay waste to the Powerhouse.

Knowing the end was near, Tank ascended to the top rope for what was surely the coup de grace, but Diamond avoided Tank's flying headbutt and the fierce ex-pat crashed and burned! Finding his energy reserves, Jade Diamond knocked Tank flat on his back with a big right hand that had all the support of the KPW fans right behind it. Tank bounced back up, but was hit straight away with a drop kick that had him rethinking his strategy. Terry ascended the apron to have words with referee Zac Corona. This was the final straw for Mr Juno Huia, who pulled Terry from the apron and got into a brawl with the nefarious KPW GM! Back in the ring, Diamond tossed Tank to the outside and followed the wily competitor. As the two wrestlers and the two mentors traded blows on the outside, referee Zac Corona attempted to restore order by laying in the all-powerful ten-count. Diamond and Tank were torn between tearing ear other apart and making it back into the ring.
Such was their ferocity that neither competitor was able to answer the referee's count, meaning that they had both been eliminated from the match!
WINNER: both Tank (with KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek) and "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond (with Mister Juno Huia) battled outside the ring to a double count-out.
After the match, the bitter Tank took out his frustrations on poor Referee Zac Corona, leaving the poor young ref battered and bruised!

After the interval, KPW Commentator Blair "the Flair" interviewed Kade Morgan "3G" about his upcoming title match against KPW Champion and former team-mate, the Technician. Morgan was adamant that he was the brains and power behind the former tag team champions, and that he would have no problem brining his "A" game to the title match later in the card. Suddenly, the Technician ambushed Kade Morgan, throwing him from the ring to the floor. As referees tried unsuccessfully to restore order, the Technician rammed Kade Morgan back first into the steel ring post. No doubt having been determined to injure the challenger's back, the Technician left very pleased with himself, booed every step of the way by the KPW fans. Kade Morgan was helped to the back for medical attention.

Trans-Tasman Divas match: MISS SARA JAY versus NURSE PAYNE

The two competitors confronted each other in the middle of the ring. Shoves turned to slaps. Sara Jay with an arm drag into an armbar. Taking Nurse Payne over and down with an Irish Whip, but an arrogant cover enabled KPW's favourite care-giver to kick out. Using the ring to her advantage, the veteran Sara Jay choked poor Nurse Payne on the ropes, drawing the ire of the KPW fans. Nurse Payne showed she'd benefitted from training with her favourite patient, second-generation wrestler The Brute, by catching Sara Jay with a sunset flip coming off the ropes for a close near fall. Angry now, Sara Jay retaliated with a drop toe hold and kept the Nurse grounded with a hair mare. Her over-confidence caused her to run straight into a back elbow from Nurse Payne in the corner, however. Quick to capitalise, Nurse Payne jumped to the second rope and thrilled the capacity crowd with a sunset flip from the second rope, the extra height and leverage gained
leading to a near fall. The two competitors exchanged the advantage by reversing pinning predicaments, forcing KPW Head Referee Daniel Martins to keep up. Miss Sara Jay flung the less-experienced Nurse Payne from one side of the ring to the other, but the Nurse showed her resilience by dodging a corner charge from Sara Jay and rocking the Australian's view of New Zealand wrestlers by planting her onto the canvas with a bulldog! All fired up, Nurse Payne attacked her Australian opponent with a pair of clotheslines and then took to the air for a flying clothesline that knocked Miss Sara Jay flat for a very near pinfall. Again using the ring environment to her advantage, Sara Jay battled back and tied up the hapless Nurse in the ropes, delivering a series of stinging, stunning chops. Out of desperation, Nurse Payne managed to catch Sara Jay with a bodyslam, but the Nurse's subsequent attack missed as the wily Australian veteran rolled aside. Seizing
the opportunity, Sara Jay hit a devastating facebuster on Nurse Payne to score the victory.

WINNER: MISS SARA JAY pinned Nurse Payne following a facebuster.

After the victorious Miss Sara Jay had left the ring area, Queen Hollie came out and attacked long-standing foe Nurse Payne. Jessie came out to seemingly assist Nurse Payne, but joined forces with Queen Hollie in an apparent 'Team Pretty' reunion. Miss Sara Jay returned to see off Queen Hollie and Jessie and deigned to sportingly shake the hand of her New Zealand opponent, Nurse Payne!

KPW Tag Team Championship Match: "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX and KING Wilbur versus LAZARUS VOLT and H-FLAME

Seeking to gain an early advantage, the challengers attacked early, but were routed from the ring. However, ringside proved to still be dangerous territory - the champs took to the air to attack their foes on the outside with stereo topes! Back in the ring once more, Jimmy Fox and the "international superstar" started the match proper for their respective teams. Both appeared to be evenly match technically as they traded the advantage with arm-wringers and wristlocks. Seeking to cut the ring in half, Fox whipped H-Flame into the corner; King Wilbur came into the ring and "made a back" for Fox to launch himself into a leg lariat at H-Flame. Things came unstuck for the challengers, however, when H-Flame's strength allowed him to catch Fox in mid-air. Unawares, King Wilbur stopped to jaw with Lazarus Volt, then turned around just as H-Flame threw Jimmy Fox at the King! The "royal one" was strong enough himself to keep his tag team partner aloft, but not after an H-Flame dropkick to Fox's back sent the challenger crashing to the canvas like a felled tree!

Fox fled to the apron to regroup and King Wilbur locked up with the "international superstar". H-Flame used his speed and the ring ropes to launch himself at the bigger man, but King Wilbur was wily enough to duck H-Flame's clothesline and was ready for his opponent on the rebound, catching the former KPW Champion in a bear hug that compacted H-Flame's lower spine as it crushed the vital air from the challenger's lungs. H-Flame used the fans' support to break free, but King Wilbur was ready again and used his weight advantage to crush H-Flame in the corner with a massive running avalanche. H-Flame's experience saw him through, however, and he managed to tag in the fresh man as King Wilbur unleashed Jimmy Fox on the ring. However, the Fixation's confidence was immediately punctured with a Lazarus Volt flying headscissors! Only more determined now, Fox went low to the stomach to gain the advantage over Lazarus Volt and the challengers switched off without a tag, allowing the attack to continue seamlessly. Jimmy Fox flattened Volt with a running slam, leaving the little man from the big top with no defence to be tied up in the "tree of woe". Again showing their surprisingly fluid team-work, Fox distracted Head Referee Daniel Martins as King Wilbur slipped along the outside and mercilessly stretched Volt upside down from the ring post, to the horror of the KPW fans! Deigning to tag this time, the challengers switched off and continued their precision assault on the lower back of Lazarus Volt as King Wilbur clamped on a camel clutch, the royal one's massive bulk serving to keep Volt pinned squarely to the mat and increase the pressure on the co-champion's back.

Forced to break the hold when the frustrated H-Flame intervened, the challengers switched tactics and Fox entered the ring to keep up the pressure on the defending champions. Fox hauled Volt up and over with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Determined to end the champions' reign, he set Volt up for what looked to be a powerbomb, but Volt showed his cunning and backdropped Fox to the canvas. Keeping the Fixation off-balance with a backbreaker, Lazarus Volt then used his second wind to unleash his speed, knocking over the hapless Fox with a running clothesline then a running forearm. Fox showed his ring generalship by ducking a flying cross body-block that sent Volt crashing to the canvas. Volt's momentum carried him to the outside of the ring, where King Wilbur was lying in wait to kick the co-champion when he was down. Throwing the battered Volt back into the ring, King Wilbur tagged in to continue the punishment on the ex-ringmaster by stretching him out in a massive Boston Crab, taunting H-Flame all the while. Head Referee Daniel Martins was occupied warning H-Flame from entering the ring, allowing the Fixation to repeatedly sneak in and get a few cheap shots on the downed Lazarus Volt. Things looked to be over for the champions, when H-Flame's temper got the better of him and he charged into the ring to batter King Wilbur, freeing his tag team partner.

With both King Wilbur and Lazarus Volt down, the race was on for both teams to make the tag. King Wilbur won by a fingertip, but H-Flame's anger was unleashed a moment later on poor Jimmy Fox. Fox swung wildly at his opponent, but only succeeded in leaving himself open for a bridging German suplex for a two-count. Fox fought back, but H-Flame pulled up short on an Irish whip and Fox's front dropkick hit nothing but air. Left flat on his back, Fox was wide open to H-Flame grabbing the Fixation and swinging him around and around in a giant swing! Loving his job, H-Flame hauled Fox up for the H-Bomb (running powerslam), but strayed too close to his opponent's corner and King Wilbur was able to grab Fox's extended legs, freeing him from H-Flame's hold. The royal one tagged in, and called for a test of strength with the powerful H-Flame. The international superstar obliged, only to be caught unaware by King Wilbur's chicanery. Lazarus Volt intervened on
behalf of his tag team partner, but Jimmy Fox was right there to help King Wilbur keep the advantage. Fox whipped Volt to the far corner and gave chase, but Volt leapt onto the second rope, booted the Fixation squarely in the mouth and hit a startling moonsault bodypress from the top rope! As Volt and Fox tumbled to the outside, King Wilbur layed out H-Flame and, surprisingly for a man of his bulk, began to ascend the turnbuckles. Knowing the titles were on the line, H-Flame sucked it up for his team, upended the King from his royal perch and grapevined his legs for the victorious pinfall!
WINNERS: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT retained the KPW Tag Team Championship after H-Flame knocked KIng Wilbur from the second rope to score the winning pinfall for his team.

KPW Championship match: KADE MORGAN "3G" versus THE TECHNICIAN

Morgan entered this championship match with his ribs heavily bandaged as a result of the champion's ambush earlier in the evening. Unluckily for the challenger, such an injury was a blatant target to someone of the the Technician's experience and ruthlessness. These two wrestlers had literally been thick as thieves when they ruled the roost as KPW Tag Team Champions the Renegades, but that was just water under the bridge. Now, there was nothing between the two former team-mates but air and opportunity. The two appeared to be on an even footing in the early going, each trading the advantage in a technical wrestling exchange. The Technician battered Morgan in the corner, but Morgan sent the champion up and over with a charging monkey flip. The champ drew the challenger into a test of strength, but showed his predilection for shortcuts by raking Morgan's eyes rather than locking up. Using the skills that showcased him as New Zealand's only third generation wrestler, Morgan hit a magnificent dropkick on the champion to regain the advantage. Using his power, Morgan hauled the Technician aloft for a powerbomb, but the Technician rained down punches from his elevated position on Morgan's unprotected head and the move collapsed into a Thesz press, allowing the Technician to continue to batter "3G". An arrogant cover easily allowed Morgan to kick out, showing he wouldn't be beaten so easily, injured ribs or not. True to form, Morgan latched in a butterfly hold and hauled the champion up and over with a double-underhook suplex. The Technician retaliated by whipping Morgan to the ropes and catching him in a Maple Leaf (rolling single-leg Boston Crab), locking him in place with the leg grapevine and attacking Morgan's already injured back.

Determined to win the championship and gain revenged on his hated opponent, Morgan struggled to haul himself free of the hold and managed to make the ropes. Not to be outdone, the Technician planted a knee in Morgan's back and stretched him with a surfboard. With the KPW fans firmly behind him, the challenger battled back to an upright basis, but the Technician slipped the hold into a high angle back suplex, dropping Morgan onto his back from a great height. Wisely keeping Morgan grounded, the double Oceania Wrestling Championship medal winner clamped on a neck vice. Morgan battled back again, but was taken down with a single leg sweep for a near pinfall. Coming off the ropes, Morgan reversed a back body drop attempt into a sunset flip, but the Technician rolled through and caught Morgan with a seated dropkick for another close near fall. The Technician clamped on a debilitating cravat, but Morgan used his raw power to break free from the hold.
Going for broke, "3G" went to the top turnbuckle, but the champ showed his cunning ways by running the ropes, which knocked Morgan painfully from his precarious perch. Seeking to take advantage of the situation, the Technician climbed the turnbuckles himself to deliver a second rope German suplex, but Morgan used his agility to backward somersault free, charged the champ from behind and ruined his night with a big electric chair drop!

Both men were down and struggled back to their feet to the cheers of the KPW fans. The champ sought to end the match quickly with a powerbomb, but his haste had lead him to forget his ring positioning and Morgan backdropped the champ up, over the top rope and out of the ring! As the champ picked himself up on the outside, Morgan ascended to the top rope and took to the air with a plancha from the top turnbuckle to the champ on the floor! Both men struggled to get back into the ring to avoid being counted out in this all-important championship match. The fatigue showed on both champion and challenger as they went toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Morgan's determination appeared to allow him the advantage as he threw the champ from one side of the ring to the other and kept up the pressure with leaping vertical splashes in the corners. However, the Technician's experience shone through as he caught Morgan on a third attempt and dropped the
challenger throat-firts over the top rope in a stun gun. Morgan managed to reverse a cross-corner Irish whip into a sunset flip for a near fall on the champion, but the Technician took "3G" of his third generation feet with a stinging lariat. Again, the champ went for a powerbomb, but Morgan's pedigree showed itself as he hauled the champ aloft with a German suplex. The Technician gathered his thoughts and reversed Morgan's subsequent back waistlock into a devastating German suplex of his own, dumping the challenger on his head! Pulling the senseless Morgan to his feet, the Technician hit the Techniplex in the middle of the ring for the winning pinfall to retain the championship.
WINNER: The TECHNICIAN retained the KPW Championship when he pinned Kade Morgan with the Techniplex (corkscrew sit-out exploder suplex).

Following the match, an irate KPW CEO Rip Morgan came out to announce there would be a rematch at a later date. Furthermore, he was so sure that Morgan's injured ribs had played such a big part in the challenger's loss that he he would be in his nephew Kade Morgan's corner! A cocky Technician, arrogance bolstered by his triumph, eagerly agreed! So while the champion's cunning and ruthlessness had carried the day, the question remained as to how The Technician could fare in a fair fight - stay tuned to for developments

BLAIR "the Flair"

4 November 2011 - 7.30pm - Wellington High School

KPW Grudge NightDoor open 6.45pm

Adults - $15
10-16 years - $10
Under 10s - FREE

Double main event

GRUDGE MATCH for the kpw nz title two former KPW Tag Team partners collide

Kade Morgan 3G (challenger)  vs. Shane the Technician Whitehead (C)

KPW Tag Team Title Match

Lazarus Volt and H-Flame (c) vs.

Jimmy Fox and King Wilbur managed by Queen Hollie (challengers)

Singles Action

Bull Addams vs. The Brute with Nurse Payne


Grudge match Jessie vs. Queen Hollie

GRUDGE match challenge from across the ditch

Miss Sara Jay (Australia) vs. Nurse Payne (NZ)


Stix  vs. Charlie Roberts with Dangerous Donahue

Tank managed by Terry the Greek vs Jade Diamond

Mako   vs.  Dane King the young lion

Card subject to change