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Halloween Howl 3


Halloween Howl 3 posterA veritable hoard of wizards, fairies, goblins, ghouls, trolls and skeletons were on hand for the best in New Zealand professional wrestling as KPW hosted its third annual "HALLOWEEN HOWL" event at Wellington High School on Halloween Night!  In front of a capacity crowd, the fired-up wrestlers battled for glory in KPW's showcase event of the year!


In the opening match of the night, the Maori Warrior Whetu took on Jimmy van der Roll (the man who puts the "roll" in the Rock 'n' Roll connection) in the latter's singles debut.  Whetu was accompanied to the ring by sometimes colour commentator and freelance manager "The Hype" Bobby Cool, and the fans were eager to see what Whetu had taken from The Hype's expert tutelage.  Each man traded the advantage in the early going, cinching in armbars coming off criss-cross exchanges.  Each wrestler seemed to be the equal of the other, each ducking out of the way of the other's dropkick.  A standoff allowed the appreciative crowd to see that each man "had the others' number"; the fans could see the growing respect between the wrestlers as they went back to the drawing board to rethink their match tactics.

The battle was quickly joined again as the two exchanged pinning predicaments, including bridging out of a jackknife pin into a backslide.  Whetu took the fight to van der Roll with a big Samoan drop that set up a picture perfect standing moonsault for a narrow two-count.  van der Roll fought back off another criss-cross exchange with a flying back elbow.  The "Dancing Dutchman" then unleashed a pump-handle sit-out powerbomb for a very narrow two-count on Whetu.  The Maori warrior battled back and hit a massive swinging bulldog he simply calls "Utu" for the pinfall victory!  After the match, Whetu and van der Roll showed their respect for each other with a handshake, even "The Hype" acknowledging van der Roll's efforts.


Next it was the man who howls at the moon versus the little man from the big top.  Eager to gain a victory on the anniversary of his debut,  Volt dictated the pace of the match from the beginning, clamping on a headlock and keeping Simons grounded despite the Ice Wolf's best attempts to extricate himself.  Volt saw to wear down Ice Wolf by controlling his opponent's head.  Simons managed to claw his way free, but any respite was temporary as the ringmaster showed his wrestling skills by clamping on the headlock again and taking the Ice Wolf to the canvas once more.  Not to be outdone, Ice Wolf worked his way from the hold and focused his attack on the ringmaster's arm.

The pair battled to the corner of the ring, Volt continuing to wear down his opponent with strikes, but Simons fought back by pulling Volt into an o-soto-gari (front legsweep).  Volt managed to recover and backed his opponent into a corner, continuing the attack with a running bulldog.  With the Ice wolf sufficiently stunned, Volt ascended the top rope and hit the the High Voltage (top rope dropkick) square to Simons' jaw!  To the cheers of the capacity crowd, Volt made the cover and claimed the pinfall win.  This victory not only marks the successful anniversary of Volt's debut, but also continues his unbeaten streak!


Journeyman Jas "the Ace" was certainly eager to impress in his KPW debut versus "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond.  Right from the get-go, Diamond showed that he wasn't about to go easy on the young new-comer, powering out of a collar-and-elbow tie-up with such force that Jas bounced from the ring to collect his composure!  Back in the ring, Diamond showed his sportsmanship (and confidence) by clasping his own hands behind his back and offering his opponent a "free" headlock.  Jas showed his eagerness to get a little back by accepting, cinching up the hold even as Diamond took him to the ropes.  The Powerhouse then flattened Jas with a shoulderblock as the crowd roared its approval.  Frustrated, Jas took the Powerhouse down to the canvas with a hair-pull, but  Diamond easily powered out of a lax covering attempt.

The Aucklander Jas sought refuge by hiding in the ropes, angering the fans.  Diamond came over to extricate his opponent, but Jas got in a cheap shot when referee Mark Freemantle was between the two men.  Diamond fought back with powerful chops to the chest of his young opponent, and unleashed a fallaway slam that sent Jas spinning from the ring!  Wasting no time, the Powerhouse continued his attack by launching himself outside the ring with a pescado on his startled opponent!  Diamond threw Jas back into the ring, but got caught coming back in.  Jas clamped on a sleeper to wear down Diamond, then sought to "dim his lights" with a snap DDT.  Jas went to the top rope to unleash the coup de grace, but Diamond fought back and threw Jas all the way from the Ace's precarious perch to the canvas below!  The Powerhouse followed up with the Diamond Bomb (sitout powerbomb) and then simply stalked his helpless opponent as the fans yelled their encouragement.  Jas struggled to his feet and Diamond was right there, hauling his opponent high overhead to rack the Ace in the torture rack for the submission victory!


Before the match, Morgan voiced his frustration at not being able to participate in the match due to a wrist injury sustained in training.  However, since it was Halloween, Morgan announced that his "trick" to DeLorean would be the substitution of Morgan's partner-in-crime, J.E. O'Rourke.

Straight from the opening bell, DeLorean used his speed to blitz the slower Brute, unleashing a ten-punch in the corner.  Unfortunately for "the Man from the Eighties", the Brute shrugged off the attack and prepared to unleash his power.  To his credit, DeLorean stuck to his game plan to rely on his speed and aerial ability, caching O'Rourke unawares with a flying cross body-block.  However, the second generation wrestler fought back with a big vertical suplex followed by a vicious bodyslam for a two-count on DeLorean.  Backing the stunned DeLorean into a corner, the Brute brought him out again with a big hip toss.  During a criss-cross, Morgan made his presence felt by tripping DeLorean, much to the disgust of the fans.  O'Rourke capitalised on the distraction to blindside DeLorean and plant him in the middle of the ring with a huge Dino Bravo-like sideslam for a two-count.

The Brute clamped on a headlock, turning a simple hold into a potential submission with his prodigious strength.  DeLorean used his agility to wriggle free and initiated a criss-cross exchange which ended when he revved up to 88 Miles Per Hour on O'Rourke (swinging clothesline).  Depleted from their efforts, both wrestlers struggled to get to their feet as the crowd cheered them on.  Drawing on the fans for his strength, DeLorean made it to his feet first and knocked O'Rourke back down with clotheslines, turning the big man inside out.  Kade Morgan jumped up on the apron to have words to referee Mark Freemantle, distracting him from the match, when Lazarus Volt rushed out to see off Morgan, to the delight of the KPW fans!  O'Rourke hauled DeLorean aloft in a fireman's carry, but DeLorean elbowed his way out and hit the DeLorean Device (modified rocker dropper) for the pinfall victory to the roar of the fans!


Fresh from his victory earlier in the evening, Lazarus Volt was on hand to judge KPW's "Best Halloween Costume" competition.  The ringmaster searched the crowd far and wide for likely candidates, certainly being spoilt for choice

in the end, a purple wizard, diminutive Jack Sparrow and a fearsome ogre executioner took away the prizes!


On paper, this looked to be a classic contest of contrasting styles, and neither wrestler disappointed!  Whitehead showed his amateur prowess in the beginning by shooting for a single leg takedown, which had Hughes so rattled he temporarily bailed from the ring to collect his composure.  Back in the ring, once Whitehead had managed to scoop up one of Hughes' legs, the Standard Hero wasted no time in grabbing the bottom rope and forcing a break.  Whitehead released his hold on the leg, only to mercilessly ride Hughes until the Englishman had no choice but to regroup on the floor once more.

Back in the ring, Hughes managed to take Whitehead's leg and began to work it over with kicks to the thigh.  Hughes applied a kneebar to his helpless opponent, but Whitehead managed to escape.  Hughes backed his opponent into a corner, then took him out again with a dragon screw leg whip.  Hughes then torques on the ankle of Whitehead, but the Technician showed his physical prowess and the skills he learnt on the amateur circuit by bridging out of the hold, essentially folding himself in half backwards to escape. Fired up by the fans, Whitehead climbed to the top and hit Hughes with a top rope flying cross bodyblock!  Flushed with success, Whitehead tried another, but the veteran Hughes had that attack scouted - he moved out of the way and Whitehead came crashing all the way down to the canvas.

Hughes kept Whitehead grounded with a double-leg grapevine, showing his disdain for his opponent by pulling the Technician's hair.  Dragging Whitehead to the corner, Hughes tied his opponent's leg in the ropes and then hit a running dropkick to Whitehead's exposed knee!  With the Technician looking to be down and out, Hughes prepared to finish off his opponent with a corner charge.  However, Whitehead managed to avoid the attack and threw Hughes the length of the ring with a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex!  The Technician then followed up with a bridging German suplex for a two count.  The Standard Hero came back with a gutbuster, stunning Whitehead.  In an equally stunning display of poor sportsmanship and ruthlessness, Hughes removed the ex-amateur wrestler's protective headgear.  Taking his time, the Englishman then lined up Whitehead for a vicious Johnny Wilkinson-style kick to the Technician's unprotected head!

Hughes then pressed the attack, applying  a chinlock and then further tying up Whitehead by adding a standing legbar to complete a stump-puller type of submission manoeuvre.  Having immobilised his opponent, Hughes ascended to the top rope for what was sure to be the final attack.  But to his and the crowd's surprise, Whitehead charged up the turnbuckles and knocked the Standard Hero from his lofty perch with an overhead belly to bely suplex from the top rope!  Hughes struggled to his feet but was upended by a chop block.  Whitehead then took the Englishman up and over with a German suplex into a prawn hold for a close two count.  Backing off, Hughes then essentially drew the groggy Whitehead into a bodyslam, then pinned his opponent with his feet on the ropes, much to the anger of the crowd!

THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CONNECTION (Miles D'Rock and Suzie Q) versus TEAM PRETTY (Jonnie Juice and "Queen" Hollie)

This was a real "Halloween treat" for the fans, as it was KPW's first mixed tag team match!  Eager to gain payback for Team Pretty's cheating and Jonnie Juice's interference - not to mention Hollie's cheating at the last show - the Rock 'n Roll Connection were more than ready for some payback!

Jonnie Juice started out with Miles D'Rock, and immediately the new-school rock star tried to psych out his larger opponent by stalling.  D'Rock kept his cool, however, and sent Juice flying from a collar and elbow tie-up, much to the delight of the fans!  Juice wasted no time in tagging in Hollie to face D'Rock.  For his part, D'Rock listened to the fans and gave them what they wanted - he tagged in Suzie Q so she could face "Queen" Hollie one-on-one!  Suzie Q showed her leverage advantage by overpowering Hollie, causing her to bail to the outside and have a star tantrum.  Working well as a team, Juice distracted Suzie Q which enabled Hollie to blindside her and gain the advantage, taking down the rock 'n' roll girl and keeping her grounded with an armbar.  Suzie Q showed she's really coming along under the guidance of wrestling veteran Miles D'Rock by reversing the hold and applying a headlock, taking her opponent down to the canvas.  Juice tried to push the bottom rope closer to Hollie so that she could use it to force a break, but to no avail.

Hollie desperately broke free of the headlock and took Suzie Q down with a snap mare.  The so-called "Queen of he Divas" then tagged in Jonnie Juice and he reapplied the headlock to his opponent.  Switching his attack to focus on Suzie Q's arm, Team Pretty showed that they can indeed work as a well-oiled unit by Juice tagging in Hollie to continue the attack on Suzie Q's arm.  Not to be outdone, the rock 'n' roll girl fought back with a clothesline that gave her the respite she needed to tag in D'Rock.  Hollie fled back to her corner and tagged in Juice, who seemed reluctant to enter the match against D'Rock.  Juice attacked with a back waistlock on the larger man, which D'Rock reversed into a punishing full nelson before stunning the new-school rock star with a big bodyslam.  D'Rock continued to extract payback with a gutwrench powerbomb that folded up Juice like a matchbook.

Juice showed his true colours by going for his opponent's eyes, following up with stiff right hands that staggered D'Rock.  Juice pressed the assault with a Russian legsweep and jumping legdrop for a near fall.  Seeing that D'Rock was down and sensing that his hated opponent was also out, Juice obviously decided to switch tactics and tagged in Hollie to focus on disabling D'Rock's arm.  Collecting himself, D'Rock easily powered out of the hold and extracted a little payback on Hollie on behalf of Suzie Q by spanking the cheating "Queen of the Divas", much to the vocal delight of the capacity crowd!

Suzie Q was tagged in and she added a little payback of her own with a clothesline that sent Hollie reeling, following up with a bodyslam.  Juice had had enough and interfered on behalf of his partner, allowing himself to be tagged in.  He bullied and intimidated the rock 'n' roll girl, much to the disgust of the fans.  A recovered Hollie was tagged back in and she took the fight to Suzie Q with a headlock.  She reversed into a backbreaker and tagged in D'Rock.  He sized up his smaller opponent, but the cheating Hollie brought him down to size with a suspiciously low blow.  Juice was tagged in, but miscommunication within Team Pretty enabled a pier four brawl to erupt in the ring.  In the chaos, D'Rock rolled up Juice for the pinfall victory and some sweet payback on Team Pretty!  A disgusted Juice attacked D'Rock after the match, but team-mate Jimmy van der Roll ran out to even things up and stand tall with his team!


Max Damage won the right to chose his opponent for this show by winning the Taranaki Bull Pen Battle Royal at the last show in his hometown of New Plymouth.  Eager for some payback for all the Mediterranean Machiavelli's machinations against the long-suffering KPW locker room over the many months, Damage eagerly chose Terry as his opponent for KPW's biggest show of the year!

There was no love lost between these two men, and Damage went straight for Terry right from the opening bell.  Terry used his size and strength to weather the vicious assault and used his cunning to attempt to outsmart Damage at every turn.  The match was watched eagerly by more than just the KPW fans - during the match, Graham Hughes wandered out to ringside, seemingly taking a very personal interest in how Terry was faring against Damage.  The big men battled each other to a near standstill, trading the advantage throughout the match.  As an apparent "insurance policy", Hughes slipped Terry a chain. The villainous KPW GM loaded up his fist as Hughes distracted referee Daniel Martins and the "Chosen One" rocked Damage with a bow that sent the Moturoa Monster crashing to the canvas!   Turning around and seeing the evidence, referee Daniel Martins had no choice but to call the match and award it to Max Damage via disqualification.

Terry didn't seem to care, as he had downed the man who had stood up to him.  However, before he and Hughes could continue to attack the downed Damage, KPW CEO Rip Morgan slid into the ring, carrying something.  Terry was too busy acknowledging the crowd, so failed to see the RIP Morgan at all.  The KPW CEO held aloft Terry's steel briefcase, the weapon of mass destruction that the GM had used on more than one occasion to stamp his mark on his opponents.  Terry turned and was felled with a briefcase shot right between the eyes, receiving a taste of his own medicine!  Hughes and Terry retreated to the back as Rip Morgan raised Damage's hand to the cheers of the capacity crowd!


As a tribute to the recent untimely passing of a true New Zealand professional wrestling legend, KPW respectfully dedicated the main event of "HALLOWEEN HOWL 3" to two-time New Zealand heavyweight champion Mr. Al Hobman.  Mr Hobman had been involved with KPW since its inception and regularly attended KPW live events.  He was also inducted into the KPW Hal of Fame in 2006 by KPW Commissioner Butch.  Dedicating the main event of the evening to Mr Hobman was KPW's way of giving thanks to him for his support and acknowledging all the hard work he had undertaken throughout his illustrious career to pave the way for the New Zealand professional wrestling stars of tomorrow.

A veritable pantheon of retired New Zealand wrestling legends were on hand to show their support and pay their respects to Al Hobman.  They included Ricky Wallace, Bruno Bekkar, Cowboy Billy Wright, Bob Crozier, Maori Warrior Juno Huia and Mr Hobman's son Kurt Hobman.  Legendary promotor and three-time New Zealand heavyweight champion Steve Rickard, a man who brought New Zealand professional wrestling to the world and the world of professional wrestling to New Zealand was on hand to say a few words about how much he admired Al Hobman, acknowledged his skill and hard work, and how he was saddened at his passing.   Bruno Bekkar and Junio Huia also spoke briefly about how they admired Al Hobman's work, and how they were glad to be given a chance to pay tribute to him.


This was the culmination of a feud almost two years in the making.  Inferno and Charlie Roberts had done everything in their power to capture the championship from the undefeated H-Flame, including outright theft and orchestrating all manner of attacks.  Inferno had sealed the deal by winning the Number One Contender's Battle Royal at "KPW: AFTERBLASTER" in July at Wellington High School.  H-Flame held a pinfall victory over Inferno once before, but the question on the lips of the rabid capacity crowd was could he do it again?

The competitors started out tentatively; H-Flame slapped the challenger into a headlock and held on tenaciously, taking Inferno to the canvas.  Inferno countered with a headscissors but H-Flame escaped.  The champion went back to the headlock takedown and again Inferno countered with a headscissors which H-Flame escaped.  Inferno attacked the champ's arm and took him to the canvas.  H-Flame attempted to counter with a monkey flip, but Inferno managed to reverse it with for a near fall.  H-Flame came back with a delayed vertical suplex that all the blood rushing to the head of the challenger.  The champ then clamped on a body-vice, attempting to squeeze the air from the challenger.  Using his experience, Inferno repeatedly rolled H-Flame onto his back so that his shoulders were down, threatening to score a pinfall victory.  H-Flame spun Inferno around and around in a rolling cradle, forcing a number of near falls of his own.  Inferno broke off and ran the ropes; H-Flame went for a rana, but the wily Inferno used his strength to counter with a powerbomb!

Inferno pressed the attack with strong right hands and using the ring ropes to choke the champion.  Isolating the champ's arm, Inferno clamped on a step-over hold which was countered with a rollup for another near fall.  Inferno continued to beat down the champion as Charlie Roberts maniacally egged on his colleague from ringside.  Inferno's Flaming Ten Punch in the corner was cut short with an inverted atomic drop, followed up with a monkey flip into the turnbuckle into a cradle for a close two count.  H-Flame pressed the attack with a picture perfect dropkick for another near fall, forcing Inferno onto the defensive.  The challenger managed to grab the ropes to break the count, but found himself on the receiving end of a barrage of right hands.  Inferno recovered by dodging a corner charge from H-Flame and beat the champ to the canvas, scoring a near fall of his own.  It was a case of poetic justice when H-Flame used his skill to dodge a charging attack of Inferno's and used his strength to cinch in a bear-hug, threatening to cut the challenger in half.

The hold wore down the challenger to the canvas, and H-Flame kept on the pressure with a near fall.  A missed elbow drop from H-Flame put Inferno back in the driver's seat; he attacked the champ's leg with vicious kicks to the quadriceps and clamped on the Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf), a devastating hold that gained him many a victory.  With the crowd behind him, and knowing the title was at stake, the international superstar bravely fought through the pain and managed to make it to the ropes, forcing a break.  With Charlie Roberts in a veritable frenzy sensing victory was near, Inferno pummeled the helpless champ.  H-Flame fought back with a desperation standing dropkick, but Inferno had that move scouted and blocked it, sending H-Flame back to the canvas.

Focusing his fury, Inferno locked in the dreaded Cinderlock once more, Roberts yelling himself hoarse at H-Flame to just submit!  It looked like it was the end, but H-Flame drew on the roar of he crowd to focus his remaining energy and power out of the agonising hold!  Furious at the champ's resilience, Inferno turned H-Flame inside out with a powerful clothesline, but the champ rallied to duck Inferno's second attempt and connect with a big clothesline of his own.  Swinging for the fences, H-Flame hauled up Inferno for the H-Bomb (pumphandle running powerslam), but Inferno shocked the crowd and champ by kicking out!  Inferno fought back desperately, but H-Flame would not be denied and set up Inferno for the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb), but Inferno used his experience to counter into a cradle for a heart-stoppingly close fall.

Champ and challenger just slugged it out in the middle of the ring both nearly spent having thrown everything at one another.  Inferno launched an all-out attack and launched H-flame way up and down hard with the Afterburner chokeslam, but poor ring positioning enabled H-Flame to use his experience to get a foot on the ropes to save himself.  Beside himself with anger, Inferno felt he had been cheated out of his birthright and referee daniel Martins tasted destruction with an Afterburner chokeslam just for him!

Cold with rage, Inferno retrieved a chair from under the ring and beat the helpless H-Flame again and again with the impromptu weapon.  Charlie Roberts got involved, grabbing the richest prize in New Zealand professional wrestling, the KPW championship belt.  Inferno held H-Flame immobile and Roberts attempted to brand H-Flame right between the eyes with the belt... but H-Flame dropped out of the way, and Roberts parted Inferno's hair with the vicious belt-shot!  Charlie Roberts was almost ill, as he saw his plans now - just like Inferno - lay in ruins.  With referee Daniel Martins recovering, H-Flame made the cover to the cheers of the crowd and scored the hard-won victory to retain the title!

H-Flame celebrated with the title as Charlie Roberts and Inferno slunk to the back, swearing revenge.  With the main event over KPW's HALLOWEEN HOWL 3 drew to a successful close, Kurt Hobman giving a thumbs-up from the crowd to signal his approval of the main event's dedication to Mr Al Hobman!

Check KPW's website for regular updates and information on upcoming KPW events.  Until next time, this is Blair "the Flair" saying, "I'll see you at ringside!"

Blair "the Flair" Rhodes