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Halloween Howl 4

Halloween Howl 4Wellington High School in Newton on Friday 30th October was the scene for a gallimaufry of pirates, monsters, skeletons, devils and mad scientists!  This wasn't a nightmare, but rather a dream card of the finest in New Zealand professional wrestling. The capacity crowd was all set for the "battle of the giants" between the massive Australian Kyote and the Motorua Monster Max "the Axe" Damage, not to mention the main event six man elimination tag team match!


The show kicked off with the reappearance of a long-time KPW personality Dr Diablo, back from a sojourn in Mexico to face a long-time foe.  Right from the start, the Brute seemed right at home amongst the strangely-costumed people, being wheeled to the ring straight from his maximun security daycare facility, wrapped up in his straitjacket and calling for his "lovely one", held in the delectable hand of Nurse Payne.  Despite not being impressed with the Brute's stamping and shouting, Diablo left himself wide open for a sneak attack from the Brute, being pommelled and thrown into the corner.  Experience prevailed, and Diablo dodged a shoulder charge from the Brute, managing to roll him up for a quick two count!  The near fall had the second generation wrestler roll to the outside to regroup with Nurse Payne, to the frustration of Diablo.  When the Brute re-entered the ring, the two locked up and the low-flying luchador took control with a series of holds,
 holding the Brute with a wristlock and battering him with forearms.  Diablo pressed the attack by taking the Brute to the mat with a headlock takedown for a pair of near falls.  The massive madman fought back to his feet and took control, dropping the good Doctor with a drop toe hold off the ropes and staying cinched on the leg.

Showing his technical experience, the Brute floated over into a front chancery, brought the Doctor up and took him over with a snap suplex, floating over again into a bridging chokehold.  The Brute unleashed his power, battering the Doctor from pillar to post with cross corner whips, splashes and suplexes, showing the wrestling pedigree which people often overlook given his violent, brutish appearance.  However, His aggression proved to be his undoing as he blatantly choked the Doctor in the corner.  This seemed to fire up the Doctor, and Diablo dodged the subsequent shoulder-charge.  With the briefest of opportunities presented, Diablo took full advantage, battering the Brute with clotheslines... but the Brute remained standing!  Diablo was forced to take to the air with the Tijuana Express (flying clothesline), but even that only kept the big man down for a count of two.  Diablo obviously realised that he'd have to pull out all the stops, so he set the Brute up for a top rope moonsault!  But the battering he'd endured had taken its toll and the Brute had enough experience to roll aside and Diablo crashed and burned!  Smelling blood in the water, the Brute descended with a vicious beatdown to the dazed Doctor.  The end came when the Brute hauled Daiblo aloft and mercilessly brought him down with the Brute Force (sit-out double-handed choke bomb) for the decisive win.

WINNER:  THE BRUTE with the Brute Force for the win by pinfall.

"The Fixation" JIMMY FOXX versus THE MUMMY


Next was a first for KPW and a first for New Zealand professional wrestling: the Kiwi Bullrush match!  The rules were simple - one wrestler (El Ninja) started in the middle of the ring (determined previously by random lottery).  The other participants  (El Condor, Jimmy Foxx, Irishman Mike Ryan, Robin the Rookie and "IceWolf" Christopher Simons) lined up on one side of the ring.  On a call of "bullrush!" from the announcers, the "attackers" would charge and try to make it to the opposite side of the ring while the person in the middle tried to take anyone of them down.  Any sort of takedown would result in an elimination.  If the person in the middle was knocked down, then they were eliminated and the person who eliminated them took their place in the middle.

As the match began, Irishman Mike Ryan seemed to treat the affair with less gravity than it deserved, strolling instead of running across the ring with an arrogant, dismissive air.  El Ninja caught Ryan with an attempted hiptoss, but the Irishman fired off a crippling clothesline that eliminated the masked man!  Jimmy Foxx took one look at that and decided he wasn't interested in any prize, eliminating himself by leaving the ring and storming to the back!  Taking his place in the middle of the ring, it wasn't long before the Irishman managed to catch Robin the Rookie with a massive powerslam, emphatically eliminating him. Through sheer toughness, the "On The Mat" veteran was able to prevail, last eliminating El Condor to be declared the winner!

WINNER of the first Kiwi Bullrush match:  IRISHMAN MIKE RYAN, last eliminating El Condor.

KPW GM TERRY the Golden Greek versus EL NINJA

In a special treat for the KPW fans, "Halloween Howl 4" saw the return to the ring of the "Mediterranean Machiavelli" himself, Terry the Golden Greek!  Eager to prove he was a force in the ring as well as in the office, the KPW GM stepped between the ropes once more.  He was up against the mysterious masked man from the Orient, El Ninja.  Sensing that the larger man might have the advantage strength and reach-wise, El Ninja attacked the "mountain of marinated man meat" from the rear with martial arts kicks.  Terry appeared not to notice, and unleashed his fury on his white-clad opponent, including a massive shoulderblock that sent El Ninja spinning into the canvas!  El Ninja was battered from pillar to post, but channeled his chi to come back with a flurry of kicks and a jumping forearm to the larger man.

Staggered but not beaten, Terry leveled El Ninja with a massive chop to the head for the conclusive pin.  After the match, Terry further asserted his dominance by punishing El Ninja with a cobra clutch and wrenching away to his dubious pleasure, leaving the masked man laying.

WINNER: Terry the Golden Greek with the 'Colossus Chop' for the win by pinfall.

After the interval, it was the pleasure and privilege of Trinket the Clown and Blair "the Flair" to judge the best costume from amongst the many present.  The awards were taken out by a pirate, a skeleton and a goblin, probably on the only night of h year when one can say that without it sounding strange!


KPW's showcase event of the year showcased the first ever clash between these two shining stars of KPW.  But whereas the crowd was firmly against the arrogant would-be rock star Jonnie Juice, they were firmly on the side of the "Neon Knight" Chris Deloran!   From the opening lockup, Juice showed his speed by clamping on a headlock, then his arrogance by simply shoving Delorean away.  The Team Pretty mainstay went back to the headlock and followed with a takedown to the canvas.  Juice remained arrogant, confident that he would defeat his flashier foe.  "Mister Love Potion Sixty-Nine" came back with a pair of shoulderblocks but Juice took the shortcut by going to the hair to regain the advantage.

Juice pressed the attack with an armwringer until Delorean reversed into an armdrag and capitalised with a dropkick.  Juice bailed to rethink his game plan, to the frustration of both Delorean and the capacity costumed crowd.  Juice showed his cunning by catching Delorean with a stun-gun on the apron as Delorean tried to haul him into the ring.  Juice thought the match was his, but came unstuck when Delorean reversed an Irish whip into a flying headscissors.  The boot was on the foot as Deloran trapped Juice in the corner and administered a stinging ten-punch, with the crowd counting along all the while!  Still in the fight, Juice blocked a vertical suplex by Deloran and hit one of his own.  An Irish whip into a plan old fist to the gut put Juice in the driver's seat and he immediately followed with a side Russian legsweep into a pair of snap leg drops for a near fall.

Irate at Delorean's resistance, Juice hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a boot to the head, finishing with the devastating XTC (leapfrog rocker-dropper) for a heart-stoppingly close two count.  Adding insult to injury, Juice tried some amateur chiropracty by draping Delorean over the middle rope and standing on his back! With the fans on his side, Delorean managed to rally and went for the Deloran Device but Juice had his opponent well scouted and countered with a clothesline. Switching gears, Juice clamped on a side headlock and attempted to "turn out the lights" on Delorean, even using the ring ropes for leverage as referee Mark Freemantle was occupied checking Delorean for signs of life.  Delorean dug deep and fought back, again attempting the Deloran Device, but Juice reversed with a double legsweep and a headbutt on Deloran that perilously close to being "south of the border"!

Juice went up to the top rope, looking for the Butterfly Effect but Deloran met him there and both men desperately battled for the advantage!  Juice managed to fight off Deloran and scored big with a top rope dropkick for a close two count. Infuriated beyond belief, Juice left himself open to a trifecta of telling clothelines from Delorean.  The "shining star" of KPW then ascended to the high-rent, high risk district to deliver a top rope flying cross bodyblock, but Juice's greater ring experience came to the fore and he rolled through for the closest fall of the match thus far!  Staying on his opponent, Juice leveled Deloran with a stinging Starscream Superkick.  The Team Pretty stalwart then went to the top rope again for the Butterfly Effect... but then clambered back down, saying the crowd didn't deserve to see him use the move!  Juice arrogantly covered the senseless Delorean... who kicked out!  Infuriated beyond reason with what he was sure had been a slow count, Juice berated and shoved referee Mark Freemantle.  Freemantle shoved the bullying Juice right back, Delorean rolled up his surprised opponent and referee Mark Freemantle was in perfect position to administer the three-count!

WINNER:  CHRIS DELOREAN with a rollup for the win by pinfall.


Terry the Golden Greek was on hand to announce the coming of the massive 203cm Australian Kyote and his manager Charlie Roberts.  Right from his first appearance, the crowd was unimpressed with Kyote's heritage.  On the other hand, they went wild for the appearance of the "Taranaki Taniwha", the massive "man in black" himself, Max "the Axe" Damage!  On paper, this was something of a dream match with the largest man in New Zealand professional wrestling versus a man mountain from the Gold Coast across the ditch.  There was national pride on the line for this match, and both men went it at with a vengeance!

Damage was shoved around from the opening lockup, something I personally haven't seen in absolutely years.  Backing his opponent into the corner, Damage sportingly gave a clean break.  Sadly, on the next lockup,  Kyote backed Max Damage into a corner and delivered a cheap shot, to the disgust of the crowd. Damage attacked with shoulderblocks, but they had little effect on the larger man. Bolstered by his resistance, the massive Australian tried one of his own and was knocked flat onto his back, leaving him to roll to the outside for a strategy session with Charlie Roberts.  Damage followed to keep on the pressure and the two men brawled on the outside.  Kyote looked to have injured himself when he set up Damage against the ring post, but missed a knife-edge chop and struck the steel post by accident!

Back in the ring, Damage managed to catch Kyote with a DDT, but could only keep the bigger man down for the briefest of one-counts.  Damage followed up with shin kicks to the back of the seated Kyote and followed through with a running dropkick for a two-count.  Kyote fired back, hitting a massive avalanche in the corner that shook the ring.  He followed up with a big bodyslam and a jumping elbowdrop that had all his 175 kilograms coming down square on Damage's sternum!  Hauling his opponent up, Kyote sought to squeeze the fight out of Damage with a rib-crushing bearhug.  Damage fought back and whipped Kyote to the corner, catching the hapless Australian with a giant release German suplex!

Struggling to their feet, both massive wrestlers got into a slugfest in the middle of the ring, ending with Kyote unleashing the Boom Stick (Yakuza kick) on Damage to gain the advantage.  Kyote then followed through with a wheelbarrow powerbomb, driving Damage face first into the canvas!  The massive Australian then called for a moonsault, to the astonishment of co-commentator "Wonderful" Wilber Force. While mounting the top rope, Damage intercepted Kyote and drove the Brisbane Behemoth nearly through the canvas with a massive powerbomb.  Upping the ante to desperation levels, Damage ascended to the top rope and dropped a giant legdrop on his helpless opponent.  To the cheers of the crowd, Damage called for one more.  In a desperate manoeuvre of his own, Charlie Roberts jumped on the apron and distracted referee Daniel Martins and slowed Damage's ascent, giving time for the giant Australian to catch the Man in Black with a chokeslam on the way down!

With the match having taken it toll on both wrestlers, Damage rolled to the outside to regroup.  He was followed by Kyote at the frenzied encouragement of Charlie Roberts, and again the two massive men brawled amongst the capacity crowd.  Kyote looked to have the advantage when sending Damage into the ringpost, but Damage shifted at the last second and Kyote's superior mass kept him going until he met the immovable object of the metal ringpost head on (literally!).  Calling on his final reserves of energy, Damage managed to roll back into the ring in time to beat the count and thereby secure the hard-fought win!

Smarting from his loss, Kyote nevertheless offered a handshake of respect to the victor... which quickly turned into a beatdown as Charlie Roberts got in his cheapshots.  Delving into a toolbox under the ring, Kyote loaded up his kickpad with a spanner and delivered a decapitating shin kick to the dazed Max Damage!  Things went from bad to worse as Terry the Golden Greek returned from the back to join in.  Kyote held Damage in place as Terry lined up the "Man In Black" for a blow from his metal briefcase... but Damage dodged and Terry struck Kyote instead!  Shocked at his mistake, Terry was fair game for Damage to grab the metal briefcase and use it like the jawbone of an ass to get Biblical on all and sundry, sending Terry to the back with a thumb-sized strip of flesh missing from the GM's head!  As he left with Charlie Roberts, a battered Kyote was howling for a rematch with Damage - who knows what the future might hold for a possible round two between these two behemoth's?

WINNER: MAX DAMAGE answered the referee's count for the win by countout.


Six man elimination tag team match:  WHETU the Maori Warrior and "The Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND  and H-FLAME (KPW Champion) versus THE RENEGADES (KADE MORGAN "3G" and SHANE "The Technician" WHITEHEAD) and INFERNO (with Charlie Roberts)