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Halloween Howl

H-Flame Retains at Halloween Howl

Full KPW Halloween Howl Results

Irishman Mike Ryan def. El Condor

In his return to New Zealand wrestling Ryan was quick to dominate the diminutive luchador with a series of strikes before finishing the Team Diablo member with a vicious knee to the head and a sickening delayed powerslam. Post match Ryan left junior referee Cade Morgan lying for trying to raise his hand.

Bane def. El Mucho Drunko

In a match demanded by the mighty Jeremiah the 2 behemoths of KPW collided once again. Both men threw everything they had at each other from the opening bell and a suicidal clothesline off the apron onto Damage on the ground. With both men going back and forth for the majority of the match Max was finally able to gain an advantage and hoisted Jeremiah onto the second rope and nailed a modified Damage Gauge before nearly taking Jeremiahs head off with his patented running Axe (Running Elbow Smash).

D Money def. Gold

Despite the veteran Inferno throwing everything he had at both members of the Inquisition. Air Guitars inexperience allowed him to be cut off from his partner for the majority of the match and wound up suffering the brunt of a severe beating that would be considered assault outside of the ring. Despite a brief flurry of offense towards the end it was all for nothing as The Inquisition lifted Air Guitar up for what is now called the Cleanser (Sidewalk Slam/Top Rope elbow combination) for the 3 count.

Triple Threat KPW Title Match: H-Flame def. Jonnie Juice & The Ram