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Kaos Theory

Kaos Theory Review

H-Flame retains Kiwi Pro Wrestling Championship Belt

Kaos TheoryIn the main event of KPW's "Kaos Theory" held at Wellington High School this past Friday, the "international superstar" H-Flame retained the coveted KPW Championship in front of a raucous crowd, managing to stave off the twin threat of long-time nemesis Team Pretty and the recently-corrupted Inferno. However, the triumphant champ was soon after felled by a vicious attack from Inferno, encouraged by new Kiwi Pro Wrestling General Manager Terry the Golden Greek, a shocking end to an evening of New Zealand's finest pro-wrestling!

In the first match of the night, "The Hype" Bobby Cool took on the veteran Rogue Trooper. The two were fairly evenly matched from the start. Trooper brought his experience, strength and leverage to the squared circle and Booby Cool proved he was equal to the challenge by utilising his cheating ways. "The Hype" went to the eyes and hair to control the match in the early going. Trooper launched a counter-offensive with shoulder charges in the corner and deployed a pair of bone-ratting vertical suplexes. Cool came back with a sleeper hold, but Rogue Trooper hit a jawjacker for the escape. In the end, Trooper fired off a fisherman's suplex to get the pin.

After the match, KPW's colour commentator took his place at the commentary table to introduce two KPW wrestlers making their debut, the massive "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond and the masked "Icewolf" Christopher Simon. The Icewolf must have felt threatened by the massive Diamond, as he attacked the fan favourite from behind at start. Simon threw seemingly every move in his arsenal at his opponent, seeking to impress with a win in his debut. The Icewolf looked to have the match all to himself with a inverted back-cracker and diving headbutt. Unfortunately for him, Jade Diamond didn't intend to showcase any flaws in his first match. With the crowd firmly behind the impressive new-comer, "Powerhouse" displayed his strength by holding the Icewolf aloft in a massive delayed vertical suplex, before sealing the deal with a mighty powerbomb and torture rack for the win via submission.

The third match saw "Brute" J.E. O'Rourke take on the low-flying luchadore Dr Diablo. O'Rourke came to the ring all fired up, eager to prove himself following his loss to Rogue Trooper at KPW "Slam Time City". A test of strength went badly for Dr Diablo as the Brute used his superior strength to back the luchadore into a corner and lay in chops that echoed throughout the packed hall. The second generation star took Diablo to the mat with a massive snap mare O'Rourke then clamped on a mighty head vice that almost had the luchador tapping out. Frustrated by Diablo's apparent resiliency, the Brute proceeded to stomp his opponent into the canvas. The howls from the crowd only seemed to make him more determined to batter his opponent. O'Rourke effortlessly maintained control of the match with a snap suplex and bodyslam. Diablo fought back with clotheslines, though the low-flying luchador had to leave his feet to take down the Brute with a flying lariat.

Seizing the opportunity KPW's new terror team made their presence felt in the fourth match when Irishman Mike Ryan came to the ring, flanked by his fellow Overstayer, the Ram. The latter had his arm in a sling, but this did nothing to lighten his temperament. Ryan's opponent was Team Diablo mainstay El Condor. As an added bonus, Gold joined the commentary team as a special guest commentator, hoping to show he was 24 karats on the mike as well in the ring. Ryan started the match as he meant to finish, the consummate ring veteran dictating the pace of the match. The Irishman physically dissected his opponent with clinical Celtic precision as he team-mate the Ram looked on, enjoying the show. Grounding the high-flyer with his grappling skill, the Irishman continued the punishment until he got bored and clipped El Condor's wings with his patented standing powerslam for the pin.

In the "Bushwhacker Shack", Commissioner Butch introduced KPW's new General Manager, Terry the Golden Greek. A long-term member of the New Zealand wrestling scene, the man himself appeared looking like a million dollars, but as if he wouldn't give the fans the time of day from his thousand dollar watch. Terry addressed the crowd, reminding them of his pedigree and announcing his intention to take KPW to the next level.

The Commissioner then introduced KPW CEO Rip Morgan, a man who'd made no bones about his distrust of the Mediterranean Machiavelli. Undeterred, Terry asked to meet the roster. The locker room emptied, with the KPW superstars coming to the ring to meet the new GM face to face. The Golden Greek showed definite bias towards some wrestlers (embracing the Overstayers as if they were his brothers and warmly greeting Ms Black and Charlie Roberts) and gave others the cold shoulder. Terry refused to shake the hand of KPW champion H-Flame and even rejected Max "the Axe" Damage.

The fifth match brought another new face to the ring, with the unique Purple Haze making his debut from Parts Unknown. He was accompanied to the ring by the Overstayers, Irishman Mike Ryan and The Ram. The Fijian Freedom Fighter grabbed the mike and displayed his injured shoulder to the crowd, blaming the injury on his gruelling triple threat match with Gold and Dr Diablo at KPW's "Slam Time City". Ram announced that Purple Haze was his hand-picked substitute for tonight's match and warned Gold and Ram that payback was coming their way.

Max "the Axe" Damage came to the ring full of intensity, ready to fight no matter whether it was the Ram himself or Ram's team-mate. Purple Haze tried to use strength versus the massive Damage and came off the worst for it. The wily Haze continually rolled out of the ring to confer with the Overstayers, attempting to force the match to be wrestled at his pace and throw off Damage's game-plan.

As the main event of "Kaos Theory" began, the crowd came to its feet as the participants entered the ring. The champion seemed to be outnumbered from the beginning, as Jonnie Juice had the remainder of Team Pretty in his corner, and Inferno had Ms Black and Charlie Roberts in his. Inferno wasted absolutely no time, rushing the champion before the opening bell. The champ quickly came back, levelling both challengers with a double clothesline. Frustrated, Inferno rolled out to consult the Charlie Roberts and Ms Black. In the ring, Jonnie Juice and H-Flame exchanged holds as they battled for an advantage, but any real progress was broken up when Inferno returned to the fray.

The Fiery One was soon the worse for wear, as Juice trapped him in the hot seat and then rammed the champ's head where Inferno's flames don't shine, sending his fellow challenger to the outside. The three battled on, Juice using his cunning to let H-Flame and Inferno battle to their knees before hitting a flying elbow drop to the champ for a close two count. Inferno went outside to regroup, H-Flame followed t

Back in the ring, Inferno decided to go low and clamped the international superstar in the excruciating Cinderlock. Unfortunately for Inferno, this left him wide open for the oppertunistic Juice's Simply Squeezed. Still in the fight, Inferno beat both opponents back to the corner, kept them there with a running double clothesline and then levelled both champ and co-challenger with a double inverted DDT. Inferno continued his assault, but a high risk move against Jonnie Juice backfired when H-Flame hoisted the fiery one onto his shoulders in an electric chair position and Juice delivered a top rope dropkick to the helpless Inferno. H-Flame went for a pin on Inferno with a sunset flip, but Juice broke it up.
The rock star then found himself on the receiving end of a sleeper from H-Flame.

Perhaps learning from his erstwhile tag team partner's earlier opportunism, Inferno then latched a sleeper on to the champ and held on. Breaking that up, Inferno was clotheslined to the H-Flame hit a fallaway slam on Inferno to take control, rolling into a jack-knife for a near fall as Inferno bridged up from the mat ... staight into the Butterfly Effect (frog splash) from Juice onto both men! Capitalising, Jonnie scored a near fall on both champ and co-challenger as Terry ordered Roberts to get the briefcase. Roberts dispatched Ms Black to do so as the action continued in the ring.

A fustrated Juice looked ready to take off the champ's head with his Starscream Superkick, but the champ somehow managed to avoid the attack and it was Inferno's fire that was nearly snuffed out instead. H-Flame seized the opportunity and dumped the shocked Juice outside the ring and hit the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) on Inferno for the three count to retain the coveted KPW championship. As H-Flame celebrated with the jubilant crowd, Inferno's sheer fury allowed him to recover.

As H-Flame exited the ring as was about to be interviewed, a furious Inferno charged the champ and laid him out with a massive shot from Terry's metal briefcase! Back in the ring, the Golden Greek, Ms Black and Charlie Roberts celebrated unrepentantly, the "Ayatollah of High Rollers" gleefully displaying where Inferno had broken the side of the case over H-Flame's head for all to see.

As a stunned Blair "the Flair" tried to make sense of it all, Terry announced that his mark had been made on KPW and that the organisation was going in a new direction - his way! A furious Inferno announced that after being held down for too long, his time was now! A groggy H-Flame recovered to voice his disgust at his opponent's conduct before reminding Inferno that the last time they both met in the ring at "Slam Time City", he beat the Fiery One, one-two-three.

How will KPW fare under the rule of Terry the Golden Greek and his favourites, the Overstayers and Inferno? Will Inferno's decision to sell his soul to Ms Black and Charlie Roberts bear fruit in the form of the KPW championship? Will the Ram exact revenge on whomever crosses his path? Speaking of revenge, will Max "the Axe" take the fight to the Overstayers? Will H-Flame's winning streak continue? What new challenges are on the horizon? KPW returns to Wellington High School (Gate 1), Taranaki St on Friday 31st August! This is Blair "the Flair" saying, "I'll see you at ringside!"