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Make or Break

Make or Break posterFRI 16 JULY 2010

A capacity crowd of KPW wrestling fans packed Wellington High School on Friday night for KPW "Make Or Break"! The show was aptly named: for New Zealand wrestling veterans Inferno and Jonnie Juice, the Career versus Career match would spell the end of one their stellar careers! But perhaps more than that, a stunning upset in the main event radically changed the topography of KPW!

Announcer Blair "the Flair" was joined briefly by Inferno's manager Charlie Roberts, before the "King of Bling" announced he was to go entering himself in the show's Battle Royal, so determined was he to secure the title shot against KPW Champion Max "the Axe" Damage in the main event!

BATTLE ROYAL for a title shot against Max Damage:

The Technician, H-Flame, "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox, Lazarus Volt, Kade Morgan "3G", "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond, The Brute, Whetu the Maori Warrior and Charlie Roberts

With such a rich prize on offer, the wrestlers went right for each other from the opening bell. Referee Rob Wilkenstein was kept busy dashing around the ring checking whether wrestlers had indeed been eliminated by being thrown out over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. Charlie Roberts attempted to outsmart long-time foe "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond by leaping over the ropes out of harm's way onto the ring apron. Diamond then brought the smug manager back to reality and out of the match with a forearm shot! Working as a coherent unit, the Renegades (Kade Morgan and The Technician) eliminated Lazarus Volt. Continuing their long-time enmity, Kade Morgan dumped H-Flame to the outside. Jade Diamond ended Jimmy Fox's dreams of championship gold. Off the chain, The Brute eliminated Whetu the Maori Warrior, but was in turn eliminated by Whetu's tag-partner Jade Diamond.

This left the final three participants facing off: Jade Diamond, The Technician and Kade Morgan. Even though there were supposedly no allies in this battle royal, with The Renegades versus longtime foe Jade Diamond, things immediately became a two-on-one beatdown. Jade Diamond fought back, but the Renegades worked as a well-oiled unit to both eliminate The Powerhouse. As Morgan taunted Diamond, it was clear that the Technician was realising that there could be only one winner - and with Morgan's back turned, opportunity was knocking. The Technician allowed his tag-partner to finish frankly exchanging views with the defeated Diamond - seemingly they were going to work this out like comrades, but The Technician surprised and dumped Kade Morgan to gleefully win the Battle Royal!

WINNER: The Technician, lastly eliminating his own tag team partner Kade Morgan to claim the KPW Championship title shot in the main event.


True to form, Referee Alex "Danger" Donahue had been assigned the match with the most mercurial of KPW competitors, the straight-jacketed Brute. Lazarus Volt would have to use all his speed and cunning to prevail against the stronger, more vicious opponent. From the beginning of the match, the Brute dominated with his raw strength. Volt rammed the Brute's head repeatedly into the turnbuckle pad, only to discover that the brutish one enjoyed it! Recovering, the little man from the big top used his speed to his advantage, scoring with a legdrop and grounding his savage opponent with a bridging armbar. Volt stayed on his opponent's arm in an attempt to dominate through his wrestling acumen, but the Brute battled back and took a shortcut and went to Volt's eyes to break the hold. A corner splash from the Brute set up his opponent for a stinging European uppercut for a near fall.

In the driving seat and fighting mad, the Brute dumped Volt to the outside. Rather than giving some respite to the ex-ringmaster, there proved to be no rest for the wicked as the Brute followed and battered Lazarus on the floor, ramming him into the corner post. Back in the ring, Volt heroically managed mount a counter-attack by reversing a cross corner whip, and managed to monkey flip out of an attempted Brute Force. He followed up with a double axehandle from the top rope to put the Brute on the run. Volt went to the top again, looking for the win with the High Voltage (top rope drop kick), but unfortunately jumped straight into the Brute Force (double-handed sitout chokebomb) for the winning pinfall.

WINNER: The Brute with the Brute Force (double-handed chokebomb) for the win by pinfall.

After seeing her favourite patient off to the back, Nurse Payne returned to the ring for her medical bag. Suddenly - though Charlie Roberts denied the evidence - Queen Hollie appeared and stalked Nurse Payne, attacking her from behind. Throwing her mortal foe into the ring, the Queen attempted to choke the helpless Nurse Payne with a sleeper hold. Unable to stand idly by and see such injustice done, I rushed the ring and utilised a back waistlock to pull Queen Hollie from Nurse Payne. As I was remonstrating the Queen of Divas for her un-regal actions, I suddenly found myself spun around by a big slap from the Queen! When I recovered, the tables had been turned and I was again forced to separate the Nurse and the Queen. While attempting to calm Nurse Payne, I suddenly noticed Queen Hollie charging, attempting to blindside Nurse Payne once more. I shoved Nurse Payne out of the way to ensure her safety, but I caught a shoulder charge in my puku for my troubles. Again, after I recovered, I was forced to separate the fighting females once more. Suddenly, the Brute himself charged the ring, forcing Queen Hollie and myself to vacate the ring immediately! Showing a tender side, the Brute had saved his favourite Nurse and carried her to the back, to the cheers of the capacity crowd!

"Wonderful" WILBA FORCE versus "The Young Lion" DANE KING

Manning up and taking the bull by the horns, Dane King immediately took the fight to the bigger man from the opening lockup, but Wilba Force used his weight advantage to throw the "Young Lion" around like a cub. Learning from that experience, King sought to destroy the ex-commentator's vertical base by attacking the big man's leg with chop blocks and a dropkick to the knee. Showing good tactics, King kept Wilba Force grounded with a stepover toehold, negating the "Force of Nature's" size and weight advantage. However, the attack on his leg just seemed to make the bearded one angry and he managed to power his way out, shake off the damage and retaliate with an attack to his opponent's back. Eschewing technical wrestling for a more direct approach, Force beat down the Young Lion with a succession of axehandle forearms to the back.

Fully utilising his larger size, Wilba Force locked his helpless opponent in a camel clutch and cranked away on the Young Lion's battered back. Dane King was trapped in the middle of the ring unable to make the ropes, yet the young wrestler bravely fought through the pain and refused to submit, forcing "The Wonderful One" to break the hold in frustration. Both men slugged it out in the middle of the ring, desperate to gain the advantage, but a big side slam from Force nearly ended the match for King. Pride lead to a fall for the big man when King avoided a big elbow drop, changing the momentum of the match. The Young Lion pressed the attack with the Hakuna Matata (side Russian legsweep) and followed up with the most electrifying move in KPW - the fistdrop - for a close two-count. Channelling his anger, Force came back into the fight with a big headbutt and crushed the Young Lion in the corner with a vertical splash. King was ready for a second attempt, jumped up out of the way and took the bigger man down with a sunset flip for a near fall. Wilba Force was not to be denied however, and King was flattened with a full nelson slam leaving him helpless before the inexorable "Force of Nature" (big splash) (that I myself have faced firsthand) for the pinfall victory.

After the match, the crowd was surprised to see KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek and "Irishman" Mike Ryan appear at ringside. Having recently rejoined forces, the pair appeared to pip Charlie Roberts at the post by extending a welcoming hand to new hot prospect Wilba Force, who accepted. Having apparently now joined forces, the unholy trinity sealed the deal by attacking the helpless Dane King. Furious at the attack, KPW CEO Rip Morgan and NZ legend Mr Juno Huia came out to see off the Mediterranean Machiavelli and his compatriots!

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX vs MARK FREEMANTLE vs WHETU the Maori Warrior (w/ Mr. Juno Huia)

Three times the wrestlers ensured three times the mayhem for the KPW fans. Rather than a "one-on-one" match, this was a "one-on-one-on-one" match, with the first fall taking the victory. For Mark Freemantle - making his debut as a wrestler - it was a chance to swap the white shirt of a referee to fly the red-and-white flag of his birth country in victory... provided he could beat two other wrestlers. For the "participating" Jimmy Fox, it was a chance to showcase his realpolitik approach to professional wrestling. Right from the opening bell, "The Fixation" showed that he was determined to be the last man standing by simply leaving the ring to join the fans and bide his time, leaving referee Alex "Danger" Donahue's hands full refereeing Mark Freemantle and Whetu.

Whetu showed his experience by slipping out of an armdrag, catching the rookie wrestler with a kick to the head. He then proceeded to ground Freemantle with headlock takedowns, but Freemantle made it back to his feet, still caught in a headlock. Seeing an opportunity (and having irritated enough KPW fans by helping himself to their snack food), Jimmy Fox re-entered the ring - and the match - and clamped on a standing side headlock of his own on Whetu! The Maori Warrior and Freemantle then both took the fight directly to the Fixation, ruining his plans. Whetu covered the battered Fox, but Freemantle broke up the ensuing count. Charlie Roberts on commentary asked a crucial question: how can you score the winning fall in a match of this sort when there'll always be a third man present to break it up? The pair continued their assault on Jimmy Fox to the delight of the KPW fans, mercilessly battering Fox with knife-edge chops on the ropes. Fox fled to the floor. Freemantle attacked Whetu from behind and then the Maori Warrior had his leg grabbed by Fox from the floor, tripping him up. Seeing a chance, Mark Freemantle hit a plancha on the stunned Fixation, using the fallen Whetu as a launchpad! Not to be outdone, the Maori Warrior ascended to the top rope and moonsaulted onto both opponents on the floor!

Back in the ring, Whetu locked Mark Freemantle in a Boston crab, seeking the submission, but was unfortunately wide open for Jimmy Fox's "Dutch Mafia" kick to the face. Showing his innovation, Fox rattled Whetu with an Oklahoma Stampede-sideslam combination. Seeing an opportunity, Mark Freemantle charged in for an attack but was caught in the "Maori drop" from Whetu. The Maori Warrior went to the top rope, but was unseated by Fox. However, the Fixation missed a running dropkick to the corner, ruining his momentum. Showcasing his thrilling wrestling skills, Whetu again went up to and simultaneously hit a missile dropkick on Fox and a senton splash on Freemantle for a near fall. Shaking off the worst of it, Fox fought back with a pumphandle sitout powerbomb on Freemantle. Supremely confident of victory, Fox went to the top rope but a match-winning high risk move, but it was his turn to be unseated by Whetu; the Fixation fell into a Tree of Woe-type predicament, immobilising himself. The Maori Warrior then climbed to the top rope to hit the match-winning top rope flying headbutt on the still stunned Freemantle.

WINNER: Whetu with the top rope flying headbutt for the winning pinfall on Mark Freemantle.


Guest colour commentator Charlie Roberts was obviously still angry about being eliminated from the Battle Royal by Jade Diamond. The Powerhouse had been scheduled to face the Technician in singles competition, but that plan had changed when the Technician won the Battle Royal, leaving the Powerhouse all laced up with no-one to wrestle. This prompted Charlie Roberts to psych himself up to the point where he actually called out Jade Diamond! No-one was more surprised than Roberts himself when Jade Diamond came out to answer said challenge!

Roberts attempted to prove that discretion is the better part of valour by fleeing the commentary table towards the ring like a cartoon roadrunner with the Powerhouse in hot pursuit. The manager managed to put a boot (singular) to Diamond as the Powerhouse rolled into the ring, but a desperation flying cross bodyblock availed him naught as the Powerhouse easily caught him and dumped him like yesterday's rubbish with a fallaway slam that nearly catapulted Roberts into the rafters. Charlie Roberts' woes continued after his $300 haircut was ruffled by a devastating Diamond Bomb. To the thrill of the KPW fans, Diamond then hauled Roberts aloft in the torture rack, forcing the "King of Bling" to howl in agony!

Had this been a match, the winner would have been in no doubt!


After the intermission, referee Alex "Danger" Donahue joined the commentary table as a guest colour commentator, ensuring the commentary table was just "a little more dangerous!"


Obviously smarting at having been eliminated from the Battle Royal by Morgan, H-Flame was looking for a little payback in this match. For his part, Kade Morgan was looking forward to making good on his promise in the "Wellingtonian" to take his career to the next level. H-Flame looked to have the advantage on the early going with a side headlock and a shoulderblock on the third generation wrestler, but Morgan retaliated with a hip toss and kept the ex-KPW Champion grounded with a single leg takedown. Back on a vertical base, Morgan offered a test of strength; the KPW Tag Team champion looked to have the early advantage, but when H-Flame managed to struggle to supremacy, Morgan cut that off with old-fashioned kicks. Showing his wrestling skills, Morgan transitioned the test of strength into a wrist-capture suplex for a near fall then kept up the pressure with a backslide for another near fall.

Never to be outdone with technical wrestling, H-Flame took Morgan up and over with a bridging monkey flip, but "3G" responded with one of his own. The pair traded hammerlocks and the advantage, each seemingly evenly matched in technical wrestling expertise. Morgan battered the River City native, managing to reverses a cross corner Irish whip into one of his own, showcasing his inventiveness by following up with an inverted atomic drop into a standing powerslam. Rallying the KPW fans to his side, H-Flame powered out of a chinlock but missed a flying cross bodyblock to end the momentum he'd built.

The pair brawled to the outside, Morgan managing to ram H-Flame into the corner post back-first. Back in the ring, the international superstar fought back with a picture perfect drop kick and a big back body drop. Tying his opponent up in knots, H-Flame hit a Gory Bomb for a close two-count. Both competitors battled it out in the middle of the ring, exchanging vicious knife edge chops. Morgan gained the advantage and rocked H-Flame with a rolling fireman's carry slam into a second rope moonsault for a very close two count.

Again seeking to weaken his already battered opponent, "3G" clamped on a sleeper hold but H-Flame's experience allowed him to counter with a jaw-jacker. The ex-KPW champion caught the third generation wrestler with another drop kick for a two count. Raising the stakes, H-Flame came off the top rope with a flying cross body block for close two count. H-Flame went for the coup de grace with the H-Bomb, but Morgan managed to slip out and rolled from the ring. Furious, H-Flame pursued his quarry to the outside and the pair brawled through the massed KPW fans. Both wrestlers were so set on fighting on the outside that they either could not or would not answer the referee's ten-count, leaving referee Rob Wilkenstein no choice but to count out both wrestlers.

WINNER: Neither man answered the referee's ten count, resulting in a double countout.

SEMI-MAIN EVENT - Career vs Career: JONNIE JUICE (w/Queen Hollie) vs INFERNO (w/Charlie Roberts)

This match was every bit as important as the upcoming main event. For one of these veterans, this would be not only their last match in KPW, but their last wrestling match of all. I have to admit, I was dreading this match. I had followed both these men's careers since they began in the professional wrestling business and witnessed firsthand their skills and careers grow - it was going to break my heart to see someone's career end. I also knew that both these wrestlers were each determined to absolutely break the other in order to win, so there would be no mercy or surrender.

A bruised Charlie Roberts came out to herald his client's appearance, Inferno sporting the shaven head that Jonnie Juice had initiated at the last show - a symbol of the hatred between the two wrestlers and of Inferno's determination to end this enmity once and for all. Team Pretty (Jonnie Juice and Queen Hollie) walked the aisle with typical arrogance, betraying no worry that this match might well prove to be the last for Team Pretty. From the initial lockup, Juice slipped out of a hammerlock and "paintbrushed" his opponent to signal his complete disrespect. The "Mayor of Awesometown" then grabbed a side headlock and hung on, taking Inferno to the mat. Inferno reversed into a headscissors but Juice managed to slip out and make it back to his feet as both men sought any weakness in the other's defence. Given that they were ex-tag partners and knew each other's moves so well, any such weakness would be hard to find.

Jonnie Juice attempted to fight out of an armbar, but the fiery veteran was allowing his hated opponent no leeway. In the end, Jonnie Juice took his favourite shortcut - a thumb to his opponent's eye! Taking control with an armdrag, Juice kept Inferno grounded with an armbar of his own. Inferno used his skill and strength to fight back, but Juice hit a flying headscissors off the ropes to halt Inferno's momentum, then pressed the advantage with a vertical suplex. Desperate to save his number one client's career, Inferno's manager Charlie Roberts blatantly involved himself in the match... but suffered a Starscream Superkick from Juice to knock him out of the ring and out of the match! This was certainly not Charlie Roberts' night! Juice beat down his opponent but Inferno took his hated foe off his feet with a lariat. The shaven-headed Inferno then followed up with a powerful bodyslam and leaping elbow drop. Eschewing technical wrestling, Inferno elected to blatantly choke Juice, stopping just short of getting disqualified and losing his career. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker firmly established control for Inferno.

Queen Hollie sensed that the end was near for her Team Pretty partner and attempted to interfere on his behalf. Inferno halted his assault to turn answer this incursion, allowing Jonnie Juice to sneak attack Inferno with a punch to the stomach off the ropes followed by a Russian legsweep that set up the XTC (leapfrog rocker dropper). Referee Rob Wilkenstein exercised his "authoritah" and banished Queen Hollie from ringside, ensuring that neither man now had an ally on the outside. Now in the driving seat, Juice hit a bodyslam of his own and returned the "favour" by blatantly choking Inferno. However, Juice missed a second rope legdrop and Inferno took out his anger on his former comrade, viciously stomping away at him. A snap mare from Inferno left Juice wide open for a front dropkick. Digging deep into his playbook, Inferno stretched Juice in the bridging surfboard - a move made famous by Jon daSilva that I haven't seen Inferno use in years - and added a chinlock to further prolong Juice's pain. Fortunately for Juice, the pair became tangled in the ropes and the hold had to be broken. Seeking to end the match with an exclamation point, Inferno drilled Juice with the Afterburner chokeslam, but Juice managed to kick out! Inferno was furious and choked his hated opponent on the ropes. A charging lariat in the corner from Inferno earned a near fall before Inferno decided to change gears and wear out Juice with a chinlock.

Juice rallied with the help of the fans (while gesturing that he didn't need their support anyway) and made it back to his feet. Inferno again dug deep into his arsenal of moves, going for the Extinguisher (leaping inverted DDT) which Juice attempted to reverse into the Simply Squeezed (rolling neckbreaker) and the two veterans stayed one step ahead of the other until KPW's resident rock star prevailed and hit the Simply Squeezed! Both men were down and seemingly out; Juice managed to make a cover but Inferno managed to kick out. Finding a second wind in his obsession with ending Inferno's career, Juice hit the backpack stunner for a near fall. Seething with contempt, Juice literally slapped Inferno around in the middle of the ring and the fiery veteran managed to set up Jonnie Juice in "the hot seat" on the second rope, but Juice fought off the attack and hit the Rejuicer (top rope leaping wraparound DDT)!

Pressing the attack, Juice again went to the top rope, gesturing disdainfully at the KPW fans then hitting an elbow drop on his hated opponent for the closest near fall of the match to that point! Juice sent Inferno to the ropes, but the veteran used his experience to put on the brakes and Juice's attempted dropkick caused him to wipe out instead. Smelling blood in the water, Inferno clamped Juice in the Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf), an excruciating hold once used to defeat Jade Diamond. Juice was caught in middle of the ring, and it seemed it was all over for the Team Pretty founder. Knowing his career was at stake, Juice powered through the pain his hatred for Inferno and managed to make the ropes. Again, Inferno set up Juice on the second rope, but this time the "King of Cool" was ready and used his favourite shortcut to set up Inferno for a sunset flip - which Inferno reversed into the Cinderlock! Caught again, it seemed that there was no escape, but just as he has done throughout the years, Jonnie Juice defied the odds and made the ropes to stay in the match.

Both men pulled out all the stops and attempted to beat one another to the punch, the evenly-matched wrestlers both going for clotheslines at the same time, only succeeding in knocking each other down and out. Jonnie Juice rallied desperately, going to the top rope for a high risk manoeuvre, but only managing to jump straight into a second Afterburner chokeslam! Even more shockingly, Juice managed to kick out of the pin attempt (I've never seen anyone sustain two Afterburner chokeslams, much less kick out of both), showcasing the resilience for which he is renowned. Inferno screamed out his frustrated rage and dug deep into his playbook to unleash a shockingly vicious Extinguisher (leaping inverted DDT) that dropped Juice right on his head and neck, incapacitating him and allowing Inferno to score the pinfall victory and end Juice's seven year career!

WINNER: Inferno with a second Extinguisher (leaping inverted DDT) for the win by pinfall to end Jonnie Juice's career.

Staggered with the effort required to put away his foe, Inferno took the microphone and acknowledged the toughness of his opponent, and asked the KPW fans to show their respect to Jonnie Juice, whatever his attitude towards them had been. The fans responded respectfully to Juice's efforts and Queen Hollie returned to ringside for one last goodbye hug, signaling the end of Juice's stellar seven year career and also the end of Team Pretty as we know it.

MAIN EVENT: KPW Championship match: MAX DAMAGE (champ) vs THE TECHNICIAN


For the winner of the Battle Royal at the top of the show, this was the Technician's chance to add to his two Oceania wrestling championship medals by capturing a second KPW champion's belt. For Max Damage, this was another in the long line of challengers that the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling had to face in order to establish his championship hegemony. This match was slightly different for Damage in that he'd been forced to prepare for more than one opponent, as he hadn't known until after the Battle Royal who he'd have to face! There was no doubt who enjoyed the size and strength advantage in the matchup, but The Technician was bringing boundless confidence and a seven year amateur wrestling pedigree to the ring, giving him the edge on the mat.

True to form, the Technician used his speed to take the champion down to the mat and "rode" the bigger man on the ground, smugly showcasing his amateur wrestling skills and supposedly asserting his dominance. Damage's face told the story - he was frustrated at being taken down, and wasn't about to let it happen again and indeed soon rocked The Technician with a big back body drop. Damage sought to flatten the Technician with a vertical splash in the corner, but the Technician got a boot up. Leaping to the second rope for an aerial attack, the hapless tag champion was instead hauled aloft and press-slammed for his troubles!

The challenger sought to regroup on the outside, drawing Damage from the ring. Slipping back in, the Technician used the ring ropes themselves to attack the bigger man's arm, hit a swinging armbreaker and grounded the champion with an armbar. The Technician's gameplan appeared to be to take out Damage's arm, thereby denying him the use of the main weapon in his arsenal - the "Burying The Hatchet" axe bomber. Obviously of the same mind, Damage battled back to his feet and hit a big spinebuster. Looking for an early victory, Damage went to Burying The Hatchet, but the Technician had the move scouted and countered with a single-arm DDT (or "Divorce Court") to further attack Damage's main weapon. The Technician continued with a bridging armlock takeover and continued to work on the champion's arm. Digging deep, Max Damage fought back with a big boot-clothesline combination to rattle the Technician. So much so that the technical wizard utilised a Greco-Roman thumb-to-the-eye to swing the pendulum back in his favour, again attacking Damage's arm by using the ring environment itself to his advantage.

The Technician kept up the assault with a dropkick to Damage's arm which left the champion open for a vicious juji-gatame (cross armbreaker) as the challenger sought a submission victory. Showing his strength and determination, Damage battled back to his feet with the Technician still holding on, then dropped his tenacious opponent with a back suplex! Both men dragged themselves up to their knees and exchanged punches in the middle of the ring. The champion rallied and bowled over the Technician with a pair of massive shoulder blocks. Sensing victory, Damage went for a powerbomb, but the Technician attempted to wriggle free using the leeway of Damage's injured arm. Finally managing to focus through the pain of his injured arm, "The Axe" hit a massive powerbomb for a very close near fall.

Damage unfortunately further injured his arm when the Technician managed to avoided a big elbow drop. However, the champion still had enough presence of mind to avoid the challenger's subsequent high knee in the corner. The Technician then attempted to somersault away from a Damage vertical splash in the corner, but was caught flat-footed by the experienced champion who used his adrenaline to hoist the challenger aloft for a Damage Gauge (jackhammer) for a heart-stopping near fall! Damage went for a second one, but the Technician reversed out. Seeking to end the match, Damage went up to the top rope, presumably seeking to hit a massive legdrop . The Technician popped up and attempted to literally unseat the champion but was beaten back. Not to be denied, the Technician charged up the ropes again, grabbed Damage and hit a top rope head-and-arm suplex that propelled the big man far across the ring to land hard. Scrambling over, the Technician made the cover for the shocking pinfall victory to become the new KPW champion!

WINNER: The Technician with a top rope head-and-arm suplex for the win by pinfall to become the new KPW Champion!

As The Technician celebrated in the ring with his KPW Tag Team Championship belt, his Oceania amateur wrestling medals and his new KPW Championship belt, Kade Morgan came to ringside. But rather than celebrating with his tag team partner, "3G" indicated he was sore about being "back-stabbed" in the Battle Royal earlier in the evening. Morgan indicated his doubts they could continue together as the KPW Tag Team Champions given the Technician's breach of trust, but the new KPW Champion indicated his new priority by throwing down his KPW Tag Team Championship belt in favour of the coveted KPW Championship!

The questions facing KPW now are: where to now for Max "The Axe" Damage? Where to now for KPW Tag Team Championships The Renegades and how long will The Technician rein as KPW Champion? This is Blair "the Flair" saying, "see you at ringside!"