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KPW Mayhem - 25th May 2012



T-REX versus "The English Sensation" MARCUS KOOL

Marcus Kool had no shortage of courage facing his erstwhile student, but it was clear that T-Rex enjoyed a good thirty kilogram advantage over his opponent and used it to good measure as the two wrestled for the advantage all over the ropes, locked together in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Kool managed to avoid a charge and kicked away at the bigger man, using his speed to vault over T-Rex following him into the turnbuckles in a display of daring and dexterity that had the "Grumpasaurus" eating turnbuckle pad instead!

Knowing he had to do something to equalise T-Rex's ferocity and weight advantage, Kool lured the bigger man into charging him, then dropped to his back while yanking down on the top rope, sending the unfortunate T-Rex crashing to the outside. As T-Rex was collecting himself, Kool hit his student with a cannonball off the ring apron, much to the delight of the KPW fans! T-Rex managed to recover and mercilessly battered the Englishman, slamming his head into the ring apron. Back in the ring, T-Rex made a lackadaisical cover for a near fall. T-Rex then proceeded to simply batter Marcus Kool. Escaping certain doom, the thrill-seeker attacked with a flying cross body block, but the stronger T-Rex caught the hapless Kool in mid-air, shrugged him aloft and brought him crashing down hard in a Samoan drop for a close two-count.
Keeping up the attack, T-Rex stomped down Kool mercilessly in the corner, managing to score another near fall on the stunned Englishman. With the KPW fans behind him, Kool fired away with right hands to the solid torso of T-Rex, which had no effect on the big man... but an open-handed slap shocked T-Rex into momentarily dropping his defences, allowing Kool to rock T-Rex with a drop kick, knock him down to one knee with an enzuigiri and keep him down with a shining wizard for a near fall. Not to be outdone, Kool went to the top rope and flew with a Ricky Steamboat-like flying cross body block for a close two count. T-Rex retaliated with a massive sit-out powerbomb, but took too much time making the cover, which enabled Marcus Kool to kick out by the slimmest of margins and stay in the match!


Wild Willz and Stix battled for control in a criss cross exchange, but once again "the Fixation" intervened all the way from the top rope by hitting a missile dropkick on Stix. Keen to bide his time once more, Jimmy Fox held back and let his two opponents battle it out. Wild Willz managed to trap Stix in a sharpshooter of his own, enabling Fox to blindside a distracted Willz. Fox hauled Stix aloft and slammed him into the turnbuckles in a Tree of Woe. Mindful of the third man in the match, "the Fixation" dodged Willz's charge and a helpless Stix took the avalanche instead. Continuing to capitalise, Jimmy Fox clamped on a headlock, but Wild Willz broke free and flattened "the Fixation" for a near fall. Jimmy Fox and Wild Willz battled for supremacy, Fox's ferocity enabling him to clothesline down the savage hunter.
Meanwhile, Stix had recovered and was seeking to re-insert himself into the match... all the way from the top rope! Jimmy Fox stunned Wild Willz with a vertical suplex for a two-count, but was caught by Stix leaping off the top rope with a cross body block. Wild Willz was dropkicked to the outside of the ring, allowing Stix and Jimmy Fox to battle one-on-one. Stix attacked Fox's arm and did his best to wear the veteran down, but Fox took the cheap shortcut to freedom with a rake to the eyes. Fox tried to repeat history by slamming Stix into the turnbuckles in another Tree of Woe, but Stix avoided the worst of it and went right back to attacking the Fixation's arm with an armbar. Recovering from his battering, Wild Willz took advantage of Stix being wide open by clamping on a Samoa trapezius nerve hold, forcing Stix to chose between releasing Jimmy Fox from the armbar and fighting back against the Samoan! Quickly, the double submission hold degenerated into a vicious chop battle between the three competitors. Fox beat a retreat and Stix and Wild Willz exchanged headbutts, a war in which the hunter from the islands fared much better. Willz pressed his advantage with a powerslam-elbow combination on Stix, and had one primed for the Fixation when he tried another ambush. A dancing headbutt from Wild Willz on Jimmy Fox looked to have the match won for the islander, but it was not to be.

Stix and Jimmy Fox forged an unholy alliance to dethrone Wild Willz, though that quickly broke down when Fox again tried to steal the match. With Stix helpless in the corner, Wild Willz sought to bisect Jimmy Fox with the Samoan spear, but "the Fixation" showed his speed by leapfrogging the attack and poor Stix caught the full force of the blow! Jimmy Fox capitalised with the Emerald Fixation, but Wild Willz somehow managed to kick out. Stix attempted to get involved, but a devastating Tombstone piledriver from the Fixation" put the drummer down for the count. Turning his anger once more towards Wild Willz, Jimmy Fox went for a back suplex, but Willz performed a back somersault to land squarely on his feet. The hunter then managed to hit the Samoan spear following a criss-cross sequence, laying out the Fixation for Wild Willz's top rope flying headbutt which sealed the win for the island hunter!

WINNER: WILD WILLZ beat Jimmy Fox and Stix by pining Jimmy Fox following a top rope flying headbutt.

KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match: The Elite (Bull Addamz and "The Natural" STEVE JORDAN, with manager the ATH) versus H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT (champions)

This was the biggest match of the Elite's fledgling career and it's clear they were aiming for a quick victory before the champions' experience overwhelmed the challengers. Bull Addamz and Lazarus Volt started out for their respective teams and it quickly became clear that Bull Addamz would use his height and strength to
take the advantage. However, Volt used his experience and quickness to cause Addamz to over-reach himself and avoided the bigger man's a charge in the corner. Addamz's characteristic temper got the better of him and he brutally fishooked Volt, backing the ex-circus man to the ropes before Head Referee Daniel Martins could force a break. Volt fought back with a dropkick to rock the Tauranga native. Gathering a full head of steam, Volt then clotheslined Bull Addamz over the top and to the outside.

Back inside the ring, the respective members switched off to allow H-Flame and Steve Jordan to face off. Quickly, the "international superstar" showed his technical acumen by clamping on a side headlock. Though "the Natural" broke free, H-Flame took him to the canvas with a shoulderblock. H-Flame then singled out Jordan's arm for punishment then tagged in Volt who continued the assault by tying up Jordan's arm with wristlocks and arm-wringers. Showing that The Elite had come to this match to fight, Jordan managed to wriggle free and rock Lazarus Volt with a vertical suplex followed by a back suplex. His own frustration getting the better of him, H-Flame allowed himself to be drawn into the ring by the actions of the Elite's manager the ATH, allowing the challengers free reign to batter Lazarus Volt as Head Referee Daniel Martins was forcing H-Flame from the ring. Rallying, Lazarus Volt toppled Bull Addamz with a drop toe hold and it was the champions' turns to dominate. Volt and H-Flame slammed Jordan perpendicular atop the hapless Addamz, then the champions struck with stereo legdrops to flatten the challengers!

H-Flame continued the match with Bull Addamz, catching the big man coming off the ropes with a picture perfect dropkick. Addamz fought back with a running cross bodyblock, but H-Flame showed his strength by catching the big man in mid-air and sending him flying with a fallaway slam. Seeking to one-up his opponent, H-Flame came at Bull Addamz with a running cross bodyblock of his own, but the member of the Elite showcased his own strength by catching the "international superstar" and slamming him hard to the canvas. Addamz wisely tagged in his team-mate, allowing Steve Jordan to join in a double team chop block-flying clothesline on H-Flame for a near fall.

Jordan remained in the ring to revenge himself on H-Flame, but was caught by the co-champion and stuck in the "hot seat" on the second rope. H-Flame battled for a superplex, but Jordan rallied and threw his opponent to the canvas below. Climbing to the top rope for a high-risk manoeuvre, "the Natural" was painfully forestalled by H-Flame chopping out the challenger's feet from beneath him, painfully crotching Jordan on the top turnbuckle. H-Flame then thrilled and amazed the KPW fans by hitting a top rope rana that turned both men inside out! Seeking to regain the advantage, Bull Addamz stormed the ring, but was headed off by Lazarus Volt.

Addamz grabbed Volt for his deadly Death of a Matador (TKO), but Volt reversed into a DDT that flattened the bigger man instead. A quick tag for the champions had Volt as the legal man. H-Flame set up Jordan on his shoulders as Volt went to the top rope. Jordan looked to have escaped his predicament with a
backwards somersault, but it was all for naught as he dropped his guard and was caught once again, enabling H-Flame and Lazarus Volt to finish off the challenger with a devastating double team manoeuvre for Volt to pick up the pin and retain the belts!

WINNERS: LAZARUS VOLT and H-FLAME beat The Elite (Bull Addamz and "The Natural" Steve Jordan with manager the ATH) with a double team atomic elbow-electric chair drop, allowing Volt to pin Jordan to retain the KPW Tag Team Championship.

After the match, there was a surprise return to KPW - the volatile, vicious Inferno! Angrily reminding the fans that he was an ex-tag team champion himself, he announced his intention to challenge Volt and H-Flame for the KPW Tag Team Championship. When Volt pointed out that the "fiery one" obviously needed a tag team partner, Inferno announced that he had that covered. In fact, Inferno angrily gloated that the person he'd chosen was none other than his old running mate, the very wrestler he'd forced into retirement over a year ago... and none other than Jonnie Juice himself ambushed the tag champs, joining Inferno in beating down the tag champions and hitting a top rope elbow drop on H-Flame to emphatically announce his return to KPW! The tag team champions collected themselves and acknowledged the cheers of the KPW fans, but Lazarus Volt and H-Flame must now know they're marked by two of the most experienced and dangerous wrestlers in New Zealand!

KPW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE ROYAL (Just Plain Evil, Angel, Scarlett, Misty, Lolli Lane, Nurse Payne, Jesse, Queen Hollie)

KPW had engaged wrestlers from far and wide to compete for the new and vacant KPW Women's Championship, and each of the wrestlers was determined to become the first ever KPW Women's champion. Once the match began, the action was chaotic, with each wrestler striving for the advantage whilst simultaneously trying to survive. Despite having high hopes, Queen Hollie was eliminated in short order and her fury was quite unregal. Having lost her Team Pretty cohort, Jesse elected to "take a powder" and join Alex "Danger" Donahue on commentary. Just Plain Evil lived up to her name by ambushing Lolli Lane and beating down the rookie wrestler. Misty asserted her dominance by incapacitating Scarlett with a devastating TKO, allowing her to eliminate the rookie. Lolli Lane rallied against JPE, but the crafty veteran ducked out of the way while pulling down the top rope, sending Lolli Lane over and out of the competition.

Angel showed her speed to be a factor in her longevity by catching JPE with a flying headscissors, but the bigger woman ably weathered the storm and ruthlessly tossed Angel from the ring. Nurse Payne battled JPE but was completely flattened by a clothesline. The powerful Misty squared off against the ruthless JPE, and the two looked to be evenly matched. Ultimately, Misty's ferocity prevailed as she caught JPW with a clothesline against the ropes, eliminating the veteran from the match. Fired up from being so close to victory, Nurse Payne fed off the encouragement of the KPW fans and threw everything she had at Misty. The veteran recovered and sent Nurse Payne off the ropes, but Payne retaliated with a flying headscissors that sent Misty spinning. Summoning all her strength, Nurse Payne managed to last eliminate Misty to become the first ever KPW Women's Champion!

WINNER: NURSE PAYNE by last eliminating Misty to win the vacant KPW Women's Championship.



With the Nauparatoa Cook Island Drummers sounding the massive crowd favourite to the ring, it was clear that Kade Morgan had a huge task ahead of him to gain revenge for a previous loss, as all the KPW fans were rooting for the big man from the islands. Morgan cut right to the chase by ambushing Mister Samoa before the opening bell. Mister Samoa immediately retaliated with a vertical suplex, but was unable to keep Morgan's shoulders down for even the briefest count. Morgan attempted to gain a momentum, but ate a huge back elbow from his opponent off a criss-cross exchange. Mister Samoa showed his strength by lifting Morgan up for a bodyslam and being able to pick and chose the exact spot where he wanted to dump his opponent. Morgan changed tactics and attempted to out-wrestle the bigger man, tying up Mister Samoa with a wristlock. The massive islander was not to be denied, however, and battled free. Morgan decided to regroup on the outside, but
Mister Samoa followed his opponent to continue the attack. The two wrestlers traded vicious knife edge chops, the sound of which echoed throughout the hall!

Back in the ring, Mister Samoa snatched Morgan aloft for a Samoan drop, but "3G" reversed into a DDT. Singling out his opponent's back for a precision attack, Morgan mercilessly went to work on the downed Mister Samoa. Looking for a big move, Morgan showed his strength by hauling the massive islander up and over with a vertical suplex but took far too much time before making the ensuing cover, allowing the big islander to kick out. Again showing his strength and technique, Kade Morgan bodyslammed Mister Samoa. Whipping the bigger man into the corner turnbuckle, Morgan looked to have his opponent all set up for a corner splash, but Mister Samoa had recovered enough to throw Kade Morgan across the ring with a massive overhead release belly to belly suplex. Morgan managed to throw Mister Samoa into the corner post shoulder first. Continuing the attack, Morgan flattened his opponent with a gourdbuster. Wanting to emphatically finish off his opponent,
Morgan eschewed further technique or power moves by grabbing a folding chair as a weapon. Despite the warnings of referee Danny Sol, Morgan stuck Mister Samoa square with the chair, incurring an immediate disqualification.

WINNER: MISTER SAMOA beat Kade Morgan "3G" by disqualification when Morgan used a folding chair as an illegal weapon.

Having broken the seat of the chair on Mister Samoa's tough head, Morgan sought to injure the neck of his opponent using the remains of he chair. Left at Morgan's relative mercy, it looked like it was all over for Mister Samoa when Wild Willz rushed the ring to make the save for his fellow islander, seeing off the threat of Kade Morgan!

Main event: HAIR versus CAREER: THE TECHNICIAN versus WHETU the Maori Warrior

The Technician obviously thought that he could rid himself of Whetu by ending the Maori Warrior's career without his own beloved KPW Championship being at stake, while also sending a message that Whetu wasn't worthy of challenging for the Championship. Whetu was all set to take the Technician's mana by taking his hair. All thoughts of a purely technical exchange went out the window from the outset of the match, with the opponents just angrily shoving each other and ferociously trading blows on the canvas. The fight spilled to the outside of the ring, where the Technician managed to whip Whetu into the steel ringpost. Back in the ring, Whetu took to the air and caught the Technician unawares off a criss-cross exchange with a flying inverted neckbreaker. Whetu kept the pressure on the Technician by catching him with a Stinger splash in the corner. Whetu whipped the Technician to the opposite turnbuckle, but the KPW Champion bounced back with a high
knee that stunned his opponent.

Having spent a little of their ferocity and aggression, the two wrestlers sough the advantage with a technical exchange. Whetu took the Technician to the canvas with a headlock takedown, but the Technician brought his extensive amateur wrestling background to bear by reversing into a headscissors and clamping on a headlock of his own. Whetu managed to get to his feet and the two traded armdrags while seeking an opening, the Maori Warrior then managing to ground his opponent with an armdrag into an armbar. The Technician managed to escape and sought to mount some offense, but was caught by Whetu with a rollup for a near fall. Pressing the advantage, Whetu went for Utu (swinging bulldog), but the Technician managed to block Whetu's trademark move and take his opponent off his feet with a vicious chop block.

The Technician zeroed in on Whetu's leg like a surgeon, stretching the limb every which way and clamping on a spinning kneebar and slamming the knee into the mat with a "knee DT". Whetu used the support of the KPW fans to battle back to his feet, but the Technician was able to take down the Maori Warrior and clamp on a chinlock, seeking to ground the high-flyer and simply wear out his hated foe. Whetu managed to fight back to a vertical base and knock down the Technician with a spinning wheel kick. However, the damage sustained on his leg kept him from capitalising quickly enough on a flying headbutt, and the Technician managed to avoid the attack. Planting Whetu with a bodyslam, the Technician went all the way to the top rope and hit a legdrop for a very close two count.

Tying up Whetu with a front facelock, the Technician went for the Techniplex (corkscrew sitout exploder) but Whetu rolled through with a cradle for a near fall. Angry now, the Technician managed to hit the Techniplex, but neglected to hook his opponent's leg which enabled Whetu to kick out. Clearly showing his frustration, the Technician blatantly brought a chair into the ring and set it up square in the middle. Furious at the rules violation, Head Referee Daniel Martins took the chair from the ring, but the official's absence enabled the Technician to use the KPW Championship belt as a weapon (not the first time in the championship's history) to stun Whetu. Seeking to end things once and for all, the Technician set up his opponent for a Techniplex on the championship belt, but Whetu reversed and hit Utu on the championship belt instead! With the Technician stunned, Whetu used his last reserves of energy to make it to the top rope and fly with a top
rope headbutt for the winning pinfall.

WINNER: WHETU pinned the Technician with a top rope flying headbutt and the right to shave the Technician of his hair.

After the match, the Technician claimed he was "kidding" about the stipulation, and fled to the back in an attempt to remain long-haired. However, Jade Diamond, H-Flame and Mister Samoa - all of who have a storied history with the Technician - manhandled the cowardly KPW Champion back to the centre of the ring him to the ring so that Whetu could cut and then shave his hair, to the absolute delight of the KPW fans!

Remember to check for the latest KPW news. This is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"