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05.11.13 19:28 Age: 8 yrs


KPW's seventh annual showcase event of the year was held on Saturday 2nd November at Wellington High School.  The fans turned out to see wrestlers from all around the country - from NZWPW, SCW, Maniacs United and the Graham Hughes Academy - strive to survive and put on the best family-friendly professional wrestling in New Zealand!   Special Guest Colour Commentator Mr David Dunn was on hand to call the action-packed card from top to bottom. 

At the top of the show, KPW Commentator Blair "the Flair" delivered the bad news that Mister Samoa was carrying an injury and would consequently not be able to compete for the vacant KPW Championship.  

SINGLES MATCH:  "The Grumpasorous" T-REX versus "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES

As special guest colour commentator David Dunn pointed out, it was in Hughes' best interests to end this match quickly: Hughes was scheduled for a KPW Championship title match later in the evening in his capacity as taking Mister Samoa's place.  The match began with Hughes pitting his experience against T-Rex's strength, and being thrown back across the ring by the bigger man for his troubles.  Hughes locked up once more and forced T-Rex to play the technical game, hanging onto a standing side headlock to control the bigger man.  T-Rex attempted to use his power to break the hold by lifting Hughes bodily into the air.  Hughes managed to hold on, but a second attempt from an angered T-Rex cast the "Standard Hero" into the air!  Hughes managed to land on his feet and sent T-Rex to the floor with an enzuigiri.

Keeping up the pressure, Hughes risked it all with a moonsault from the ring apron which almost had him landing on his head, but the impact was more than sufficient to knock T-Rex flat.  The "Grumpasorous" recovered quickly enough and gained the advantage while brawling through the crowd of fans on hand.  Throwing Hughes back into the ring, T-Rex battered his opponent from one side of the ring to the other.  T-Rex clamped on a bear hug to punish Hughes' back and soften him up for the kill.  Hughes looked like he was fading, but managed to work his arms free and disorientated T-Rex by boxing the bigger man's ears.

T-Rex followed up on Hughes' weakened back with a Boston crab.  With the fans behind him, Hughes managed to make the ropes, which forced T-Rex to reluctantly break the hold.  His fury knowing no bounds, T-Rex laid in the massive boots.  Whipping his opponent to the turnbuckle, T-Rex missed a following-up shoulder charge.  Hughes capitalised on the discombobulated T-Rex to strike with a Tomikaze, but was too beaten down to capitalise.  Both men struggled to be the first to rise to their feat.  T-Rex won that race, and sadly for the "Standard Hero", he was wide open to a back-crunching powerbomb from T-Rex that sealed his fate.

WINNER: T-REX pinned Graham Hughes with a powerbomb.


Almost immediately after the match, KPW CEO Rip Morgan appeared at ringside, leading Shane "the Shooter" Sinclair.  Stating he was tired of being "pushed around" by the fans, Mister Morgan angrily pointed out that he was the one in charge and not the fans.  In fact, Morgan was so angered at the perceived disrespect of the fans that he announced that the KPW Championship match would take place right there and then!  Blair "the Flair" tried to point out that Hughes had only just wrestled a match, and was in no continue to compete at that time, but Rip Morgan would not be swayed, and angrily bid the match to begin!



Fresh from the locker room, Sinclair leapt upon Hughes before the opening bell, administering a savage beating.  Hughes had never been KPW Championship, whereas Sinclair had reigned before, albeit in a different guise - thus, Sinclair knew what it was like to be KPW Champion, and was apparently prepared to make a "deal with the Devil" to be KPW Champion once again.  Tying up his battered foe with a standing side headlock, Sinclair took the exhausted Hughes to the canvas with a headlock takedown and kept him there with a sky-high jumping legdrop for a near fall.

Keeping himself in the driving seat, the "Shooter" clamped on a chinlock that left Hughes wide open for a massive "spinal tap" shin kick to the spine.  Rather than knocking him down and out, the repeated punishment seemed to light a fire in "the Standard Hero", one which threatened to scorch the Shooter.  A few stinging lariats saw Sinclair bail to the floor of Wellington High School.  Hughes pursued his opponent to the outside, but fell afoul of Sinclair's superior brawling skills.  Luckily for Hughes, he was able to dodge a running "ole" kick that almost had Sinclair suffering a debilitating groin stretch!

Back inside the ring, Sinclair took a page from the playbook of the Iron Sheik (Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri) and clamped Hughes in a camel clutch, seeking to "make him humble".  Showing the resilience gained by wrestling around the Europe, and tremendous determination in his second grueling match of the night, Hughes managed to battle back to a vertical base.  It was then that Sinclair distracted the ref while Rip Morgan entered the ring and practically knocked Hughes cold with a big right hand.  With his opponent stunned, Hughes was easy prey for the Techniplex and a controversial win. 

WINNER and NEW CHAMPION:  SHANE "the Shooter" SINCLAIR pinned Graham Hughes with the Techniplex (sitout exploder suplex) following interference from KPW CEO Rip Morgan, to capture the vacant KPW Championship.   


FOUR-WAY Divas match: MISTY (NZWPW) versus KRYSTAL KAYNE (Hughes Academy) versus ANGEL (Hughes Academy) versus AMY St CLARE (NZWPW).  Special Guest Referee: QUEEN HOLLIE
As a special treat for the fans, KPW had assembled great female pro wrestling talent from around the county.  As the veteran in the match, the vicious Misty from NZWPW looked to be the favourite on experience alone.  However, this match was "first fall takes it all", so any alliances would be temporary by definition.

Speaking of alliances, it appeared that Misty and Amy St Clare had formed an unholy alliance to take the fight to Kayne and Angel.  With all four competitiors flying around the ring, the match escalated into a melee of scrum-like proportions.  But in the end, there could only be one winner.  Misty's experience and raw power saw her through the gauntlet to victory!
WINNER: MISTY (from NZWPW) managed to outlast the other three competitors for the win.


KPW Tag Team Championship #1 CONTENDERS match:  TERRY the GOLDEN GREEK and "Irishman" MIKE RYAN versus TEAM DIABLO (El Condor and Doctor Diablo)
Odd couples collided in this tag team encounter when a Greek and an Irishman took on a pair of masked Mexicans.  With the cracks in their alliance supposedly mended, the "Knossos-Cork Connection" stood united against a duo of luchadors.

Doctor Diablo and Terry began the contest for their respective teams.  Diablo quickly took control with an arm-wringer.  Terry used his strength to reverse, but Diablo countered with speed to put Team Diablo in the driving seat.  El Condor was tagged in and picked up on the arm-wringer that Doctor Diablo had started.

It was then that the expereince of the Irishman and Terry came into play.  Terry took control with an eye rake, then the Greek and the Irishman "cut the ring in half".  Quick tags in and out for Terry and Mike Ryan kept a fresh man in the ring at all times, and the Irishman's hard-hitting brawling style kept El Condor on the canvas.  Doctor Diablo was champing at the bit to get into the ring and even the score, but the rampage was seemingly unstoppable.  Unluckily for Terry, he missed a vertical splash on El Condor when the wily luchador dodged aside.  This opening was what the masked men needed, and El Condor managed to tag his partner. 

Doctor Diablo entered the ring as the proverbial fiery enchilada, but made a rookie mistake and turned his back on Mike Ryan.  As referee Danny "The Soul Man" Sol was busy tending to the battered El Condor, the Irishman blindsided Doctor Diablo as the luchador grappled with the big Greek.  Terry capitalised on his team-mate's set-up with a skull-cracking headbutt which left the good Doctor senseless on the canvas. The Golden Greek sealed the deal for his team with a massive elbow drop which enabled him to score the winning pinfall.
WINNERS and new Number One Tag Team Contenders: TERRY the GOLDEN GREEK and Irishman MIKE RYAN, when TERRY pinned Diablo with an atomic elbow drop.

After the match, Mike Ryan took out his frustrations on their fallen foes and poor referee Danny Sol.  Terry tried to reign him in, but the Irishman would not be denied.  In a shocking turn of events, CEO Rip Morgan rushed the ring and put the boots to Terry alongside Mike Ryan!  Morgan and Ryan exulted in their destruction and left to the jeers of the disgusted fans, leaving the battered but unbowed Golden Greek to stagger back to the locker room with the fans now on his side! 


Ex-tag team partners collided in this match in which there could only be one winner... and one ultimate loser!  Blaming Volt for the loss of their coveted KPW Tag Team Championship had pushed the already-cocky H-Flame over the edge.  Having crossed the line in turning his back on the man he called his friend, H-Flame had agreed to put his career on said line against the actually wronged party, Lazarus Volt. 

Right off the opening bell, Volt used his speed to strike thrice, forcing the "international superstar" to eject himself from the ring to regroup.  H-Flame bade his time and attempted to regain the advantage by brawling with Volt when the ex-ringmaster pursued him to the arena floor.  Retaining his focus, Volt reversed an Irish whip and sent H-Flame into the unforgiving metal ringpost instead.  Throwing H-Flame back into the ring, Volt set his opponent up for an early kill with the High Voltage (top rope dropkick).  Caught square by the devastating move, H-Flame still had enough strength to kick out of Volt's cover.

Negating H-Flame's vertical base, Volt clamped on a step-over toe hold.  Never one to be outdone, H-Flame made it back to his feet and rattled Volt with a pair of dragon sleeper backbreakers into an inverted DDT.  Showcasing his own agility, H-Flame whipped Volt to the ropes and went under, over and then right into the wide-open Volt with a precision dropkick.  H-Flame latched onto a chinlock and snuck his feet up the ropes for extra (illegal) leverage, but referee "Iron Man" Chris Ferguson used his skills gained at the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy to spot the chicanery and get things back on a level playing field.

With the fans behind him, Volt fought back to a vertical base of his own.  The "little man from the big top" took the fight right to H-Flame with his speed and agility, but the longest-reigning KPW Champion H-Flame turned a satellite headscissors into a side slam for a near fall to regain control of the match.  Eschewing technical brilliance for outright brutality, H-Flame tied Volt to the Tree of Woe.  He laid in the boots to his helpless ex-friend, even slipping from the ring to choke an upside-down Volt.

Back in the centre of the ring, H-Flame went for the cover, but picked up the helpless Volt at two.  Obviously enjoying himself with his opponent at his (relative) mercy, H-Flame again picked Volt up at two, to the disgust of the fans.  The "international superstar" then proceeded to "get his pump on" by cranking out some press-ups, for no other reason than to "load" his "guns" for some posing.  Obviously loving taunting the fans and confident of a victory. H-Flame climbed into the corner for some prime posing, but Volt had used the time to recover; he grabbed his foe from below to deliver an opportunistic yet no less devastating powerbomb!

With both men spent, Volt was unable to capitalise with a cover.  The race was on to make it to their feet.  Volt won by a whisker and rolled up H-Flame for a two-count, quickly following up with a double-leg takedown into a jack-knife for another near fall then a roll-up that nearly scored the winning pinfall.  Fired up and determined for payback, Volt went to the top rope and hit a moonsault on the hapless H-Flame who had stumbled to his feet in the meantime.  Volt mashed up H-Flame's features with a running bulldog into the centre of the ring.

Seeking the coup de grace, Volt again ascended to the top rope.  Sadly, H-Flame was ready this time and caught the ex-ringmaster on the way down, slamming him into the canvas with the H-Bomb (running powerslam) for a near fall.  Frustrated and seeking to finish off his foe once and for all, H-Flame Irish whipped Volt into the turnbuckles, but missed a shoulder charge.  Volt saw the opening and rolled up H-Flame for a heart-stoppingly close near fall.  Back in control, H-Flame knocked the wind out of Volt with a back suplex.  Zeroing in, H-Flame deployed the Nuke for the heart-breaking pinfall victory to force Volt to retire from the pro-wrestling business.

WINNER: H-FLAME pinned Lazarus Volt with the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) to force Volt to retire.

After the match, Lazarus Volt's students from the HighWire Wrestling Academy - including Bull Addams, the neophyte Shogun and even reprehensible Rodeo Drive member Steve Jordan - came out to pay respects to their sensei.  Lazarus Volt left the arena for the final time with his head held high and the cheers of the fans in his ears!


INTERPROMOTIONAL "open challenge / open slather" BATTLE ROYAL
Throughout the first part of the show, KPW management, medical and legal teams had been frantically busy backstage vetting the entrants to the battle royal, with even commentator Blair "the Flair" drafted in to witness the contract signings.  The participants included KPW's El Condor, the debuting Simon S. Berry and own Rodeo Drive, with "The Natural" Steve Jordan and "The Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts being accompanied by "Danger" Donahue's "mobile insurance policy", the massive Bryant.  From NZWPW, Hayden Thiele, Chad Howard, Jade Priest and Paul Sayers were amongst the combatants, with Shogun representing the HighWire Wrestling Academy.

The battle royal began predictably enough with a mass brawl, and Simon S. Berry enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the first eliminated from the ring (perhaps through virtue of being the lightest participant).  Bryant made short work of anyone who threatened Rodeo Drive.  This included the poor El Condor, who's thigh kicks to Bryant only opened him up for a massive one-handed chokeslam!  Charlie Roberts made something of a tactical error when he released Bryant from the competitiion, meaning the largest man in the battle royal (annd Roberts' biggest ally) happily followed orders and eliminated himself, removing himself from the equation.  The bodies hit the floor unitl it was co-Tag Team Champion versus co-Tag Team Champion, with KPW's Charlie Roberts squaring off against NZWPW's Chad Howard.  The pair battled in the ring, in the corner and on the apron until Chad Howard "pulled it out" and ejected Roberts to be crowned the winner!

WINNER: CHAD HOWARD (NZWPW) last eliminated Charlie Roberts to be the "last man standing (in the ring)" to win the battle royal.


There was something in the air that suggested this encounter between champ and long-time challenger would be definitive: it may have been the backdrop of KPW's biggest show of the year, it may have been the presence of long-time rival Queen Hollie as Special Guest Referee, but the fans could sense something special in the air.

Going on the offense early, Nurse Payne showed her technical acumen that she'd learnt at the calloused hands of her unique patient, The Brute.  Despite having faced Nurse Payne before, Scarlett seemed half-a-step behind "everyone's favourite care-giver" as she sped and twisted herself around the flame-haired vixen's attempts to latch on a controlling hold.  Nurse Payne's startling flexibility and agility came into play as she impressively bridged out of a top wristlock.  Scarlett Irish whipped her opponent to the unforgiving turnbuckles, but the challenger missed a cross-corner charge and was rolled up by Nurse Payne for a close near-fall.  The defending champ clamped on a standing side headlock to control the challenger.  With all the bad blood between her and the other two participants, Special Guest Referee Queen Hollie was surprisingly non-biased, calling it "right down the middle" and doing an excellent job of keeping the title match on an even keel. 

Scarlett wowed the crowd and rocked Nurse Payne with a high hiplock takeover for a two-count.  The challenger went for the same move once again, but Nurse Payne showed her recently stepped-up training had paid off by reversing Scarlett's manoeuvre, rolling through into a perpendicular jack-knife pinning predicament.  Scarlett was a little rattled, but managed to gain enough control to Irish whip her opponent to the ropes.  Nurse Payne came back ably with a sunset flip for another near fall, really keeping up the pressure on the challenger.  Riding high on the momentum she'd built, Nurse Payne took to the air with a flying shoulderblock that flattened Scarlett, following up with a diving shoulderblock that almost smeared the seated Scarlett into the canvas. 

Drawing on her past defeats for inspiration and determination, the flame-haired vixen took down the champ with a flying mare and turned Nurse Payne inside out with a reverse rolling neck-snap (somersault neckbreaker, if you will).  With Nurse Payne fighting back for all she was worth, Scarlett managed to tie up the champ in a bridging fisherman's suplex for the hard-fought victory!
WINNER: SCARLETT pinned Nurse Payne with a bridging fisherman's suplex to win the KPW Women's' Championship.


Youngblood made his evil intentions clear from the outset, barrelling out to the ring for his match and crashing through recently-dethroned poor Nurse Payne, much to the disgust of the fans.  As befitted the Halloween theme of the event, and his bad new attitude, Youngblood was dressed as a manacled convict.  Referee Danny "Soul Man" Sol recognised that said manacles could be used as a weapon and attempted to divest Youngblood from them.  The young buck then impressed the referee and crowd by breaking free of the manacles by brute strength alone, but as the "Soul Man" was removing the now-foreign objects from the ring, Youngblood struck Kade Morgan with a "Ric Flair uppercut" to take control of the match.  Fortunately for "3G", he stopped "holdin' 'em and/or countin' 'em" and came back with a massive lariat, to the cheers of the fans.  Youngblood wisely (yet cowardly) retreated to ringside, but Morgan launched into a cannonball (somersault senton splash) from the apron to take Youngblood off his game. 

Recovering on the floor, Youngblood lured the over-eager Morgan into a stungun.  Divesting himself of his convict trousers, Youngblood used the torn fabric to choke Morgan.  Big Bad Rhys missed a clothesline, but managed to catch Morgan with a pair of armdrags into an armbar.  Youngblood stretched his opponent in a longbow backbreaker, viciously centering his attacks on Morgan's orbital sockets and nose cartilage.  The bigger man kept his momentum strong by guillotining Morgan on the bottom ring rope.   Confident of victory, Youngblood's mocking one-finger cover barely garnered a two-count. 

Sufficiently enraged to channel his pedigree as New Zealand's only third-generation professional wrestler, Morgan scored with a vertical splash, crushing Youngblood against the turnbuckles.  having gotten his opponent on the ropes, Morgan charged in for another body attack, but was met with a big spear from Youngblood.  Stripping down to his proper ring gear, Youngblood used the remains of his convict shirt as a makeshift garrotte, choking Morgan.  He worked the referee's count, hanging on until four to inflict the maximum amount of pain and punishment to his opponent.  Morgan fought back with a pair of thunderous lariats and a back elbow.  In desperation, Youngblood went for his jumping single-knee facebreaker, but Morgan dodged and Youngblood crashed flat on his back. 

Showing his strength and agility, Morgan hit a rolling fireman's carry slam.  Now desperate, Youngblood cheated to buy himself some much-needed breathing space.  In haste, Youngblood went for a running bulldog, but the move went badly awry.  Able to exploit such an opening, Morgan sealed the deal with a massive gourdbuster (front drop suplex) that almost spiked Youngblood on his head for the winning pinfall, avenging his previous loss.
WINNER: KADE MORGAN "3G" pinned Rhys Youngblood with the gourdbuster (front drop suplex).


KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:  ROCK 'n' RAGE ("Big" Bull Addams and Stix) versus RODEO DRIVE (Charlie Roberts and "The Natural" Steve Jordan) (with BRYANT) (champs)
In many ways, Steve Jordan's vicious attack on Stix's knee that put the rock 'n' roller on the bench for months caused this showdown; when Stix came back from rehab, he knew he needed help to take on Rodeo Drive.  A "tune up" match with Bull Addams - Jordan's ex-tag team partner in The Elite - convinced Stix he'd found someone powerful enough and angry enough with Rodeo Drive to be a fierce ally.  KPW granted Stix's request for a title match (because they knew the fans wanted to see it) and this bout was all ready - the united front of Rodeo Drive versus the untested team of Rock 'n' Rage.  Speaking of Rodeo Drive, it was just as well that manager "Danger" Donahue had sent a "present" to Roberts and Jordan to make up for his unavoidable absence ... in the massive 6'3" form of the "moving roadblock" Bryant!

So eager were they to take the opportunity for payback, Stix and Addams attacked the champs before the match had even officially started.  Taken right off their gameplan, Rode Drive were laid open to a "stereo" 10-punch in the corners from both members of Rock 'n' Rage.  Recovering, Rodeo Drive looked to have reversed a double Irish whip from the challengers, but a little "do-se-do" put Stix and Addams back on the attack and they routed the champions from the ring.  The newly-formed Rock 'n' Rage showed excellent team-work for their first outing, taking the fight right to the A-Listers with a double-team monkey-flip and bulldog on Charlie Roberts.  Seeking to take the fight to the floor and regroup, Roberts tried to blindside Addams (who was brawling with Bryant on the floor) with a tope suicida.  Not to be outdone, Stix went to the top rope and performed a daredevil "stage dive" to the floor, wiping out the champions once more. 

Back in the ring to start the match proper, any momentum Roberts was seeking to build was curtailed by Stix hitting a Michinoku Driver II.  Though the challengers looked to be having it all their own way, Roberts showed his toughness and wrestling skill by catching his less-experienced opponent with a precision dropkick.  Next, he took a cue from Tommy Billington and rocked Stix with a snap suplex which set up the good time drummer for a dropkick to his back.  Now back on track, Roberts taunted Addams into entering the ring illegally, allowing Rodeo Drive to switch off without a tag.  Jordan battled Stix and almost broke Stix with a big back suplex.  Roberts tagged in for some double-team action on Stix, namely a fireman's carry slam into a double-knee backbreaker on Stix.  Roberts riled the crowd with a nonchalant cover on the co-challenger.  With the fans on his side, Stix fought back, managing to hit a flying clothesline on "the King of Bling" for a near fall. 

Roberts regained his composure and tagged in "The Natural" as the fresh man for the champions.  Rodeo Drive showed their dominance with a spectacular double-team delayed vertical suplex, pausing at the apex for a double-team bicep pose.  Left alone in the ring against Steve Jordan, Stix struggled to stay in the match.  Roberts tagged in for the defending champs and went to work on  Stix with a camel clutch, revelling  in the punishment he was dishing out.  With a tremendous amount of heart, Stix managed to battle his way out.  Both men raced to "pull the trigger" on the other, but great minds thinking alike lead to both men going for the same clothesline simultaneously. 

With both men down, the fans rose in support of the beloved challengers.  Stix managed to tag in the rampant Bull, who set to dominating Jordan.  Roberts ran to aid his comrade, but Bull dished out powerslams all round for Rodeo Drive.  Trapping "the Natural" in a neutral corner, Bull kept him there with driving shoulder charges.  Dragging Jordan to the centre of the ring, Addams showed off his strength with a gorilla press uranage which folded up Jordan like a matchbook.  Desperate to regain control of the match, Roberts snuck in illegally, but was headed off by Stix with a Faceplant (wheelbarrow slam).  With the way forward clear, Bull hit his dreaded 'Death of a Matador' (F5) on Steve Jordan.  With the championships on the line, Addams pulled out all the stops and climbed to the top rope like King Kong to the top of the Empire State Building.  From his lofty perch, Bull soared forth in a "Bull-frog Splash" for the winning pinfall on Steve Jordan to capture the KPW Tag Team Championship for Rock 'n' Rage!
WINNERS:  ROCK 'n' RAGE (Stix and Bull Addams) beat Rodeo Drive (Charlie Roberts and Steve Jordan) (with Bryant) when BULL ADDAMS pinned Steve Jordan with a "Bull-frog Splash" to win the KPW Tag Team Championship. 


MAIN EVENT:  THREE WAY THREE CHAMPIONS match: RUFGUTS Roddy Gunn (SCW Champion) (w/ "Dreamcatcher" Phillip Woodgate) versus BEN MANA (NZWPW Champion) versus SHANE "the Shooter" SINCLAIR (KPW Champion)
For the first time ever in the country, the champions of three pro wrestling companies squared off in the ring.  Though there were no titles on the line, the bragging rights alone would sustain the winner throughout their career.  Despite having wrestled earlier, newly-crowned KPW Champion Shane Sinclair was looking fresh and spry; the fact that he'd captured the coveted KPW Championship for a second time - CEO Rip Morgan's blatant interference notwithstanding - seemed to act as a real tonic for "the Shooter". 

The three champions filled the ring with their presence and gravitas, but as they closed to lock up, there was a sudden commotion and three wrestlers rushed the ring - Johnny Idol of NZWPW, Kade Morgan from KPW and Taylor Adams (apparently representing SCW).  The "intruders" pressed the advantage of surprise, pushing the champion to the floor.  Taylor Adams wowed the crowd and flattened the champions on the outside with a flying cross body block from the top rope to the floor.  Amid the melee, Blair "the Flair" announced that he'd just received an MSN message from KPW management that this match was now a six man tag team encounter - champions versus the companies' Number One Contenders!


(UPDATED) MAIN EVENT:  SIX MAN "CHAMPIONS versus NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS" TAG TEAM MATCH: RUFGUTS Roddy Gunn (SCW Champion) (w/ "Dreamcatcher" Phillip Woodgate) and BEN MANA (NZWPW Champion) and SHANE "the Shooter" SINCLAIR (KPW Champion) versus TAYLOR ADAMS (SCW) and JOHNNY IDOL (NZWPW) and KADE MORGAN "3G" (KPW)
Not to be outdone, Johnny Idol took inspiration from Taylor Adams' high-flying attack and launched himself into a tope suicida onto the assembled wrestlers on the floor.  Upping the ante and completing the "hat trick" for the Contenders, Kade Morgan hit a top rope moonsault to the floor!  Scraping themselves together, the Champions struggled to present a united front.  As special guest colour commentator David Dunn pointed out, the Champions had prepared for this big match on the basis that they'd be opponents, not on the same team.  Mister Dunn also noted that Rufguts had his "Right 2 Challenge" in his back pocket, allowing him a shot at Ben Mana's NZWPW title at any time, meaning those two champions working as part of a team would be troublesome at best. 

Back in the ring with the assembled teams in their respective corners, Rufguts squared off against KPW's new Number One Contender, Kade Morgan.  The SCW Champion and "3G" entered into a back-and-forth chop battle.  Keeping things fresh for his team, Morgan tagged in Johnny Idol against Rufguts.  The contenders quickly turned the match into a three-on-one "mugging" in their favour.  Rufguts caught the Number One Contender to his SCW title and took him to the canvas, keeping Taylor Adams there with a punishing chinlock.  Showing commendable strength and determination, Adams fought back to feet.  Having tired of the encounter, Rufguts tagged in NZWPW Champion Ben Mana, perhaps hoping to scout his future opponent.  Ben Mana and Taylor Adams battled for their respective teams.  At one point, Adams went to the top rope for a high risk manoeuvre, but "Dreamcatcher" Phil Woodgate intervened for the "status quo" and shoved Taylor from his precarious perch.

Mana had the match under control for the Champions, but then Rufguts tagged himself in, much to Mana's chagrin.  Taylor and the SCW Champion squared off once more, Rufguts continuing the punishment on Taylor.  Seeing the fun Rufguts was having, Shane Sinclair wanted in and Rufguts obliged.  Continuing the work that Rufguts had begun, "the Shooter" centered his attack on Taylor's arm.  Seeking to cut the ring in half - and tellingly not going to Ben Mana, who was the fresh man - Sinclair tagged in Rufguts.  Relishing the opportunity to inflict more pain, Rufguts tried to bend Taylor in half with a full nelson.  Taylor proved more tough than the SCW champ had predicted, and Rufguts tagged in the new KPW Champion.  Seeing an opening, Taylor rolled up Sinclair for a near fall.  "The Shooter" quickly retaliated with a headlock takedown, keeping Adams right where "the Shooter" was most dangerous - on the mat.  Adams managed to block a cross-corner charge and desperately lunged for the much-needed tag, but got dropped with a spinebuster for his troubles. 

Rufguts tagged in to "pick the bones" with a massive butterfly suplex on the battered Taylor Adams for a close two-count.  Rufguts settled in for the night with a camel clutch on the smaller man, using his bulk to his advantage.  Adams desperately fought back to his feet, but Rufguts shocked the crowd by latching on a standing bodyscissors to take down the top contender to his SCW Championship.  Obviously having decided to leave team-mate Ben Mana out of the equation, Rufguts tagged in Sinclair.  The "Shooter" announced his presence with an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex.  Determined to be in the match and tired of the disrespect, Mana tagged himself in.  The KPW Champion flattened Taylor with a big splash into a cover, but Adams thrilled the crowd by kicking out.  Mana set up Taylor for the kill with the Maori spike, but his signalling the move was cunningly (and selfishly) turned into a tag by Rufguts.  Sadly, things for the Champions went pear-shaped.   The breakthrough had arrived and Adams made the desperation tag to Johnny Idol as Rufguts managed to tag in Sinclair.  Idol hit a dropkick into a standing moonsault.  When that failed to score a pinfall, Idol hit a Gutbuster on "the Shooter".  "Dreamcatcher" again ran interference for the champions.  Mana looked to have Rufguts in his sites for payback with a Maori Spike, but the big man's self-preservation instincts saved him and Kade Morgan was dropped with the devastating move instead.  The NZWPW Champion was bitterly disappointed with that outcome.  The end was nigh for the number one contenders, as each champion picked the bones of their respective number one contender and delivered their respective finishing moves to reinforce the status quo.  The referee counted a triple pin and  each of the champs had shown why they were worthy of carrying their company's big gold belt.
WINNERS: THE CHAMPIONS beat the Number One Contenders when "RUFGUTS" Roddy Gun (SCW Champion) pinned Taylor Adams with the RufDriver, BEN MANA (NZWPW) Champion pinned Johnny Idol with the Mana Slam and SHANE "the Shooter' SINCLAIR pinned KADE MORGAN "3G" with the Techniplex.