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16.12.13 22:03 Age: 7 yrs

2013 - Year in Review (Part 1 of a series) - THE DAY THE CLOWNS CRIED

2013 will be remembered in KPW  for many reasons, but for one wrestler the year was more about ends than beginnings.  This is because 2013 was the year when the "little man from the big top" Lazarus Volt was obliged to retire from the squared circle, having been the losing party in a Career versus Career match at "Halloween Howl 7".

Lazarus Volt impressed the KPW talent selectors from the outset with his ability to perform for an audience, his unique personality and his performance ability that indicated he had what it took to make his mark in the professional wrestling business.  They quickly acquired him for KPW's growing galaxy of shining stars.  Making his in-ring debut at "Halloween Howl 2" in 2007, Lazarus Volt surprised the fans (and his opponent) with a cunning win over veteran New Zealand wrestler Rogue Trooper.  

From then on, the only was was up for Lazarus Volt.  He remained undefeated throughout his rookie year, something seen never before or since in KPW.  Win, lose, draw or whatever, Volt always committed to entertaining the fans like the born performer he is.  Fans may remember Volt's match against "The Fixation" Jimmy Foxx on Season One of KPW's "Off The Ropes".  

Volt went from strength to strength when he teamed up with fellow River City native H-Flame.  On paper, a unique pairing to say the least, but the proof of this unusual pudding was in the ring and its taste was usually bitter defeat for their opponents.  H-Flame's internationally-sourced technical ability and strength were commented by Volt's speed, agility, cunning, masterful psychological tactics and ability to absorb a beating endeared them to the KPW fans and management alike.

Teamed with the "international superstar", Volt and H-Flame worked their  way up the KPW tag team ranks.  Before long, they were butting heads with the terrible twosome who were holding onto to the KWP Tag Team Championships by any means necessary, mainly foul - the Renegades, consisting of New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler, Kade Morgan "3G" and the then-KPW Champion the Technician.

Time and again, the "River City Natives" battled the Renegades, with the defending champs using every dirty trick in their extensive playbook to hold onto the championship.  But the unique combo of H-Flame and Lazarus Volt were not to be denied; at "True Mana" in July 2011, the fan favourites won out and finally managed to beat the Renegades to win the KPW Tag Team Championship!  

H-Flame and Lazarus Volt would hold the Tag Team Championship for nearly a year and a half, staving off all challengers. However, the newly-formed stable of Rodeo Drive  - which now counted Volt's ex-pupil Steve Jordan in its ranks - proved just too powerful and devious for the champs; at "Bays Wrestlefest II" in Tauranga in January 2013, Charlie Roberts and Steve Jordan put Lazarus Volt through a table to end their tag team reign and usher in the era of Rodeo Drive.    

Cracks appeared in the H-Flame / Volt alliance after the championship loss, but hindsight is always 20/20.  H-Flame was harbouring resentment towards his team-mate for being the (unwilling) recipient of the losing pinfall.  That resentment got the better of him and boiled over for all the fans to see at "Cossie Carnage 2" in July 2013 when he interfered in Lazarus Volt's match, costing the ex-ringmaster a victory against longtime for Jimmy Foxx.

Things came to a head between the former team-mates when it became clear that H-Flame's betrayal of their partnership meant they could no longer co-exist in the same locker room, like two lions in captivity.  A career versus career match was set for "Halloween Howl" 7 in November 2013, where the ex-friends collided in what was surely the match of Volt's career.  Sadly, though he left it all in the ring, Volt wasn't the better man on the day, and was handed a bitter loss by H-Flame.  Though not the winner, Volt had nothing to be ashamed of.  He lived up to the expectations of the fans and his pupils of the High Wire Wrestling Academy.  In fact, one of Volt's graduates - the Reparoa rock 'n' roller Stix - is currently co-holder of the KPW Tag Team Championship, thus continuing the legacy of his mentor, in a sense. 

So Lazarus Volt packs his tent and heads off into the sunset.  He will be sorely missed by the KPW fans and the locker room.  Friends and foe alike remember him as a man of the people, a man of the high wire, a man of the top rope and a man of his word to the end.  KPW salutes the career and the legacy of Lazarus Volt.