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28.07.13 16:40 Age: 8 yrs

KPW: COSSIE CARNAGE 2 - Results in full

The KPW fans braved the earthquakes and came out in force to support KPW's second show at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club on Sunday 21 July 2013.  The stars of Kiwi Pro Wrestling came out to shine, as did the talent all the way from Maniacs United women's professional wrestling.  



T-REX versus EL GRINDO  

From the opening lock-up, T-Rex centered himself and used his power to cast off the smaller, masked man.  Having learned his lesson, El Grindo used his experience gained from being the light-middle-heavyweight champion of Ecuador to slip under T-Rex's guard and into a back waistlock.  The masked man then utilised his skills as a human pepper grinder to unsettle his opponent (and certain portions of the crowd).  El Grindo then slapped on a hammerlock, but again T-Rex used his power to simply shrug off his smaller opponent.  


Undeterred, El Grindo came back off the ropes with a flying headscissors, following up with a pair of armdrags that took T-Rex off his feet.  The "Grumpasorous" chose to regroup on the outside of the ring, the baying calls of the Cossie Club crowd.  Back in the ring, El Grindo tried to again tie up T-Rex with an arm-wringer.  Sound tactics availed him naught against raw aggression as El Grindo was barreled back to the corner, whipped to the opposite unforgiving corner, and met on the rebound with a massive hip toss for a two count.  T-Rex laid in the boots on his downed opponent and scored another near fall.  


Firing up, El Grindo took the fight to the much bigger man by attempting a bodyslam, but threw his back instead of T-Rex.  The "Grumpasorous" then showed the Cossie Club how a bodyslam is performed, rattling the Human Pepper Grinder for a count of two from KPW referee "The Man With The Metal Face" Zac Corona.  Frustrated at El Grindo's resistance, T-Rex rocked the other wrestler's world with a vertical suplex for another near fall, continuing repeatedly to make the cover in order to force El Grindo to expend further energy to repeatedly kick out.  His characteristic anger boiling over, T-Rex blatantly choked his opponent .  


Feeling the power, El Grindo became extra spicy, connecting with a flying shoulderblock which only served to get T-Rex's attention.  A second flying shoulderblock sadly had little effect, but a third finally took the "Grumpasorous" off his massive feet.  Throwing caution to the winds, El Grindo ascended to the top rope for a high risk manoeuvre, but sadly jumped into a big boot from T-Rex.  Channeling his hatred for luchadors, T-Rex unleashed a crucifix side powerbomb for the emphatic victory.             

Winner:  T-REX pinned El Grindo with a crucifix side powerbomb







Maniacs United singles match:  KRYSTAL KAYNE versus ANGEL  

In a departure from the advertised card, these two young firebrands from Maniacs United collided in the ring in a one-on-one encounter.  The two showed their wrestling acumen by exchanging technical holds.  Kayne became frustrated with things not going her way, and bailed from the ring.  Back in the ring, Angel took her opponent down to the mat and keep her there with amateur takedowns.  Channelling her spite, Kayne came back with her power, grabbing a handful of Angel's hair and whipping the smaller woman to the corner.  


Angel came back, to the delight of the crowd, but Kayne regrouped with a cross-corner Irish whip and immediately following up with a brutal clothesline that crushed Angel against the unforgiving turnbuckles.  Not to be outdone, Angel flipped over her off a back body drop attempt to turn it into a pinning predicament for a close two count.  Rebounding out of the corner, Angel was picked up for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but used her agility to flip free.  Kayne tried once more, but Angel again ably evaded and struck emphatically with a shinraui to score the win.    

Winner:  ANGEL pinned Krystal Kayne with a shiranui (backflip three-quarter facelock falling inverted DDT / Sliced Bread No. 2).




The massive Rhys Youngblood was all set to impress in his KPW debut proper, having impressed at the Graham Hughes Academy with his experience gained training and wrestling in the USA.  For his part, Morgan was eager to take down this wrestler whom he regarded as an upstart, and re-establish himself in the KPW rankings.   Youngblood took control of the match early on with with a standing side headlock, a devastating control hold in the massive hands of the taller man.  Using his experience, Morgan shot Youngblood off the ropes to release the hold, but budged not an inch when Youngblood returned off the ropes with a massive shoulderblock.  Indeed, Youngblood "directed traffic", inviting Morgan to try a shoulderblock of his own, but when "3G" ran the ropes, Youngblood brought up Morgan short with a cheeky slap, ejecting the shocked Morgan from the ring!  


"Playing possum" on the outside, Morgan lured Youngblood closer then hit a hotshot / stungun.  Upping the ante, Morgan cast aside the black ringside mats, exposing the unforgiving floorboards of the Upper Hutt Cossie Club.  Morgan then mercilessly attempted a piledriver, but Youngblood recovered and backdropped out of the attempt.  In the ring once more, Morgan scored with a few cheap shots on his opponent, and choked Youngblood on the ropes.  Continuing to use the environment to his advantage, Morgan hauled Youngblood aloft and simply dropped him across the top rope, targeting the taller man's core muscles.  Morgan stomped on Youngblood's abdominals and clamped on a surfboard.  


With the crowd rallying behind the young man, Youngblood fought back and struggled back to his feet.  Coming off the ropes for an attack, Morgan attempted to meet him with a kitchen sink, but the big man showed his agility by rolling through and turning it into a schoolboy rollup for a near fall.  Morgan immediately came back with a stinging lariat for a near fall of his own.  Wanting to stay in the driving seat, Morgan latched on an abdominal stretch, further punishing Youngblood's already battered core muscles.  


Utilising his youth and conditioning, Youngblood regained his balance and threw off Morgan with a massive hip toss.  Whipping his opponent into the turnbuckles, Morgan was unable to successfully follow up when he ran into a massive boot.  Youngblood fired back, but both men went to simultaneously pull the trigger and leveled each other with a clothesline, leaving both men down and seemingly out!


Tapping his energy, Rhys blocked a boot from Morgan and flapjacked "3G" on ropes in retaliation.  Morgans woes continued courtesy of a big back body drop which set him up for a Northern Lights Driver, resulting in a very close two count.  Morgan shrugged off a single knee facebreaker attempt, but Rhys channeled his ki (having filled his meter) and a second attempt left Morgan laying in the middle of the ring!

Winner:  RHYS YOUNGBLOOD pinned Kade Morgan "3G" with a single knee facebreaker.




Attempting to out-technical the other, the two wrestlers traded arm-wringer.  Juice made his disrespect for his opponent clear by "paintbrushing" Sinclair.  Such an infuriating move seemed to jar Sinclair from his game plan, and "the Mayor of Awesometown" took down "the Shooter" in a headlock.  Recovering quickly, Sinclair managed to power out of the hold.  However, Juice retaliated swiftly with an STO-like manoeuvre to keep Sinclair rattled.  


Juice moved in for the kill with his trademark stinging right hands, creating an opening which he then exploited with a side Russian legsweep.  The Team Pretty chairman followed up with a pair of snap legdrops, but Sinclair was still way too strong to be kept down.  Indeed, Sinclair found his fire and fired back, but Juice's experience and dexterity allowed him to duck a clothesline and catch Sinclair with a flying headscissors.  


Choosing to keep the ring technician on the mat, Juice followed up his attack on Sinclair's neck by cinching in a neck vice.  The Cossie Club crowd rallied behind "the Shooter", but Juice put himself back in control of the match with a leg lariat.  From a collar-and-elbow lockup, Sinclair latched on his dreaded heel hook, threatening Juice ligaments with destruction.  Unable to escape by fair means, Juice swiftly resorted to foul by raking his opponent's eyes.  


Smelling victory, Juice hit a flying clothesline from the top rope, but only scored a near fall.  Taking a page from his ex-teammate X-Rated's playbook, Juice hit the XTC (leapfrog rocker dropper) on Sinclair for a close two count.  seeking to slow the match to his pace and infuriate the fans, Juice latched onto Sinclair with a  chinlock.  Battered but not beaten, "the Shooter" fought back and struck with a unique combo, an STO-like backbreaker into an inverted tiger suplex.  Sinclair kept up the pressure by flattening Juice with a lariat.  However, Juice rolled under a second attempt, rolling up Sinclair for a two count.  


Shane retaliated with an exploder suplex, but unfortunately was now too battered to make the cover in time to gain anything approaching a near fall.  Vicious as ever, Juice went back to his opponent's eyes, following up by raking Sinclair's eyes on the ropes.  Infuriating the fans, Juice then practiced his "Amateur Chiropracticy" by hanging Sinclair on the second rope and standing on his back!  Breaking before the fatal count of five, Juice attempted a folding press with his feet blatantly on the ropes, further incurring the wrath of the fans.  Taking out his frustrations on his opponent, Juice hit a running boot to Sinclair's head.  


Seeking to turn out the "Shooter's" lights, Juice clamped on a chinlock and brought his weight to bear.  However, the kick to the head seemed to have just made Sinclair mad: Sinclair picked up up Juice and carried him bodily to the second rope, brining them back down into the ring with a second rope fallaway slam!  Both men were down.  Sinclair made a desperation cover, but only got a near fall.  Sinclair went up to the top rope for a moonsault attempt, but Juice popped up from the canvas, ran up the ropes, clamped on a back waistlock and fired Sinclair backwards with an overhead release belly to belly suplex!  


Both men were now badly battered and almost spent.  Juice managed to make a cover, but Sinclair kicked out on pure instinct. With his last reserves, Sinclair managed to make a lateral press of his own, but Juice's resilience showed through and he was able to get a shoulder off the canvas to keep him in the match.  The wrestlers slugged it out on their knees, trading blows with pure fury born of  desperation.  Juice whipped Sinclair to the turnbuckles but "the Shooter" leapt up onto the second turnbuckle and attempted a springboard cross body, but instead leapt straight into Juice's crippling Starscream Superkick.  Tasting victory, Juice ably ascended t the top rope and flew onto the attack with his top rope elbow drop, but there was "no water in the pool" because Sinclair's experience enabled him to roll aside!  With his third wind, Sinclair focused his anger and turned Juice's world upside down with the Techniplex for the pinfall win!             

Winner:  SHANE "the Shooter" SINCLAIR pinned Jonnie Juice with the Techniplex (turning sitout exploder suplex).




The available KPW roster piled into the ring, eager to make their mark on their opponents, impress the Cossie Club crowd and dazzle KPW management.  Rodeo Drive went straight for Wild Willz and Mark Freemantle and the two teams eliminated each other in a fierce brawl.  The action came thick and fast until the last two wrestlers faced each other in the ring: Kade Morgan and T-Rex!  The "Grumpasorous" looked to have the match won, but when he charged Morgan who was caught helpless against the turnbuckles, Morgan used timing and skill to vault T-Rex out and over the top rope, becoming the last man standing!  

Winner:  KADE MORGAN "3G" outlasted all other competitors, finally ousting T-Rex from the ring to win.




Immediately, Jimmy Foxx "took a powder" on the outside, signaling his intent to let the other two competitors batter each other senseless, thereby allowing him to swoop in like a cunning vulture and pick their respective carcasses; a sensible, if hardly sporting approach, which earned the vocal ire of the fans.  In the ring, Bull Addams went toe-to-toe with Lazarus Volt.  Unsurprisingly, Addams used his power to gain an early advantage, nearly flattening the ex-ringmaster with a clothesline in the corner.  


Hearing opportunity knocking, Foxx slipped unseen back into the ring and cut off Addams' pinfall attempt, hell-bent on glory for himself.  Foxx caught Volt in a small package for a near fall.  Seeing that needs must when you're in the ring with the devil, Foxx and Volt joined forces to attack Addams with a double-team flapjack on Addams.  Having now gotten the big Bull's attention, Addams downed Foxx with a clothesline, and rocked Volt with a drop kick.  In the (combat) zone, Addams bodyslammed both his opponents.  However, the numbers game prevailed - as Foxx held an uncharacteristically stunned Addams in place, Volt went up to the top rope for the High Voltage (top rope drop kick) to eliminate Addams from the match by pinfall.


The high-impact move seemed to have knocked some cobwebs loose from Addams, as the furious big man from Tauranga unleashed his devastating "Death of a Matador" (F5) on "the little man from the big top" before he could be persuaded to vacate the ring.  Now in control in this one-on-one matchup, Foxx tied Volt in the Tree of Woe, battered the helpless fan favourite and hit a big sideslam for two.  Seeking to stay on top, Foxx trapped Volt in a chinlock.  At this point, a friendly face arrived at ringside in the form of Volt's tag team parter H-Flame.  The "international superstar" cheered on Volt with the fans and Volt battled free from the chinlock.  Volt kept himself in the fight with a step-up enzuigiri and front dropkick.  Whipping Foxx to the turnbuckle, Volt almost changed Foxx's outlook with a big bulldog.  


With victory now in his grasp, Volt went to the top rope for another high risk manoeuvre, but shockingly, H-Flame shoved his tag tam partner from the precarious perch!  Ever one to capitalise on an opening, Foxx wasted no time in hitting the Final Fixation (Emerald Flowsion) on Volt for the pinfall victory.    

Winner:  Lazarus Volt eliminated Bull Addams by pinfall;  JIMMY FOXX pinned Lazarus Volt  with the Final Fixation (Emerald Flowsion) to win the match after H-Flame turned on his former tag team parter.



Following the match, H-Flame justified his heinous betrayal by claiming that he'd always been held back by Volt when they'd tagged together, and that Volt was the reason they'd lost the KPW Tag Team Championship to Rodeo Drive.  H-Flame punctuated his new manifesto by beating down the helpless Volt, until Graham Hughes ran out to make the save.  The two wrestlers were already scheduled for a match, so this confrontation ensured that it began in earnest!   



H-FLAME versus "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES  

Hughes brought the fury to the match with armdrags that caused H-Flame to bail from the ring to regroup.  Allowing his opponent no respite, Hughes followed H-Flame and hauled him back into the ring.  Back inside, H-Flame offered a test of strength which Hughes gamely accepted.  H-Flame managed to create an opening with his superior strength and trapped Hughes in with wrist-clutch suplex for a near fall.  Hughes retaliated with a single leg takedown.  Following up with a charge into the corner, Hughes was instead sent up, over the top rope and out with a massive Irish whip to the turnbuckles from H-Flame.  


Outside the ring once more, H-Flame moved in fro the kill, but Hughes reversed an Irish whip to send him into the steel ringpost!  The brawl continued on the outside, with Hughes hitting a moonsault from a ringside table onto the hapless H-Flame!  Back in the ring once more, Hughes went up to the top rope for a something big, but H-Flame popped up and chopped away at Hughes' vertical base, leaving "Portsmouth's Finest"  singing soprano.  Focusing his determination, H-Flame hit a big top rope clothesline for two count.  H-Flame followed up immediately with the devastating Nuke for the pinfall win.

Winner:  H-FLAME pinned Graham Hughes with the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb)




In the KPW Women's Championship match, champ Nurse Payne revealed that she was not medically cleared to compete due to having recently donated a kidney, so she would not be able to defend the Championship against Scarlett.  However, Special Guest Referee Queen Hollie revealed she had lined up a suitable challenger - JPE from Maniacs United - and cleared the match with KPW management to make it a Number One Contender's match!



KPW Women's Championship Number One Contender's match:  J.P.E. (Just Plain Evil) (Maniacs United) versus SCARLETT.  Special Guest Referee: QUEEN HOLLIE.

Right from the get-go, JPE blindsided Scarlett and choked her opponent in the corner.  In her role as referee, Queen Hollie was noticeably slow in laying in the five-count.  JPE took Scarlett down to the canvas with a snapmare and kept her there with "spinal tap" shin kicks.  Continuing to use the ring to her advantage in defiance of the rules, JPE again choked Scarlett on the ropes, only relenting to hit a hotshot / stungun. 


Getting down to the nefarious business of causing pain, the veteran from Maniacs United centered her attack on Scarlett's back.  JPE continued dominating her less-experienced opponent, keeping up the pressure and allowing Scarlett no respite.  As much for her own pleasure as Scarlett's pain, JPW wrenched Scarlett's arms and back in a surfboard.  The Cossie Club crowd yelled their support for Scarlett and the flame-haired vixen fought back to a vertical base, battering JPE with elbows and knees.  Scarlett backed JPE into a corner and mercilessly chopped away on JPE, to the delight of the KPW fans.  Knees to the mid-section doubled up JPE and left her open for a snapmare that took her down to the canvas. A rolling neck-snap from Scarlett kept JPE down, followed up with a seated dropkick.  Scarlett made the cover, but Queen Hollie was amazingly slow in making the count, allowing JPE eons in which to kick out of the lateral press.  


Seeing she would really have to conclusively defeat JPE, Scarlett rattled JPE's ribcage with a snap suplex. Scarlett made another lateral press on JPE, and was again rewarded with another painfully slow count from Queen Hollie.  Scarlett's second attempt at a snap suplex was blocked by the veteran, allowing JPE to regain the upper hand.  However, JPE's temper got the better of her, and she stopped to have words with the Special Guest Referee about the parameters of their "agreement", JPE punctuating her remarks with an open-handed slap to Queen Hollie!  In the meantime, Scarlett had recovered, saw the opportunity and seized it with both hands: she blindsided JPE, rolled up the evil veteran and a furious Queen Hollie made the superhumanly fast pinfall count to declare Scarlett the winner! 

Winner:   SCARLETT pinned JPE with a rollup (to remain Number One Contender to the KPW Women's Championship) when Special Guest Referee Queen Hollie contributed with a quick count, having been slapped by JPE!    



KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: RODEO DRIVE ("Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts and "The Natural" Steve Jordan with "Danger" Donahue) (champs) versus "Marvelous" MARK FREEMANTLE and WILD WILLZ

The challengers attacked the champs from the get-go, driving Rodeo Drive from the ring.  The battle continued wholesale on the outside, and those Cossie Club patrons with ringside seats indeed got a ringside view as Rodeo Drive and the challengers "The Vancouver-Connection" brawled almost into their laps!  Back in the ring at last, Wild Willz and Charlie Roberts began the bout proper for their respective teams.  Roberts was whipped to the corner and suffered a ten-punch.  A big hip toss took Roberts up and over.  Wild Willz chopped away on the "A-Lister" with his island hunter savagery.  Roberts used his skill to block some of the incoming attacks, but a massive third chop found the mark.  The challengers made a quick tag, and as Willz held Roberts aloft in a bearhug, Freemantle came off the ropes with a Hart Attack clothesline to the helpless co-champ.  Taking a page out of another Canadian tag team's playbook, Willz twisted Roberts into a Boston Crab as Freemantle again came off the ropes and delivered a kneedrop onto Roberts that scored a near fall.


Freemantle was tagged in and attempted to keep up the momentum for his team, but a flying cross bodyblock attempt was caught by "the Ayatollah of High Rollas" and turned into a fallaway slam.  Roberts put Rodeo Drive back on the A-List by simply choking away on Freemantle.  Jordan tagged in and Rodeo Drive hit a double-team hip toss on Freemantle.  Jordan with a dropkick, vertical suplex and jumping "Air Jordan" kneedrop by way of retaliation, resulting in a two count for the defending champions.


Cutting the ring in half, Rodeo Drive made the tag again.  A tied-up Freemantle was wide open for a top-rope axehandle on his arm.  Roberts kept the downed Canadian grounded with a knee strategically placed across Freemantle's throat.  A delayed fisherman's suplex resulted in a near fall for Rodeo Drive.  Jordan was tagged in once more and announced his presence with an impressive delayed vertical suplex on Freemantle.  


Freemantle fired back with a clothesline of his own.  Jordan saw an opening and went to his opponent's eyes to regain control.  He kept Freemantle from gaining any advantage by repeatedly choking him, only breaking at four and thereby risking disqualification.  Jordan tagged in Roberts, and Rodeo Drive hit a blistering series of maneuvers on Freemantle, steamrolling him with a "spinal tap" shin kicks to the back, a seated crossbody and seated dropkick for a very close near fall.  


Again, Freemantle fought back, but Rodeo Drive forestalled any momentum from the challengers by luring Wild Willz into the ring illegally, then ambushing Freemantle behind the referee's back.  Freemantle managed a sunset flip for two.  However, Roberts cut off Freemantle from making the all-important tag for the challengers.  Punctuating his disrespect for all the challengers, he walked over Freemantle's back as if the Canadian were a doormat.  Freemantle powered up, hitting a pari of flying clotheslines to put both men down.  Surprisingly, both men were back to their feet simultaneously thanks to a  Double nip up by both co-champ and co-challenger.  Roberts choked Freemantle on the ropes.    Freemantle came back with a mighty sitout hip toss. 


Jordan managed to tag in; clamped on a surfboard.  Wild Willz rallied the Cossie Club crowd.  Freemantle battled back to his feet.  cross body.  Slugfest between Freemantle and "The Natural".  Both men managed to make the tag.  A fresh Wild Willz was unleashed on Rodeo Drive.  The island hunter hit a big powerslam on Charlie Roberts, followed up with his "war dance" headbutt.  Roberts was still in the fight until being bisected by a spear from Willz.  Willz went to the top rope for his big splash, but there was "no water in the pool" as Roberts managed to roll aside.  In turn, Charlie Roberts climbed to the top rope, but missed his own leg drop to instead severely compress his coccyx.  Freemantle tagged in for the challengers, hitting a bodyslam on Roberts.  Rodeo Drive manager "Danger" Donahue then earned his ten percent by swiping a title belt from the commentator's table, slipping it to Steve Jordan in the ring, allowing "The Natural" to tattoo the Canadian sensation, setting up the easy and tainted pinfall on Freemantle. 

Winners (and still KPW Tag Team champions):   RODEO DRIVE ("Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts and "The Natural" Steve Jordan with "Danger" Donahue) pinned challengers Mark Freemantle and Wild Willz TO RETAIN the KPW Tag Team Championship when Alex "Danger" Donahue slipped a championship belt to Steve Jordan, allowing "the Natural" to stun Freemantle, setting up Roberts to make the tainted pinfall.   




KPW's next big scheduled event is "Halloween Howl 7", Saturday 02/11/2013 at Wellington High School, Taranaki Street, Wellington.