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16.10.12 01:17 Age: 9 yrs

KADE MORGAN "3G" - Once a Sheepherder, always a Sheepherder!

Charlie Roberts, Jimmy Foxx, and Terry the Golden Geek. How tough you guys must feel after attacking me, three onto one!  Congratulations, you have just passed the test.  Showing how stupid and cowardly you really are. You just missed one little thing though... you didn't do a GOOD ENOUGH JOB. Yes, you did crack my ribs.  Yes. you did leave scars on my back for WEEKS. But I am still here! I am still breathing! And I am still standing!

You came onto my property, you disrespected my family and you disrespected me! That's fine... you have just added fuel to the fire. The fire that will engulf you on the 26th of October at "Halloween Howl 6" -  Bushwhacker Luke's return!  You step into the ring with one of the most feared men, one of the most violent men in professional wrestling... Bushwhacker Luke! One of the most feared brawlers throughout out the world.  And guess what? He's family!  Blood is thicker than water, justice will be served.  On the 26th of October, you two step into the ring with Luke, but you also step into the ring with me! Kade Morgan, "3G".

If it's a fight you want, a fight is what you're going to get.  Charlie Roberts, all the training in the world is not going to help you. This match will require intestinal fortitude, something you three lack.  Charlie Roberts, Jimmy Foxx and Terry the Golden Greek, I have been beaten around the head with lead pipes, chairs, kendo sticks, golf clubs, hockey sticks... you name it, I've had it!  You think I'm scared of a street fight with you three?  Boy, am I looking forward to it!  I am stronger than you, faster than you and on the 26th of October, I'm going to out wrestle you, then beat the living daylights out of you.  And when Bushwhacker Luke and myself are finished, we are going to throw you in the trash, because that's where you three belong. Not in a wrestling ring. This is no ordinary match. You have crossed the line. This is not BUSINESS, this is now PERSONAL.

Look what these two men, Bushwhacker Luke and his mate Bushwhacker Butch have done for professional wrestling.  From starting in the 1960s in New Zealand to wrestling as the Sheepherders in the National Wrestling Alliance and then most famously as the Bushwhackers in the WWF... these men put New Zealand professional wrestling on the world stage.  My uncle Rip Morgan was also a big professional wrestling star in New Zealand and also for the NWA, WCW and he also toured extensively around the world. I follow humbly in their footsteps knowing I have a long way to go.

And on the 26th of October, the Sheepherders are reuniting and opening up a can off "whoop ass" on three disrespectful idiots.  Charlie Roberts, Jimmy Foxx, Terry the Golden Greek, 26th of October, Wellington High School, 7.30PM, don't be late! Cousin Luke and myself will fight to restore the respect of New Zealand professional wrestling. You three men started this, and my family is going to finish it!

New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler
Relative of Bushwhacker Luke