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Ring Rampage

Jonnie Juice claims Number 2 Contender Spot at Ring Rampage

KPW Ring Rampage Full Results

Dr Diablo def. El Mucho Drunko

The Ram def. Creed

Jonnie Juice def. Inferno

Inferno not only had to combat the presence of Team Pretty but an injured shoulder he suffered at Storm Warning. The longtime rivals went at it hammer and tong for as long as possible and Inferno looked set to get a long overdue win with the Afterburner Chokeslam but his shoulder stopped him. So he went to his Cinder lock (Texas Clover Leaf) but Team Pretty again made their presence felt getting on the apron. The distraction was enough for Inferno to break the hold and as he did Jonnie was quick to slip in with a roll up for 3.

Max Damage def. D Money

The young powerhouse looked to crowd support to help him overcome the cocky challenger in D Money. Despite a strong showing from Money and several back and forth exchanges Damage was able to hoist his foe up for his patented Damage Gauge (Jackhammer) for the academic 3 count.

Jeremiah def. El Condor

The mysterious new superstar El Condor drew the worst possible luck in taking on Jeremiah in his KPW debut. Despite the luchador throwing everything he had at the man mountain it would prove futile as Jeremiah dropped him with his patented spin out gut buster.


In a match made on the Bushwhacker Shack both men tore into each other to try and cripple the other. With the majority of the action taking place on the outside neither man could gain an advantage. So naturally Buck gained one with the assistance of the ring post. As the referee used up his 10 count Buck grabbed his boots and proceeded to beat H- Flame mercilessly until the locker room emptied to separate the 2.


Jonnie Juice def. Buck, Max Damage, Creed, D Money, Ram, Inferno and Jeremiah in a Battle Royal for the Number 2 Contenders spot.

The main event did not take long to break down and as predicted it was every man for himself. With neither man giving anyone else a second chance the eliminations came fast and furious until only 2 men were left. With Jonnie Juice and Max Damage left in the ring it was the numbers of Team Pretty that made the difference and it was Jessie who pulled the rope down that sent Max flying outside and Jonnie onto Eruption to face H-Flame.

Courtesy of NZPWI