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River City ShowDown

Friday 06 March 2009
Wanganui War Memorial Hall

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River City Showdown PosterA packed house of raucous wrestling fans were on hand at the Wanganui War Memorial Hall for KPW's first Wanganui show.  Amongst the KPW stars were three men in particular for whom the event was a homecoming: Wanganui's own Lazarus Volt, Chris DeLorean and KPW Champion H-Flame were all fired up to showcase their skills before a hometown crowd!

The show began with a memorial for the recently-departed veteran wrestler Robert Bruce.  Blair "the Flair" read a memorial to the ex-wrestler and theatrical agent, then lead then a ten-bell salute for the dearly-departed muscle man from Musselburgh.

MAX "the Axe" DAMAGE versus JAS "the Ace"

The show proper opened  with Aucklander Jas "the Ace" taking on the Taranaki tall-man Max "the Axe" Damage.  Right from the get-go, Damage showed he wasn't about to be pushed around, sending his opponent flying with two powerful shoves from the lockup.  When Jas locked up a third time and attempted to match power with Damage, the bigger man simply stepped back and Jas fall flat on his face!  The two got into a slugfest which unsurprisingly went Damage's way, forcing Jas to retreat to the outside.  Damage followed his opponent, but when he attempted to sandwich Jas against the steel ringpost, the Aucklander showed his cunning and managed to sidestep, sending Damage crashing into the steel shoulder-first!

Now with a clear target, "the Ace" worked on the injured arm of Damage, holding him in place with a wristlock and attacking the shoulder with shoulder barges of his own.  Damage fought back, flooring Jas with a big clothesline from his injured arm, using his giant adrenaline rush to fight through the pain.  But the injury had slowed him down enough so that the wily Jas was able to capitalise and get back on top once more, taking Damage down with a single-arm DDT for a two-count.  Latching onto an armbar, Jas thought he was in control of things, but the Motorua Monster battled back once again and unleashed more clotheslines, squashing the smaller man in the corner.  Jas mounted a desperation attack on his larger opponent's arm once more, but Damage hauled him aloft and sent Jas crashing to the canvas with a flapjack spinebuster for the win by pinfall.


The next match of the night pitted the first of the hometown heroes versus one of the more colourful KPW characters, "IceWolf" Christopher Simons.  Initially, the two traded arm-wringers before DeLorean gained an advantage with a hip-toss.  He backed the masked man into the corner and pummeled him before delivering a big bulldog for a near fall.  Losing patience, IceWolf went straight for the throat - literally! - and battered away on the River City native with punches and a big bodyslam, before DeLorean fought back with a big back body-drop.  Simons cut off DeLorean at the pass, however, reversing an Irish whip into a high-angle back-drop for a near-fall.

Deciding to keep the Wanganui native grounded, Simons clamped on a half-crab, seeking a submission. With the fans behind him, DeLorean managed to make it to the ropes, forcing the IceWolf to break the hold.  Not to be outdone, the man who howls at the moon concentrated on his opponent's leg, setting him up for a high-risk maneuver from the top rope.  Rallying, DeLorean intercepted the IceWolf, sending him plummeting from the top rope!  Sending the IceWolf to the ropes, DeLorean sent Simons flying with a spinning head-scissors.  Intending to show the IceWolf how it's done, DeLorean climbed to the "high rent district" and caught his opponent with a flying cross body-block for a very close near-fall!

The pair battled on the ropes.  When IceWolf attempted to escape, DeLorean hit him with a clothesline from the apron to the floor of the Wanganui War Memorial Hall.  The battle on the outside went the worse for DeLorean, as he suffered a fate similar to Max Damage as he was sent into the corner post.  Back in the ring, IceWolf attacked with a backbreaker.  Setting his opponent up in the corner, Simons scored with a running double-knee strike.  A second attempt was stopped by DeLorean, but "Mr Love Potion" was caught when he went to the top rope again  - the IceWolf set DeLoran up for a superplex, but the Wanganui native reversed it into a tornado DDT!  DeLorean went for the DeLorean Device, but IceWolf reversed it into a desperation lungblower.  Going for broke, IceWolf went up and targeted DeLorean with a top rope diving headbutt, but his opponent had enough presence of mind to roll out of the way, and manage to hit the DeLorean Device (rocker dropper) for the win!  After the match, DeLorean celebrated with his many Wanganui fans.

MILES D'ROCK versus LAZARUS VOLT (w/Trinket the Clown)

Whenever these two meet in the ring, it's always a chance for payback for Miles D'Rock, who was beaten by Volt in the latter's debut match.  Right from the start, Wanganui's own Lazarus Volt won over the crowd with his own unique style while his friend Trinket the clown distributed goodies to the many young fans.  Despite having a distinct size disadvantage against the bulky Miles D'Rock, Volt quickly used his speed to avoid the bigger man's attacks, much to the veteran's frustration at the ringmaster's perceived stalling tactics.  Volt and D'Rock entered into a test of strength, which unsurprisingly went badly for the little man from the big top.  Volt went back to relying on his speed, catching the rock 'n' roll man off balance with a sunset flip for a two-count.

Volt pressed the attack with a flying forearm, but the veteran collected himself and battered Volt with a big bodyslam and a powerful snap suplex.   The man from the Rock 'n'  Roll Connection continued his offensive with a back suplex and big back elbow for a near fall.  Volt surprised the veteran with a quick counter for a one count.  A quick assault was cut off just as quickly as D'Rock reversed an Irish whip to the corner.  Setting Volt up in the "hot seat", D'Rock delivered a devastating super-plex!

The rock 'n' roller then danced in celebration before pummeling Volt further with a spinning side slam. Perhaps a little too cocky with the taste of imminent victory, D'Rock missed a corner charge when Volt again used his speed to dodge and rolled up D'Rock for a surprise pin.  This was a case of history repeating itself, following these two wrester's first encounter at "KPW: HALLOWEEN HOWL 2" in 2007.   After the match, D'Rock cornered his opponent and it looked as if he would be extracting some revenge for his loss.  Instead, Miles D'Rock shook Lazarus Volt's hand and acknowledged the Wanganui native's victory in a sterling display of sportsmanship.


In a case of not so much wearing your heart on your sleeve as wearing your allegiance on your shorts, the inscription on the seat of Hollie's trunks left no doubt as to her contempt for Wanganui.  Suzie Q, on the other hand, was a firm fan favourite right from the beginning.  From the opening lock-up, the regal Hollie was backed into a corner.  The self-proclaimed "Queen of the Divas" immediately complained of Suzie Q pulling her hair when no such hair-pulling was evident.

Remaining aloof, the Team Pretty member showed her displeasure by simply slapping Suzie Q across the face -  a perfectly legal open-handed blow, but hardly respectful or sporting.

Suzie Q was furious and Hollie fled the ring, leading her opponent on a merry chase along the floor.  The cunning Hollie headed her opponent off as Suzie Q re-entered the ring. Not to be outdone, the member of the Rock 'n' Roll Connection fought back with a big backbreaker and added a bodyslam for good measure. Dipping into her big bag of dirty ticks, Hollie attacked her opponent's wardrobe instead!  While readjusting her ring attire, Hollie apparently sought solace from a bunch of roses she'd brought to ringside.  Suzie Q saw her opponent in the corner with her back to her. Suzie Q charged but Hollie was ready with the roses and Suzie Q copped a face-full!  In the ensuing confusion, Hollie rolled up her opponent for a tainted win, the shower of fair-smelling petals signaling a foul victory for the Team Pretty member.


Next, the Wanganui fans were joined by someone who had something to get off his chest.  A seven-year veteran who has wrestled extensively in the UK and current Head Trainer at the KPW wrestling school, Graham Hughes expressed his displeasure at being a present at a "backwater town" in a "backwater colony".  In order to inject some real culture into the audience, he ordered the British National anthem to be played.

While he stood at attention to the strains of New Zealand's imperial past, Max "the Axe" Damage came out to deliver a surprise to the uppity Englishman.  But showing his hard-won experience, Hughes leveled the Taranaki titan with a low blow!  As the Wanganui fans howled their disapproval, Hughes dug underneath the ring for a table, which he set up in the centre of the ring.  The Englishman set up Damage for a dragon rana from the top rope through the table, which surely not even Damage could survive!   However, Damage showed his experience by slipping free, sending Hughes crashing to the canvas.   In a case of "dying by the sword", Damage sent Hughes through the table with a massive powerbomb! As the shocked crowd watched on, the unconscious Hughes was stretched to the back for medical attention.


After clearing the table debris from the ring, the show continued with the cunning high-flying masked man El Condor squaring off against Whetu the Maori Warrior.  Straight from his entrance, Whetu made the audience sit up and take notice.  A stirring haka in the ring had the crowd firmly on the Maori Warrior's side even before the first lockup.  Whetu fought his way out of a headlock and the two traded armdrags.  El Condor blind-sided Whetu and thought he'd scored with a monkey-flip.  He paused to jeer at the crowd, before turning to see that Whetu had landed on his feet!  Whetu attacked with a "Maori drop" and showed his athletic prowess with a picture-perfect standing moonsault for a close near fall.

El Condor fought back with a massive swinging side slam, but his resulting arrogant cover allowed Whetu to easily kick out.  The masked man continued the assault with a bodyslam and elbow drop for another near fall, keeping the pressure on the Maori Warrior.  El Condor tied up Whetu in a ude garame (bent armlock), but Whetu used the support of the fans to battle out and caught El Condor with a rana.  The masked man managed to reverse Whetu's corner charge into a sunset flip for a near fall and  threw off the Maori Warrior's charge.  Celebrating too early again, El Condor failed to notice that Whetu had landed on the apron.  The Maori Warrior elbowed his opponent down and came back in with a somersault senton on El Condor, to the cheers of the crowd.  Hauling up his opponent, Whetu then unleashed his own brand of Utu (a swinging bulldog) for the winning pinfall to the cheers of the crowd!

JONNIE JUICE (with Hollie) versus "The Technician" SHANE WHITEHEAD

This promised to be a classic matchup in the making, pitting the veteran of Team Pretty against the Oceania amateur wrestling champion.  Whitehead struck first with an armdrag, hauling Jonnie Juice into an armbar, but the Team Pretty member wasted no time making the ropes.  The shaven-headed rock star vociferously complained about hair-pulling, but the referee wasn't being fooled.  The combatants traded go-behinds and back waistlocks.  Juice felt he'd scored big with a takedown, arrogantly berating his opponent and showing his lack of respect.  Whitehead swiftly responded with fireman's carry, stunning Juice with the speed and strength of the takedown.  Showing he'll take any shortcut to victory, Juice went to the eyes and followed up by going to the hair, following up with a vicious boot to the head.  Juice rode Whitehead on the ropes, simply standing on his back and crushing the amateur wrestling champion against the tight ropes.  With the referee's back turned, Team Pretty team-mate Hollie made her presence felt with a slap across the stunned Whitehead's face.

Juice followed up with a shoulder block, but Whitehead stopped the assault with a drop toehold.  Feeling confident, the new KPW star went to the top rope for a high risk attack, but was caught by the veteran Juice on the way down.  Juice kept Whitehead down with a Russian legsweep and legdrop.  Callously stalking his opponent, Juice waited for Whitehead to drag himself up before nailing a legdrop to the back of his opponent's head.  Showing nothing but contempt for his opponent and the referee, Juice blatantly choked Whitehead, incurring the wrath of the referee and fans.  Juice further grounded Whitehead with a chinlock, but Whitehead powered out with the assistance of the fans.  The Oceania wrestling champion floored Juice with a clothesline but Juice scored with a high knee, following up with an inverted atomic drop into a flying neckbreaker for a close two-count.  Juice arrogantly "paintbrushed" his opponent before hitting a textbook vertical suplex.

An elbow drop into an arrogant cover only garnered a two count, as Whitehead was down but not out. Juice battered his opponent in the corner, whipping him across the ring and following up with a flying splash.  Juice whipped Whitehead into the opposite corner and charged in, but in a display of athleticism, Whitehead ran up the ropes and backward somersaulted over the surprised Juice!  Whitehead then delivered a stunning overhead release belly to belly suplex which put Juice in dire peril; had not "Queen" Hollie been there to extend the bottom rope to within grabbing distance of her team-mate, he might have indeed been pinned!  Hollie then slipped her ever-present bouquet to Juice as she distracted the referee.  Juice pulled a length of chain from inside the bouquet and nailed Whitehead behind the referee's back.  With Whitehead down, Juice went up and hit his Butterfly Effect (frog splash) for the tainted winning pinfall.

KADE MORGAN "3G" versus "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND

Both combatants looked to be evenly matched in the power department for this matchup.  Diamond certainly had the fans on his side, but Morgan brought a real legacy to the ring as New Zealand's only third generation wrestler.  From the initial lockup, Diamond muscled Morgan back into a corner, but the frustrated Morgan refused to give a clean break.  Diamond slapped on a headlock but Morgan used his wrestling pedigree to escape and the two traded armbars.  Diamond scored with a dropkick and overpowered "3G", but was unfortunately caught with a back-elbow on a crorner charge, resulting in a near-fall for Morgan.  Eschewing his wrestling skills for brawling, Morgan choked down Diamond on the ropes for a near fall and followed up with a legdrop for another near-fall.

Seeking to wear down the "Powerhouse", Morgan clamped on a chinlock.  Drawing on his many vocal fans in the capacity crowd, Diamond powered back to his feet, but was caught by a dropkick from Morgan for a two-count.  Pressing his advantage, Morgan kept the "Powerhouse" down by working on the neck.  Again, Diamond drew on the fans' support to focus his strength to power out, but Morgan took a shortcut by going to the hair to unbalance Diamond and keep the pressure on with a quick lateral press for another near fall.  Diamond rallied and cast Morgan aside with a fallaway slam with such power that "3G" ended up on the outside!  As Morgan collected his thoughts on the floor of the Hall, Diamond showed his fearless nature by launching himself clear out of the ring and onto his opponent with a running somersault plancha!

Both men slugged it out with a chop battle on the floor amongst the fans.  Morgan retreated back to the ring and caught Diamond on the apron, bringing his opponent back in the hard way with a vertical suplex for a two-count.  Diamond again rallied with a series of powerful forearms followed up with shoulder block in the corner for a near fall of his own.  Morgan tried another suplex but Diamond again showcased his agility by slipping out and landing on his feet, allowing him to hit a standing neckbreaker.  Both men were down, victims of their arduous battle.  With the fans firmly behind him, the "Powerhouse" rallied and battered "3G" with a series of punishing clotheslines, but Morgan rallied with a desperation spear tackle that took the "Powerhouse" off his feet.  Still in the fight, Diamond slipped free of a crucifix powerbomb and scored an extremely near fall with a Diamond Bomb (sitout powerbomb) of his own.  Digging deep to put away his tough opponent, Diamond showcased a new move in his arsenal - a swing-out uranage that put Morgan down for the pinfall.

After the match, Shane Whitehead came out to seemingly congratulate Diamond, but beat him down instead!   Morgan joined in the attack and only the intervention of Whetu saw them off.  Whitehead later explained to the disgusted fans that having been cheated out of victories in his matches against Graham Hughes and just that night by Jonnie Juice, he now believed it was only possible to win in KPW by cheating... and that he liked to win!

(Non-title; no disqualification) INFERNO (with Charlie Roberts) versus KPW Champion H-FLAME

Inferno clothesline H-flameThis was the main event that the crowd had been waiting for, seeing their home-town boy against his hated and dangerous rival.  Though ace manager and all-around Machiavelli Charlie Roberts had not been able to wangle a title match for his charge Inferno, he had managed to ensure that this match would be no-disqualification, apparently hoping to negate the KPW Champion having the home-town advantage. With an enmity burning from last year, Inferno and Charlie Roberts entered to a deafening chorus of boos, not that either cared about endearing themselves to the raucous fans.  Conversely, H-Flame was heralded as a true home-town hero by his fellow River City natives and mobbed on the way to the ring.

Perhaps knowing that he had to take the fight to the "international superstar" right from the opening bell, Inferno took the initiative and tied up the champ initially with his technical prowess.  H-Flame showed his power by putting Inferno on the back foot with a shoulder block, much to the chagrin of Charlie Roberts.  Inferno clamped on a headlock, but H-Flame fought free and their mutual animosity boiled over into a slugfest which eventually went H-Flame's way, having taken its toll on both competitors.  Again hoping to capitalise on his strength, H-Flame locked Inferno into a full nelson.  Rather than attempt to match strength with the champ, the wily Inferno made the ropes and H-Flame obliged with a clean break, a clear display of sportsmanship in a no disqualification match.

The two locked up again and Inferno attacked with a takedown, locking the champ into a body scissors, trying to squeeze the air from him even as a rolled the champ over for a near fall.  H-Flame escaped and hit a solid dropkick off the ropes, allowing him to display his power by following up with a delayed vertical suplex.  Inferno rolled to the outside to break the champ's momentum and regroup with Charlie Roberts.

Back in the ring, the "international superstar" took the fight right to Inferno with an armbar, before taking his opponent down with a snap mare.  Clamping on a body scissors of his own, H-Flame rolled up Inferno for a pair of near falls.  H-Flame continued the punishment with a seated atomic drop, but got caught off a rana attempt with a vicious powerbomb from the crafty veteran Inferno, putting the fiery one in control.  He wasted no time in putting the boots to H-Flame, following up with a clothesline and grounding the champ with a chinlock.  H-Flame managed to fight to his feet but was quickly brought down again, using the ropes to his advantage.  Drawing on the home-town support to fight back, the KPW champ clotheslined his opponent to the outside.  The two brawled into the crowd and all over the War Memorial Hall.  Inferno had things going his way when he managed to throw H-Flame into the corner post, putting the champ down.

Knowing now was the time to go for the kill, Inferno searched beneath the and came up with a chair.  Right in front of the helpless referee, he used the foreign object to knock H-Flame senseless, much to the rabid delight of Charlie Roberts and the horror of the legions of Wanganui fans.  Confident of the win, Inferno made the cover... and H-Flame kicked out!  Neither Inferno nor Charlie Roberts could believe it, but Inferno was still able to take advantage and clamped on the Cinderlock (cloverleaf), the same move Inferno used to put away Jade Diamond in their Bunkhouse Match.  With the fans behind him, H-Flame was able to make the ropes.  However, as the match was no disqualification, there were no rope breaks to enforce, so in theory Inferno could maintain the hold as long as he was able with no fear of disqualification.

Nevertheless, H-Flame was able to use the ropes for leverage to break the hold.  H-Flame went on the offensive, sending Inferno to the ropes as a set-up for a drop kick, but the veteran put on the breaks and H-Flame landed hard as he dropkicked nothing but air.

Inferno arm lock Inferno went straight back to the Cinderlock, working on the champ's legs and back. Caught in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, it looked like curtains for the home-town boy, no matter how vocal the support from his fans.  Referee Daniel Martins checked on the champ.  Charlie Roberts could sense victory in his grasp, but somehow H-Flame desperately fought out of the crippling hold.   A high-angle backdrop put Inferno down... and Kade Morgan, El Condor and others rushed the ring to assist Inferno in beating down the helpless champ!  The referee and fans stood helpless as Inferno and Morgan punished H-Flame.  It looked hopeless, but suddenly relief arrived as fellow Wanganui natives Chris DeLorean and Lazarus Volt saw off the ring invaders!  With the odds a little more even, Chris DeLorean attempted to teach Inferno the error of his ways by giving him a DeLorean Device, to the delight of the hometown fans!

The ring cleared and the match continued, both men feeling the effects of their battle.  Dazed but not confused, Inferno set up H-Flame for the Afterburner chokeslam, but the international superstar reversed it into the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) for the hard-fought winning pinfall to deafening cheers.  The rabid Wanganui fans were on their feet as H-Flame celebrated in the ring with his fellow river City natives Lazarus Volt and Chris DeLorean.  H-Flame thanked the fans for making KPW's first Wanganui show such a successful one and said KPW hoped they'd be back!

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