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6ft / 184cm


178 pounds / 81kg


  • Spear

  • Shock Drop (Jackhammer)

  • Choke slam

  • Death Drop (Swantomb Bomb)

Trademark Moves

  • Spinebuster

  • Donkey drop kick


All Shock has ever wanted to do since he was four years old was step into the squared circle, after 16 years he finally gets that chance, to prove not only to himself but everyone in the locker room and all the fans over New Zealand and one day the world that he deserves to be there. Getting the guidance of Lazarus Volt he's been able to channel his undeniable passion in to untameable intensity.

With the drive to reach the top of KPW and use it as a stepping stone to get onto the world stage, he will not let anyone no matter how big get in his path to greatness. You'd just better hope you're not standing in his way.