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Slamtime City

H-Flame Still King of the Ring

Slamtime CitySlamTime City saw H-Flame retain his coveted Kiwi Pro Wrestling title over long-time rival Jonnie Juice by the slimmest of margins even after fighting off a fired up Inferno earlier in the night.

With the champ getting more and more comfortable at the top of KPW, one has to ask - where to from here? The champ has been running in high gear for a long time as only a marked man can and it seems the pressure might be getting to him.

Now a lone wolf at the top of the mountain, the question is - how long can he stay there? Inferno has seemingly had enough of staying in the shadows and this means the champ will need to be even more focused to keep the number one position.

While a long time to recuperate before KAOS THEORY in July might be just the thing H-Flame needs to sort out his head and enjoy his almost year long reign at the top of

KPW, it is also allowing every wrestler with a grudge to re-evaluate their strategy for taking him down.

When that list includes the calibre of Jonnie Juice (Not to mention the formidable Team Pretty), Irishman Mike Ryan, Inferno and Max Damage, you can be sure that chaos will indeed be the order of the day come Friday the 13th of July.

These wrestlers are ambitious and growing increasingly resentful at seeing H-Flame hog the top spot. As they hone their ring skills, KPW management is all too aware that their gaze is set on H-Flame and keeping them in check may well prove a problem before too long.

As the old proverb states: "The view from the top is the sweetest just before a fall". Is H-Flame's time running out? Will a fall from grace be on the cards for the current King of KPW? Only time will tell.

The Overstayers put KPW on warning

SlamTime City in April saw the formation of many new alliances within Kiwi Pro Wrestling but none so potentially potent as that of The Ram and Irishman Mike Ryan. Upcoming opponents would be exceedingly foolish to underestimate this surprising mix of Indian curry and Irish stew. Both these men are skilful wrestlers, masters at hurting their opponents and together could prove unstoppable.

Now known as 'the Overstayers', the Bollywood bad boy and crafty Irishman seem more focused than ever on taking down those that they believe dont belong in KPW. Cutting themselves off from former friends and turning their backs on old alliances such as Juice and Rogue Trooper respectively, these two know they now have to back each other up, which spells trouble for anyone in their way.

The Ram has been a top contender in New Zealand wrestling for the last four years and while never tasting gold, has been very close, many times. A brutal competitor with an ever-changing arsenal of decisive finishing manoeuvres means that his opponents can never be sure of what to find when they step into the ring with him. His most recent creation, The Ramification is a powerful face-first suplex which has put away many an opponent within KPW.

His partner on the other hand, has years of experience behind him, having been wrestling since the days of 'On the Mat' where he was feared for his painful submission skills that were crafted during his successful amateur days.

Mike Ryan has proven that his fuse is not the longest and when he snaps, he drops the submission skills for flat out brawling. This means beating his opponents from pillar to post, often leaving them knocked out cold with a simple yet brutally effective knee to the face.

This Fijian/Irish combination, while odd on the surface, is not that unusual as both men have never liked the fans and have always been focused on just one thing - hurting their opponent. With pedigrees like these two men, the stars of Kiwi Pro Wrestling should be very wary of what's ahead in the coming months.

2nd Generation Star, 1st Generation Tricks 

SlamTime City saw the debut of a fresh new face in Kiwi Pro Wrestling in J. E. O'Rourke. The son of former NZ wrestler Shane O'Rourke, J. E. aquitted himself well in his rookie match taking veteran Rogue Trooper to the limit. In the end though, the experience proved too much for him to overcome and he was rolled up by the wily and opportunistic Trooper.

Coming on with a fired up entrance, O'Rourke showed a toughness and calculating mind in his match, one that would be foolish for any of the KPW roster to ignore. Time and again, the youngster was able to gain advantages over his opponent by utilizing moves that were not 100% legal, surely passed onto him by his father.

In taking Trooper to the limit J. E. has sent a warning to KPW management that he can take anything they want to throw at him. That being said, the youngster has to decide if that is the route he wants to take. The powerhouse still has time to burn in deciding if the route his father chose is the one for him or if he wants to break out on his own. For now though he seems content to keep practising and refining what his father taught him.

With his all important first match out of the way, J. E. can look back on an impressive debut where he backed himself with his strength and agility and would have learnt a lot from Trooper. And with his father continuing to mentor him, J. E. looks set to prove that while he might represent a second generation of New Zealand wrestler, he knows all the tricks of the first generation.

Believe the Hype

Longtime commentator, "The Hype" Bobby Cool made his return to the ring for KPW at SlamTime City after a forced sabbatical following a dislocated shoulder. His return proved to bear fruit as he was able to dispatch the troubled luchador, El Condor.

Hype showed he hasn't missed a step in his time out, possibly thanks to being in the best position for scouting future opponents at the ringside commentary table and noting their moves. By having the chance to observe every star on the roster at their best and worst, Hype has enjoyed the luxuary many a wrestler wish they could have.

Hype has surely picked up the little nuances that constant observation of competitors can give you and knows perhaps how H-Flame might be vulnerable when setting up for his patented Nuke. Or how Max (the Axe) Damage might not hook a leg with every cover. These tips would stand Hype in good stead if he does make a fulltime return to the ring, provided of course he can avoid the injury bug and lock in some serious ring-time and mat work.

This win over El Condor could be the catalyst for something much more for the microphone man of KPW. He's got the moves, the charisma and the mouth to step up but needs to keep the momentum going. If Hype does decide to head back into the ring, he has all the inside knowledge to make every fan a believer of "The Hype".

Where to now for Inferno? 

Slamtime City in April introduced fans to a new Inferno and not a popular Inferno. Seemingly aligning himself with Charlie Roberts, the fiery one has a new outlook that spells trouble for the rest of the KPW roster.

Frustrated at being held down for the past 4 years the workhorse of New Zealand wrestling has bolted the stable and has his sights firmly set on H-Flame. The 2 men were once friends but now it is obvious Inferno wants the champion to fall at his feet, but what will he do achieve it?

If Inferno's current attitude continues then it is unlikely KPW management will be able to control such an unstable monster and he could have the company at his feet within months. What remains to be seen is if anyone will stand up and stop his impending rampage.

Obviously H-Flame is not one to back down from challenges, having overcome one of the top wrestlers in New Zealand in Jonnie Juice many times but his new fiery foe could pose problems. A marked man already, the last thing H-Flame needs is a rampaging monster after him.

Inferno has proven he is one of the best technical wrestlers in New Zealand and with the benefit of having observed H-Flame's rise to prominence in recent years, he has surely noted every little weakness the champion has shown and is arming himself with that knowledge.

With a violent new outlook and the technical precision he possesses, the obvious path for Inferno to now take is to climb to the top of the Kiwi Pro Wrestling mountain. The question is, who will be the one to stop him?