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Storm Warning

H-Flame Big Winner at KPW Storm Warning

KPW Storm Warning Full Results

The Ram def. Inferno

In the opening match of the number one contender tournament old rivals clashed in a ferocious brawl. Despite Inferno nailing Ram with a huge Afterburner chokeslam Jeremiah made his presence known by pulling Inferno outside the ring. With Jeremiah holding his feet down The Ram nailed the Ramification (Face first suplex) to get the 3 count and advance.

Creed def. D Money

These 2 men left nothing to the imagination as they tore into each other with a series of reversals. After a long back and forth battle Creed was able to lock D Money into a painful Sharpshooter and nearly had the man tapping out but The Ram hit the ring and broke the hold causing a disqualification and putting Creed through.

H-Flame def. Max Damage

Juice def. Buck

The Ram def. Creed

Creed looked determined as he made his way out to ringside to gain a measure of retribution against the man who assaulted him in the quarter finals. As the match wore on and Ram was unable to get a clean 3 count Jeremiah again made his presence known by distracting Charlie Roberts as Ram blasted Creed with his chain before wrapping it around his fist and playing dead. As Roberts turned round he had to make the call he saw and disqualified Creed despite him being completely innocent in the matter.

H-Flame def. Juice

Longtime rivals squared off once again as both men fought tooth and nail for a place in the final of the tournament. As H-Flame lifted Jonnie up for an H-Bomb, Hollie and Jessie made their presence known on the ring apron as Juice nailed H-Flame with a low blow before attempting the Simply Squeezed (Roll the Dice) only to get caught by H-Flame who nailed his patented Nuke (Code Red) to advance through to the final.

Jeremiah def. Dr Diablo

After having a busy night of interfering Jeremiah finally made his in ring debut, taking on Dr Diablo. The imposing Jeremiah made short work of the Dr, nailing him with a huge spin out gut buster for the 3 count. 

H-Flame def. The Ram

Both men were obviously tired following on from their previous 2 matches in the night. While each of them had back up in their chosen lumberjacks the majority of the match took place in the ring. Both combatants held absolutely nothing back and pushed each other beyond what a normal human being could take. In the end however it was H-Flames patented H-Bomb (Pump handle slam) that would spell the end for The Ram.

Courtesy of NZPWI