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"The Fixation" Jimmy Fox

Jimmy FoxFrom:

The nearest tanning salon or gym in Wellington



198lbs / 90kgs


  • The Day The Music Died (leg-and-arm grapevine DDT)

Trademark moves:

  • Struttin' and Cuttin' (strutting elbow drop)
  • Admiring himself in his ever-present mirror


Starting out as one half of the tag team the Rock 'n' Roll Connection with Miles D'Rock, Fox was in an ideal place to "lean the ropes" from a real veteran of the professioanl wrestling business.

However, Fox always haboured a burning desire to prove he was the better man.  Eventually, his ambition took him over and he struck out against his former mentor.

Possessed of an innate sense of his own superiority - based on what he sees in the mirror - Fox can come across as arrogant, which sometimes masks his conceit.

When confronted with the realisation that not everyone shares his high opinion of himself, he unleashes his temper on his opponents.

The fact remains that with his youth, speed and fitness, Fox has unlimited potential in the ring; whether he manages to overcome the bad attitude that shackles him to his rule-breaking ways remains to be seen.