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Wanganui Hometown Challenge

KPW "Hometown Challenge" Report

Hometown ChallengeFull results from KPW's "Hometown Challenge" held in Wanganui on 15/05/2010

A capacity crowd of Whanganui's most raucous wrestling fans was on hand at the Whanganui War Memorial Hall on Saturday 15th May for KPW's "Hometown Challenge".  Would KPW's third show in the River City be the charm for hometown hero H-Flame to regain the KPW championship? The KPW fans also knew that the "Whanganui Wild Men" Lazarus Volt and Chris Delorean would be challenging for the KPW Tag Team Championship currently held by the Renegades and were firmly behind the colourful team of River City natives!  

MARCUS COOL versus "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX

This was a chance for the Englishman to avenge the controversial loss he suffered at the tights-pulling hands of Jimmy Fox at the last KPW show.  Showing no respect for the rules or his opponent, Fox attacked Cool before the bell, chopping away viciously at his opponent.  Fox thought he had the advantage by leaping over a charging Cool, but was hit with a jumping heel kick that changed his attitude, however briefly.  Unfortunately for the Englishman fighting out of Queenstown, Cool ran straight into a back elbow from "The Fixation".  That didn't stop him from fighting back with a perfect dropkick, though Fox managed to duck the "Cool Runnings" superkick that would have surely finished the match abruptly had it connected.

Following up the attack with a "Cactus clothesline", the match continued on the outside of the ring with a brawl.  Showing his tactical and underhanded acumen, "The Fixation" baited the over-eager Cool and caught him coming back into the ring.  Having his opponent down, Fox proceeded to attack every joint of Cool's body in turn, seeking to simply dissect him in the ring, even draping the Englishman over the second rope and standing on his opponent's back in a flagrant display of amateur chiropracty.  A scoop slam planted Marcus Cool dead centre of the ring, helpless to withstand Jimmy Fox's trademark "struttin' and cuttin'" elbow drop for a near fall.  Marcus valiantly fought back to his feet but was caught tight in a cobra clutch from Fox which he turned into a side Russian legsweep.

A battered Cool dug deep and fought back with clotheslines and a "Rube Goldberg" (wheelbarrow) bulldog for a very close fall.  Taking to the air, Cool scored with a top rope cross bodyblock for another heart-stopping close fall.  Furious and desperate, Fox reversed Cool's superkick into a devastating pumphandle sitout powerbomb, but failed to gain proper leverage on the pinning predicament and the reliant Englishman kicked out at the last moment.  Fox tied up his opponent for "The Day The Music Died" (arm grapevine DDT), but Cool slipped out and hit Fox flush on the jaw with a lighting quick superkick born of desperation for the win!
WINNER: MARCUS COOL with the "Cool Runnings" superkick for the win by pinfall.

JAS "the Ace" versus WHETU, the Maori Warrior


Jas "the Ace" made his reappearance in KPW as a much darker version of his former self, winning no friends amongst the capacity Whanganui crowd.  The "Lone Wolf" began the match (as such) by dictating the pace, stalling and refusing to lock up with his more popular opponent.  He graciously offered a clean break, then utilised his height and strength advantage to overpower Whetu, but was caught unawares by a pair of quick rollups from the Maori Warrior for two near falls.  Bailing from the fight, Jas then obviously decided to take a shortcut by raking Whetu's eyes when back in the ring, even going so far as to repeatedly slam Whetu into the canvas by his hair!  Whetu weathered a big scoop slam and retaliated with a flying headscissors, but Jas blocked the subsequent standing moonsault with a pair of knees, giving him the advantage.   Jas viciously followed up by lowering his kneepad and blatantly choking Whetu with his shin before hauling the Maori Warrior aloft and slamming him down to the canvas again in a high-angle back drop for a two count.

Whetu brought the mana back by reversing into a bridging German suplex for a near fall of his own and went to the top rope to continue the assault.  Jas managed to rally and ran up the ropes to deliver a devastating knee, knocking Whetu off his perch.  The crowd favourite was then booted unceremoniously from the apron by Jas before being hung out to dry on the second rope and dropped with a DDT, but Whetu retained enough presence of mind to grab the ropes to break the count.  Perhaps unwisely, Jas relied on a trifecta of headbutts to put away his opponent.  However,  rather than weakening Whetu, the attack seemed to goad the Maori Warrior into digging deep and he renewed his attack on the "Lone Wolf" with patu-like chops, a spinning heel kick and the Maori drop.  With his opponent planted on the canvas, Whetu again ascended to the top rope to take to the air for the winning manoeuvre!
WINNER: WHETU with the top rope flying headbutt for the win by pinfall.

SPECIAL HANDICAP (Two-On-One Match) THE BRUTE (w/NURSE PAYNE and Doctor O'Rourke) versus EL NINJA and EL CONDOR


Despite the odds on paper looking to not favour the lone competitor, the Brute proved more than equal to the task of taking on two luchadors at the same time.  In this special handicap match, the masked men were both in the ring at once and just had to beat the savage Brute to win - in turn, he had to beat both opponents to emerge victorious.  While El Ninja and El Condor showed good co-ordination and teamwork in the opening minutes, the Brute withstood their efforts and turned the tide single-handidly, throwing his smaller opponents around the ring with relative ease.  Showing smart wrestling, the masked men called on their speed and teamwork to keep up the pressure on the Brute.  - when a flying cross body block attempt was caught neatly by the Brute, El Ninja followed up with a dropkick to tip over the bigger man and force a pinning predicament on the Brute.  Despite being handedly able to kick out of the pinning attempts, El Ninja and El Condor kept the momentum by continually going for the pin, even pulling in hapless Senior Referee Daniel Martins for a close "two count", much to his indignation.  In the end, however, "Brute Force" could not be denied and The Brute first planted El Ninja then El Condor on top of his team-mate for an emphatic win.  
WINNER: THE BRUTE with two Brute Forces (double-handed sit-out chokebomb) for the win by pinfall.

INFERNO versus "The Young Lion" DANE KING

In the the Young Lion's second KPW match, he'd drawn something of the short straw in facing the fiery and bitter veteran Inferno.  Always eager to cause pain to a hapless opponent and re-establish his KPW hegemony, Inferno entered the match determined to leave his mark on his opponent's face.  From the opening collar and elbow tie-up, King sportingly offered a clean break, but was caught in a side headlock by Inferno from the subsequent lockup.
Inferno took King to the canvas and kept cranking on the headlock.  King made it back to his feet and broke the hold by shooting Inferno off the ropes, but Inferno showed his experience by gabbing the ropes to end the criss-cross.  Into a tie-up again and the pair traded the advantage with arm-wringers, ending with Inferno's experience giving him the advantage.  The Young Lion managed to battle back, but missed a fistdrop and again handed the advantage to his opponent.  Inferno battered King with clotheslines followed up with and a big high angle back suplex.  Eschewing his technical prowess for more simple brutality, Inferno beat down King in the corner.  A bodyslam enabled Inferno to hit a big elbowdrop and keep King grounded with a chinlock.  Rallying the capacity crowd behind him, the Young Lion fought back to his feet and sent Inferno spinning with a back body drop.  Riding his second wind, King hit a spinning inverted neckbreaker for a close two count.  King went to the well again, but Inferno's experience shone through and he reversed into the devastating Extinguisher for the win.   
WINNER:  INFERNO with the Extinguisher (lifting inverted DDT) for the win by pinfall.

Then, I'm afraid ladies and gentlemen, I rather lost my temper with my broadcast partner and colour commentator Wilba Force, who had been insulting myself and the KPW superstars throughout the evening.  Responding to his barbs and jibes and challenged him to a match in the second half of the show and he accepted, to the appreciation of the raucous Whanganui fans!

Impromptu "Battle of the Commentators": "Wonderful" WILBA FORCE versus BLAIR "the Flair"


Strange though it may seem, the capacity Whanganui crowd was as enthusiastic to see this match as they were any other featuring genuine KPW stars.  Right from the opening lockup, I discovered that my temper had lead me to misunderestimate the strength beneath Wilba Force's bulk and I was sent flying.  Force then proceeded to beat me down in the corner - including some highly illegal choking - then in the centre of the ring - with a great deal of hair-pulling, mark you - before being flung bodily into the unforgiving turnbuckles which left me vulnerable to a massive corner splash from the big-mouthed big man.  Half-concussed and mostly dead, I was vulnerable to being picked up and slapped in a standing side headlock.  Strangely enough, the adrenaline rush caused by having my skull squeezed like a grapefruit enabled me to break free and slap on a wristlock, though Force surprised me with his wrestling skill and reversed the hold, nearly wrenching my shoulder from its socket before knocking me over with a shoulderblock.

My anger enabled me to fight back, but on a flying cross body attempt I discovered to my peril that Wilba Force's centre of gravity was higher than I expected; I was caught and thrown halfway across the ring to land in a bedraggled heap.  Adding insult to injury, I was then caught in a powerful full nelson slam that Wilba Force has dubbed "The Force of Nature" which I swear knocked five years off my life.  I was frankly lucky to survive the ensuing big splash and was too far gone to kick out of the pinning attempt from the massive Wilba Force.  After that, it was time for me to avail myself of some expert KPW medical attention backstage.
WINNER: "Wonderful" WILBA FORCE with the big, big splash for the win by pinfall.

TEAM PRETTY (JONNIE JUICE with Queen Hollie) versus "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND


There was no love lost between these two competitors.  Each was seeking to use the other as a stepping stone towards the KPW Championship.
Apart from that, there is little similarity between the two.  Jonnie Juice sports the strategic skills of an Alexander (always stacking the odds in his favour before battle is joined) and the pragmatic ruthlessness of a Stalin.  Jade Diamond relies on his athletic prowess and prodigious strength to get the job done.  Each brought an impressive wrestling pedigree to the ring in a match that went back and forth as Juice pitted his cunning against Diamond's strength and surprising speed.

As usual, Queen Hollie made her presence felt in the match from ringside and also as usual, taking any shortcut to victory, such as using the second ropes for leverage while clamping a chinlock on The Powerhouse.  Finally, referee Mark Freemantle had had enough of the outside interference and exiled Queen Hollie from ringside, much to her chagrin and the Whanganui fans' delight and the disgust of Special Guest Commentator Charlie Roberts.  Left in a one-on one situation, Juice was still able to bring his experience to bear on Diamond.  A beautiful top rope flying elbow drop found the mark, but Juice's arrogance precluded him from hooking the leg on the subsequent pinning attempt, which enabled Diamond to kick out and stay in the match.  Diamond hauled the hapless Juice aloft in his signature torture rack which would surely end the match, but the ruthless leader of Team Pretty raked the eyes, enabling him to escape.  Juice swept in from the kill, but was caught in a massive powerbomb from Jade Diamond that sealed the end of the match!
WINNER: Jade Diamond with the Diamond Bomb for the win by pinfall.


Having come to the aid of ex-Team Pretty member Jessie at the last show as she was suffering an unprovoked beating at the hands of the unbalanced Queen, Nurse Payne had suffered a beating for her troubles.  This match was a chance for some ayback and a welcome chance to take Queen Hollie down a peg or two.  Queen Hollie again made no friends with the Whanganui fans, this time entering wearing her alliance on her royal derriere.  Showing non-regal regard for her opponent, Queen Hollie attacked Nurse Payne from behind before the bell had rung, knocking her from the apron. 

The Queen continued to batter her less-expereinced opponent in and out of the ring, leaving the Nurse outside to hopefully be counted out.  Queen Hollie's overconfidence lead to her dethroning; Nurse Payne beat the count to make it back into the ring, doubled up Queen Hollie with a boot to the royal stomach, ran the ropes and flipped over the stunned Queen in a sunset flip for the winning pinfall to the delight of the Whanganui fans!    
WINNER: Nurse Payne with a sunset flip for the win by pinfall.

After the match, the spiteful Queen took out her frustrations on the victor by again attacking Nurse Payne from behind.  Seeking to send a message to the Nurse and KPW in general, Queen Hollie taunted her downed opponent by threatening to rip the head off "Lovely One" (The Brute's favourite teddy bear and the only thing that soothes the savage beast calm).  Just as Queen Hollie was about to suit actions to words, the Brute appeared, looking wilder than usual!  He saw off the Queen Hollie, saved "Lovely One" and ensured the safety of Nurse Payne!

KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: THE RENEGADES (Kade Morgan "3G" and The Technician) versus LAZARUS VOLT (w/ Trinket the Clown) and CHRIS DELOREAN


Fellow Whanganui natives Chris Delorean and Lazarus Volt were all set to bring gold to the River City by beating the reigning KPW Tag Team Champions, the cocky and cheating Renegades (The Technician and Kade Morgan "3G").  Naturally, the "Whanganui Wild Men" enjoyed the hometown advantage and intended to ride that momentum all the way to capturing the titles!  Knowing they had to keep the advantage, the Renegades ambushed their opponents before the bell, but were sent packing from the ring via some coherent double-team work from the challengers, who then pressed the attack with a double straitjacket slam and a Hart Attack on The Technician.

The champs rallied as Volt and Morgan traded armwringers.  The Neon Knight tagged in and hit a flying headscissors on the third generation wrestler, to the delight of the fans.  He followed up by battering the helpless Morgan with a 10-punch in the corner and a vertical suplex for a near fall.  Kade Morgan hit back with the "one-two punch" of an inverted atomic drop into a powerslam for a two-count and to put the Renegades back in the driver's seat.  The champs showed their teamwork by battering Delorean with a Rockerplex (double-team vertical suplex and top rope cross body block) for an alarmingly close two count.

The Technician showed his champion amateur wrestling background by centering his attack on Delorean's legs, chopping "Mister Love Potion Sixty-Nine" down to size.  Morgan was tagged in and continued the assault with a single leg crab and legdrop to the back of the knee before switching off so that his team-mate could continue the attack.  Delorean struggled back to his feet and went for the Delorean Device (rocker dropper) on The Technician, but the Renegade reversed it into a legsweep STO.  Delorean almost scored the win out of nowhere with a quick rollup and managed to block The Technician's charge with a knee, following through with a sunset flip from the second rope for a near fall.

Going back to their playbook, the Renegades kept on the pressure by keeping on Delorean's leg, working on damaging the limb with the single leg crab, switching off without a tag to ensure uninterrupted momentum.  The Technician thought he'd avoided a Delorean counter-attack when he somersaulted out of a Delorean Irish whip, only to be caught unawares by a Delorean springboard cross body block!  Knowing the time was right, Delorean tagged in Lazarus Volt and the fired-up Whanganui native proceeded to clean the ring with clotheslines and monkey-flips.  The champs bailed to the outside, but were far from safe - Volt followed with a flying cross body block, but was caught in mid-air by the Technician and Kade Morgan.  Pulling out all the stops, Delorean climbed to the top rope and dove to the outside, adding his attack to Volt's in order to floor the Renegades!

Disgusted with the turn of events, the Technician stormed away from the ring, stopping only to pick up his championship belt from the commentator's table.  Back inside the ring, Lazarus Volt managed to hit the High Voltage (top rope drop kick) on Morgan and Delorean followed through with the Delorean Device for what surely would have been the winning pinfall.  However, the Technician snuck back into the ring and knocked down Volt with the championship belt behind referee Daniel Martins' back before distracting the referee so that Morgan could follow suit with Chris Delorean for the tainted pin on the Neon Knight to retain the KPW Tag Team Championship.    
WINNERS:  the RENEGADES by tainted pinfall (the champions retain the belts).

Despite a valiant effort on the part of the multi-coloured man from the Eighties Chris Delorean and the circus ringmaster-turned wrestler Lazarus Volt, the Renegades' cheating denied the hometown heroes championship gold.  Nevertheless, the capacity crowd was thrilled by the aerial attacks and risk-taking on the part of Delorean and Volt and had been treated to a superb display of professional wrestling!

KPW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (2 Out Of 3 Falls): MAX "the Axe" DAMAGE versus H-FLAME


This match pitted KPW Champion Max "The Axe" Damage against Whanganui's own H-Flame.  This was a golden opportunity for the River City native to regain the coveted KPW championship, currently held by his long-term ally, the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling.  From the audience's reaction, the champ would be fighting without crowd support and would have to adjust his wresting style accordingly to ensure victory.  As each had wrestled alongside the other many times before, each knew the other's style inside out, meaning that this was an even matchup in terms of experience.

From the opening tie-up, Max Damage struggled to make his height and weight advantage work against H-Flame's raw power.  Damage rolled to the outside to buy time and dictate the pace of the match.  Back inside, the air traded vicious forearm shots.  H-Flame negated the bigger man's height advantage by taking him to the canvas with a drop toehold, then showed his wrestling skills by slapping on an armbar and twisting away at the champ's primary weapon, even rolling Damage over into a pinning predicament.  Continuing the attack, the challenger latched on a hammerlock and dropped the champion with a high angle back drop, ensuring all Damage's weight landed on the trapped arm!

The champ fought back with a back-cracker out of the corner a move never seen from him before.  Damage kept up the pressure by walking over his opponent (literally!), making his weight advantage work of him and by bending and stretching the challenger's back in a backbreaker.  A gutwrench suplex looked to have sealed the first fall before the challenger showed he was still in the fight with a quick rollup that cloud have taken the first fall.

Angered by the challenger's resilience, Damage leveled H-Flame with a boot to the gut, a running big boot to the face and a vicious clothesline for a near fall of his own.  Keeping the challenger grounded and seeking to wear down the Whanganui native, Damage clamped on a big surfboard that nearly stretched the challenger in half.  Rallying the fans behind him, H-Flame managed to power back to his feet but was knocked down by the champ and caught in the surfboard hold again.  Once again, the power of the Whanganui fans was enough to help H-Flame power out once more, but a massive big boot from Damage left the challenger open to the Damage Gauge (jackhammer) for the first fall.
FIRST FALL:  MAX DAMAGE with the Damage Gauge (jackhammer) to win the fall by pinfall.

Shaking off the worst of the devastating move, H-Flame came back with a vengeance with a Thesz press. The gloves were well and truly off and all notion of friendship was flung aside as champion and challenger desperately brawled for the advantage.  Such was H-Flame's fury that he managed to bodyslam the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling, no mean feat indeed!  Damage retreated to the outside to capitalise on being one fall up, but H-Flame followed with a rana that leveled the champ.

The two brawled amongst the Whanganui fans before making it back into the ring.  H-Flame applied a handstand wristlock and kept up the pressure, knowing he had to win the next fall to stay in the match and have even a ghost of a chance to regain the KPW Championship.  To this end, H-Flame stayed on the champ's arm like a pitbull, cinching in a short arm scissors.  When Damage tried to power out, H-Flame turned the hold into a juji-gatame, forcing the champ to get to the ropes to break the hold.  Back on their feet, H-Flame showed how dangerous a competitor he is by hitting the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) out of practically nowhere for the second fall!  
SECOND FALL:  H-FLAME with the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) to win the fall by pinfall.

Both men knew that the third fall would decide who left the hall with the KPW Championship.  Now in full retreat, Damage went to the outside to regroup.  A massive brawl all over the War Memorial Hall ensued, with the Whanganui fans nearly getting involved.  Eventually back in the ring,  H-Flame knocked the wind from the champion with a senton splash and nearly taking the win with an O'Conner roll for a near fall.  H-Flame hauled Damage aloft for a powerslam, but couldn't capitalise and both men went down in a heap.  Up first, Damage took H-Flame down with a chokeslam uranage, but the pair were too close to the ropes for the champ to capitalise.  Swinging for the fences, Damage again went for the Damage Gauge but H-Flame reversed.  The challenger came back with a flying cross body-block for a near fall, but a dropkick missed Damage but knocked sanctioned referee Mark Freemantle senseless to the outside!

Now on their own, Damage took advantage by hitting an elbow flush to H-Flame's jaw, knocking the challenger to the canvas.  Knowing he'd have to go to extreme measures, Damage climbed to the top rope, but was chopped down by H-Flame.  Summoning his last reserves of strength, H-Flame hauled Damage aloft for a ring-shaking H-Bomb (running powerslam), referee Alex "Danger" Donahue appeared to count what appeared to be the winning pinfall (to the delight of the Whanganui crowd)... but Senior Referee Daniel Martins was on hand to overturn that decision on the basis that Donahue was not the referee sanctioned by KPW for the KPW Championship match.  

RESULT:  With sanctioned referee Mark Freemantle incapacitated during the third fall, impromptu replacement referee Alex "Danger Donahue's decision was overturned by Senior Referee Daniel Martins, resulting in a No Contest (Max Damage retains the KPW Championship).

Max Damage retained the championship, much to the ire of H-Flame.  However, if the reaction of the Whanganui crowd was anything to go by, H-Flame would always be a champion to them!  Just then, Inferno appeared from the locker room and ambushed Max Damage.  Crazed with vengeance over losing his beloved KPW Championship to Damage, Inferno produced a pair of scissors and made to cut Damage's hair!  Surprisingly,  former team-mate Jonnie Juice then blindsided Inferno with a Starscream Superkick.  Taking possession of the scissors, Juice proceeded to lop off ginger locks from Inferno as Damage got the heck out of Dodge with his KPW Championship belt and H-Flame looked on.

Before the "international superstar" could decide whether to aid his foe or not, he himself was ambushed by the Renegades, obviously eager to continue their winning ways by beating down more Whanganui natives in their hometown.  Unable to stand for such an insult, the team of Lazarus Volt and Chris Delorean appeared to a thunderous ovation to see off the Renegades!  The show ended with the Whanganui natives in the ring, celebrating a great show with the KPW fans!